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Woman arrested for asking about animal research goes to trial on Monday.

Recently a woman named Mars called OHSU to ask questions about the animal experimentation conducted there. She was told that they had printed materials on the subject and she went to the campus to pick them up. Soon after arriving and stating her purpose there, to pick up the information, she was accosted by OHSU security. She was told to leave the property and after she exited, she was grabbed on the public sidewalk, handcuffed and arrested.
On Monday, Mars will go on trial for trespassing.

Clearly at OHSU, just asking about their animal research is considered suspicious behavior. The public pays millions of dollars for this experimentation and it is supposedly for our benefit yet we have no right to even ask about it?

Below is a repost of Mars's story.

The charge, originally a misdemeanor, has been reduced to a violation. Mars plead not guilty and will have a trial on Monday.

If anyone is interested in attending the trial:

Monday, November 7, 2:00
Courtroom 124, Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 SW 4th Ave., Portland

My Learning Experience at OHSU
By Mars

On Wednesday, August 17th, I went up to OHSU to pick up some information they had offered me and ended up getting manhandled and arrested.

That morning, I had phoned OHSU president Peter Kohler's office (503-494-8252) to inquire about their animal research and to get their side of the issue. I spoke to someone who identified herself as Tiffany. She offered to mail me information but I elected to pick it up since I was going out anyway. She told me I should go to the front desk in Mackenzie Hall and the printed materials would be there for me.

When I arrived, the woman at the window did not know anything about any printed information. I returned to my car to get the number I had called earlier and when I returned to the building I started to notice things seemed strange. As I went up to the window where I had been before, the woman I had spoken to saw me and walked away. I was then approached by two men who told me I needed to leave the building. Confused, I asked why. They told me I looked suspicious. I asked what was suspicious about me and did not get an answer. I then headed outside of the building, leaving the same way I came.

I reached the sidewalk on Sam Jackson road, started walking to the right and noticed someone behind a bush, talking on a walkie talkie. I turned around, headed back down the sidewalk and the guy behind the bush joined up with the other individual who was following me. I was followed down the sidewalk and across the street. They were continuing to tell me to leave even though I was walking on the sidewalk away from them. Then a security officer came up from behind me, pushed me and said I was under arrest. I was then pushed up against a car, handcuffed with two sets of handcuffs and searched. At this point three officers were there. I was then put in a cop car and taken to their security office and kept there for two hours while they questioned me and wrote their report.

While I was being held (in handcuffs) in the security office, the officers copied my driver's license and LIBRARY CARD. They also took lots of pictures of me including my car, clothes, and boots. A Portland Police officer showed up and issued me a citation for criminal trespassing and then I was released and escorted to my vehicle. I have notice to appear in court on September 13 to enter my plea.

I came away from this experience shaken and wondering what is going on at OHSU if they treat someone like this who was only trying to get information about a controversial issue. Is there something they are trying to hide?
"Is there something they are trying to hide?"... 04.Nov.2005 07:35

Pravda or Consequences

What else, the truth.

The status quo is beginning to crumble and is turning into the former Soviet Union where brute force is the instrument of choice for compliance.

It just seems unnatural for a organization dedicated to healing is embracing belligerence.

Is this for real? 04.Nov.2005 11:39


This is the craziest article I have ever read. Let me make sure I have this straight. A person calls OHSU to inquire about information they print and publish that is available to the public and when she goes there to pick it up she is arrested for trespassing. This sounds like entrapment or scam type operation. What is their reason? What is OHSU trying to hide? What are they running from? I sure hope OHSU is held accountable for their action. I wonder how many others have been lured into their trap and arrested. Has anyone at OHSU ever explained their reason for the arrest? Cray.

I believe this 04.Nov.2005 17:30


when I was at a recent protest there, I left the protest to go inside the building to put some water in my water bottle for my daughter and I to share. We protesters had walked a considerable distance to get there, which made us thirsty, and I didn't have any more water left. When I walked up to the entrance, a rabid dude stood in my way and freakishly scanned me to see if I had any animal rights buttons or anything. I did have a button on that said "SAVE THE MALES". Somehow, he decided that I was suspicious. He asked me if I had legitimate business there...which, we all can figure out, means if I was going into the building to monetarily support the animal testing by seeing a doctor there or something. I told him I was just going to get a drink of water. Perhaps he was had done cruel experiments on animals himself by depriving them of water and had gotton attacked by the animals or something, but despite my humble purpose, he maintained his rabid and freakish demeanor. With a crazed look in his eye, he said he would arrest me if I went inside the building.
Me and another protester, who had a similar experience when she had to use the bathroom, decided to go to the emergency department. After all, they should be able to understand the medical aspect of our visit. We were blocked before we even got to the door by the organized anti-dissent crew. GOOD JOB IDA AND PROTESTERS, YOU REALLY GOT THEM FREAKED OUT TO THE POINT THAT THEY LOSE THEIR SENSE OF SECURITY AND SELF RESPECT!!!!! I think that is so funny, that civil minded people can rattle the freaks so much over nothing!! Anyway, whether the emergency department would help us or not was not to be known. My friend went in anyway and it totally screwed up the door blocker dude. There was only one of him, and he was totally infuriated that we split into two. He was so mad, I saw him shaking, and I thought he wanted to rip me to shreds. It was totally wierd. He told me that I better get to the sidewalk. I very very slowly backed up, just to appease him while I thought of what to do and toyed with him for a bit (I asked if OHSU used public money, etc.) I couldn't think of what to do, probably because the dehydration was affecting me. But I was mad because they were such sadistic freaks. My friend got out fine, but the nurse of all people demanded that she come out of the bathroom while she was using it. The nurse gave her a friendly smile and friendly words when she left though....
This is why animal testing should be banned. It breeds freaks like the freaky guards that protected this illicit practice. Those who are cruel to their own kind often start out on animals.

ohsu shame on you 05.Nov.2005 13:55


ohsu should hang their heads in shame over these atrocities.and their vile excuses for security guards should be looked into as well.

Good luck in court! 05.Nov.2005 18:01

Justice for everyone

I hope you get a good judge who listens to you and finds you innocent. Then, I hope he/she berates the Portland Police for issuing the trespassing citation in the first place. Please update this thread and let us know how it goes for you in court. Best of luck.

Mars was found guilty of trespassing at OHSU 08.Nov.2005 21:31

Elaine Close

The trial was in front of a judge and because it was a violation trial, the standard of proof for the state was preponderance of evidence. OHSU had 6 witnesses, including 3 security officers and Mars was her only witness.

The woman who called security when Mars showed up at her office, Kristina Kerns, was one of OHSU's witnesses. Mars came to the office and told them she was there to pick up the information that had been described to her on the phone (materials printed specifically to give to the public). The defendant's lawyer asked Kerns what about Mars made her feel unsafe. After taking a moment to think up an answer she replied that it was because Mars was carrying a bag and she didn't know what was in it. The particular bag that the defendant had been carrying was present in court. It was a small purse, about six inches long with embroidered flowers.

Because the people at Kern's office could not help her, Mars asked where President Peter Kohler's office was. It was someone at Kohler's office, Tiffany Peterson, who had told Mars about the information available to her. Another of OHSU's witnesses, Betty Harvey, made statements confirming that she lied to Mars, saying she did not know where OHSU President Peter Kohler's office was and that she did not know whom it was Mars had initially talked to. She had just gotten off the phone with this very person who told her she had spoken to Mars.

One of the arresting officers, Lieutenant Gary Rasmussen made some shockingly contradictory statements. Rasmussen was asked by the defense whether he could tell when he first saw Mars if she had "legitimate business" there. He answered that he would never assess by looking at someone whether or not they had business there. He also said "that would call for speculation, I can't tell what she's thinking". Interesting statement considering the entire incident was about speculating about what someone might be thinking or what someone might do. The reason that security was alerted was because of the subject matter of Mars questions. OHSU witnesses said Mars was "agitated" but admitted that she was not yelling or gesticulating wildly. They arrested her on the sidewalk because they thought she MIGHT head back into a building. When arrested, Mars was heading in the direction of her car but according to Rasmussen's testimony, he had speculated that she wasn't really looking for her car.

Nevertheless, the judge decided not to believe Mars and decided against her based on his opinion that she did not seem to be trying hard enough to comply. He didn't think she seemed like someone who was confused, as she claimed to be, but "someone upset about a political question".

The judge was not swayed by the fact that Mars had left the building and had not reentered a building.
The OHSU witnesses admitted that the entire incident, from security's first contact with Mars until she was handcuffed, took 7 minutes. Much of that time was after she had left OHSU property.

The district attorney attempted to get the maximum sentence for Mars because she had supposedly used this incident as a "rallying cry" and to "make more waves". At least the judge did his job enough to say he was not going to go "down that road". He sentenced her to a fine of $300. While sentencing Mars, he said, "I understand your concerns about animal research but I think you went too far". What???

Not surprising but still revolting 09.Nov.2005 00:29


The judge said she went too far?!?!?!

What a travesty!!! She did nothing but ask for some information that OHSU prints up to give to the public! That judge must have a dull brain to be so blinded by the OHSU propaganda and lies. So the judge thinks it is going to far to request information???

Why not put all people who do more than sit in front of the TV into concentration camps right now. God this country is falling down a black hole very fast.

What a joke! 09.Nov.2005 00:36


What have we come to? Holy Moly Batman, we are in hot water. The joker has taken over and common sense is ever so uncommon. If we lived in a democracy and there were real justice, OHSU would be slapped down hard for trampling on this womans rights and violating the principles and spirit of our constitution and basic decency. OHSU and that judge should feel ashamed. Christ, she is not even an animal rights activist, not that that should matter cause she did nothing wrong.

another stab in the heart 09.Nov.2005 00:54


"They arrested her on the sidewalk because they thought she MIGHT head back into a building."

So by their own admission, she did nothing wrong. It is only that they thought she might do something wrong. That is not justice, though I suppose it fits with the new U.S. policy of preemptive war. Now OHSU makes war on people simply because they can, using the excuse that they thought the person might do something. Not a week goes by now, where I do not hear about some incident like this where someone is guilty based on suspicions. From innocent people being tortured by the U.S. government, to the more local level, the state in collaboration with big unaccountable institutions like OHSU highlights the rise of fascism in this country.

People like Betty Harvey, will lie and help bring harm to an innocent person because they are caught up in the larger propaganda of fear. I imagine it was just that way for many people in Germany. Some day the citizens of this country will hang their heads in shame at how far we have strayed from the ideals we say we live by.

just when you think 09.Nov.2005 01:10

nothing can shock you any more

This is just ridiculous. Is the case being appealed?

Innocence and guilt 09.Nov.2005 09:03


What puzzles me is whether OHSU believes its own lies or is clever in their propoganda. As the poster above said, OHSU is behaving like the Bush regime, using fear tactics to mask their own undemocratic actions. Why would an employee sitting behind a desk be so afraid of a woman with a purse for calling on the phone and arranging to come in to pick up OHSU literature? What is the basis of such fear and suspicion? Never once has some person walked into OHSU and pulled out a gun, or mace, or harmed anyone. No OHSU employee has ever been assaulted or attacked. There is no basis for the fear campaign that OHSU wages. It is purely propaganda pursued for their own ends. In my opinion, it is a clever ploy to deflect public attention away from the questions and issues that activists raise.

Obviously the judge, if not already in their pocket, was swayed by the OHSU campaign. The simple facts had no bearing on this case. She was tried and found guilty of being an animal rights activist. Ironic considering that according to a poster above she isn't even an activist in that sense of the word. OHSU wields a lot of power in this relatively small corner of the world. I hope the judges considers his own statement and realizes what it reveals. This woman clearly had no intent other than to pick up literature. She had no intent to trespass. She was invited onto the property by OHSU. When asked to leave she left. She had no plan or scheme. Her purse, the source of fear, contained nothing but what anyone would expect it to. In what way did she go too far? The judge's statement is nonsensical. This statement reveals that the judge put her into a role in his mind, and he judged her according to his own illusion, not according to facts. The statement by the judge, more than the verdict, condemns this trial as injustice rather than justice.

By the testimony given by OHSU itself, this woman committed no crime.

I would donate for an appeal based on this info 09.Nov.2005 09:11


If this article really laid out the preponderance of the evidence against this woman, then I see plenty of grounds (and much good reason) for an appeal. I'll support that!

Who 09.Nov.2005 09:12

Den Mark, Vancouver

Who was the brain-dead "judge"?

Disturbing verdict 09.Nov.2005 10:22


I think we should use this decision as a 'rallying cry and to make more waves.'How much longer is this city and state going to allow OHSU and their gang of thugs to trample on people's civil liberties?The AR use to do demonstrations at researchers' homes maybe now is a good time to extend the protest to include ALL OHSU employees,starting with those who lied under oath.

organizing against OHSU 09.Nov.2005 11:38


I agree that now is a good time to organize against OHSU, not for their animal atrocities which is a seperate important issue, but for the way we (citizens of this city/state) continue to allow them to trample on our right to free speech. OHSU is publicly funded by tax dollars -- not to mention insurance premiums. A few years ago myself and another animal rights activist were "removed" from the coffee shop at OHSU while having coffee and muffins. They told us we were not allowed on their property-- presumably for our animal rights activities and partaking in demos at their campuses. We tried to pursue legal action, but had problems with getting attorneys to follow through on their plans. Since then, I have heard over and over how OHSU tosses people off their campus if they don't agree with politics. This has got to stop. They absolutely have no right to punish people for a particular political view especially when being funded by public dollars. I hereby call for an all-out campaign to remove all city and state funds from the OHSU pockets until they agree to stop violating civil rights. The only way we are going to be successful is to set aside our various political differences and organize as a large group with strong legal representation. If this is something people are willing to do -- let's talk. It is possible. Just believe.

What to do? 09.Nov.2005 14:07


I dont know if the legal road will get us anywhere but something does have to happen.

It's True: OHSU Sucks 09.Nov.2005 18:20

banned in Portland

The shock and outrage here is well justified. I too have been banned from OHSU. The truth is that though they take public funds, their status as a public or private institution seems to be in permanent limbo. No one seems to know--they act like a private institution. Basically, all the fuss is about their belief that no one without a doctor's appointment or "business" there is allowed on the property without it being tresspassing. So demonstrators may stand in specific placed dubbed public right of way, but to enter the buildings for water is a crime. They've worked out some weird legal status with the city. Yes, we need to bring them down. Their public/private status is an affront to the citizenry and reaps the benefits of both without any of the obligations of either.

And they Manage to Avoid Paying Taxes 09.Nov.2005 21:45


According to the 9 Nov 2005 WW, the 16-story structure known as the OHSU Center for Health and Healing (the raison d'etre for the sky tram) will be effectively owned by a non-profit organization comprised of a consortium of 700 members of the OHSU Medical Group. It will not be owned by OHSU, and the group itself, while comprised of OHSU faculty, is legally non-profit. This means that the 16-story structure will be exempt from the estimated $1,000,000.000 in annual property taxes paid to the city of Portland. You and I will pay to build the roads, sidewalks and sewers to support this Goliath legally adorned with the clothes of a non-profit. Who shall cast the first stone?

Judge Gregg Lowe 10.Nov.2005 16:34


Den Mark, Vancouver
The judge who presided over Mars' trial is Gregg Lowe, he is a "referee" judge. If anyone knows what that means in the legal sense please educate the rest of us.
If you should wish to contact him to voice your opinion/concern regarding the outcome of the case, address your letters to:
Judge Gregg Lowe
Circuit Court,Pro Tem Judge
1021 SW 3 Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

disquised sidewalk 10.Nov.2005 17:38

been there, done that

Protesters beware:
A part of the sidewalk at OHSU that looks public is actually OHSU property.
Find out ahead of time what sidewalk is available by asking security. At one Peta demo(many years ago) they were arresting people until I found out what sidewalk was legal and let protesters know, at which time I was banned from buildings that I worked in for that day.. Good Luck, Happy protesting......See you up on pill hill...........

OHSU Security and Management aren't too bright 28.Nov.2005 07:10


It seems obvious to me that the CEO, other management, and OHSU security are deficient in their history education. Unless you manage to totally wipe out a population; active opposition, and persecution always make the oppressed stronger.

I'm a member of the People Eating Tasty Animals crowd; but what appears to be going on here is a case of assault and battery dressed up in "anti-terrorism" clothing. And it is apparently institutionalized in both OHSU, and the local judicuary.

If you folks are going to succeed in getting them to change their behavior; you're going to need a Rosa Parks-type person to rally around. And you're going to have to convince the majority of the voters that you're right and the courts and OHSU are wrong.