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No Media Coverage - Lets Make Them Publish It

There was no media coverage about the Nov. 2nd protest. Like somebody said before, no news is bad news. We need our voice heard on a larger scale.
There was absolutly no news coverage and that makes it a little harder to reach a larger scale of people. I called the Oregonian today and asked why it was not covered in the paper. The public editor was not in at the time but his advisor said there was actualy multiple people calling in and asking the same thing. We need to start getting more media coverage. Flood them with phone calls and demand that we want it in our news. The Oregonians slogan is The Voice of the Northwest since 1850. Mention that, because if that is true then why is our voice not being heard. Contact them, and spread the word for everyone to do so as well.

We need to get this message out. Any other comments from people would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Walden - Public Editor

Ask them why there was no coverage and demand that you want it, as well as other protests, in the newspaper as well as other media outlets.


contacts for local media 03.Nov.2005 15:57


Here are some contacts for local media:

(503) 221-8100
(there were lots more at  http://www.oregonian.com/newsroom/mailset.html)

Willamette Week
 mzusman@wweek.com (letters)
 jschrag@wweek.com (newsroom)

Portland Tribune

Portland Mercury
(503) 294-0840
 lovenotes@portlandmercury.com (newsroom)

Also, this site had a lot of contacts for television, radio, etc.:

Did anyone send out a press release? 03.Nov.2005 16:05


The corporate media sucks, but they are important. I agree that it's helpful to get your story in the press (even with their usual right wing spin). But they won't cover anything unless they know about it. From what I have read, this protest was not the best organized thing ever, and I suspect that no one was working on media. Is that true? Anyway, if you want the corporate media (or any media, for that matter) to cover your action, you need to tell them about it. My understanding is that the best way to do that is by sending (by fax or email) a press release, then calling assignment editors the morning of the action.

Some excellent resources on doing media work can be found here:

thats investigative reporting for you 03.Nov.2005 16:21


unless we get a fax, it didn't happen.

I'm not going to bail water on that sinking ship 03.Nov.2005 16:25

rejects the master's tools

I, like many people, am already aware that the war-ego-nian has it's own agenda which does not include covering the news of the day, particularly when that news goes against the political agenda of the owners. They are a sinking ship, and for good reasons. I say, let them sink. If it's important to you "to reach a larger scale of people" (and realize that goal is not important to everyone) then consider finding creative and sustainable ways of doing so (that's what I do because I recognize that complaining to the war-ego-nian is neither).

I gotta say is this... FUCK THE CORPORATE MEDIA!!! 03.Nov.2005 16:39

ninja pirate

You wanna see what kind of coverage you'll get from the corpoate media once you have it? Go to the video section on this site, download the video Li2U News and watch it. You may have to download the well known VLC player to watch it. Just google "VLC" because it has the right codec to play the video file, or just follow the instuctions on the video page that has been setup.


Another video that you maybe interested in is just as the title to this comment states, Fuck The Corporate Media.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/videos/#FuckTheCorporateMedia

The corporate media do not care about your message, they do not care about our communities, and last but not least they do not care about you. All they care about is their bottom line, money. You people need to wake up and realize this. How many times is it going to take for people to see the corporate media for what they are?

I challenege you to educate yourself and your friends and learn how time and time again the corporate media has screwed everyone over.

No but's about it.

Yes but....... 03.Nov.2005 17:29


If you get enough people harrassing them, if you protest at their places, if you make it known it might just have a big enough impact that they will add it to their news and keep it atleast somewhat unbiased. Its worth a try, and i think we need to try it.

Oh I forgot to add something 03.Nov.2005 17:35


I understand coporate media fucks everybody over. Believe me I hate coporate media. But what the hell are we protesting for? To change some damn bs warmonger agenda. We cant just sit on our ass, and yes think of creative ways to reach the masses, but also try to get into the media that is out there and get it to change. If enough people wanted different news, the Oregonian would have to add it in one way or another because yes, it is about money. Also, the news was there, I saw a couple of news vans and then nothing ended up on those channels. Whether they spin it or not... do you have any idea how many people heard nothing about the protest? The mass majority, and whether it is spinned to the right or not, people would hear about it.


some simple questions rarely asked 03.Nov.2005 18:12

still rejects the master's tools

What do you hope to achieve? / What are your goals?

How do you think this will help to achieve those goals?

If you think you are going to get a corporation to change I'd say you're suffering from a form of what's commonly called "battered spouse syndrome" ("sure I've been abused in the past but I know I can change them"). If the corporate media wanted to report things a certain way they would (and, of course, they do). Continuing to believe that they will change only puts you in the role of trying to continually force them to change. Yes, you can force people to change for a short period of time, like if I hold a gun to your head and give you a command you'll probably do it, but as soon as I'm gone you're unlikely to continue. And do you really think that planning daily protests against any corporate media outlet is a good use of your time? Rather than trying to force people to change why not simply empower those who do not need such constant force to reform? Don't you think that might be a better use of your time? If you really want to "reach the masses" wouldn't it be a better use of time to turn them on to media outlets that are already covering events such as local protests?

"Its worth a try, and i think we need to try it."

*I* don't need to try it but if *you* feel it is worth it I would suggest that you at least consider what you want to achieve and measure your effectiveness and give thought as to whether other tactics might be more effective.

"I understand coporate media fucks everybody over. Believe me I hate coporate media."

I don't believe that you do understand the corporate media or that you hate them. If either of those things were true I suspect you would have little to no interest in pandering to them.

"But what the hell are we protesting for? To change some damn bs warmonger agenda."

*I* am not protesting to make change because I don't see protesting as accomplishing any such thing. I protest because standing up for what I believe and expressing myself is the right thing to do. I do many other things to make the change I wish to see. Furthermore I'm not convinced that complaining to the corporate media makes changes in the warmonger agenda. In fact, I'd say it strengthens the agenda because the warmongers at the war-ego-nian are being given power by the people who pander to them. Again, why not just let them fade away as they are in the process of doing? The war-ego-nian played an integral part in building support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq; those who are against the occupation should really consider whether putting time and energy into a corporation who had played that role furthers or hinders their goals (would you, for example, start a letter writing campaign to Halliburton or Bechtel asking or demanding them not engage in war-profiteering).

But as always, each person is responsible for their life and their time to spend as they see fit. Do what you think is right but pay close attention to the outcome and keep thinking of alternatives and creative ways to be more effective.

agreed 03.Nov.2005 18:39


Making a call can just be another form of protest. Say what you want to say, don't expect any changes from it, and spend the bulk of your time doing more important tasks. Taking the time to harass a corporado or politico over the phone can be very rewarding in its own right. But yeah, best not to sink too much time into negotiating with the oppressors. Best to just take away their power.

Repeat 04.Nov.2005 00:19

Over and Over

Corporate media makes its money and is owned by the same people and institutions you are protesting. The corporate media is the mouthpiece of that which you are struggling against. It is utter folly to think they will ever represent your interests.

I was happy 04.Nov.2005 11:41


After N2 I was a little down but the one thing that cheered my up was knowing that there wasn't any corprate media during the March. The one thing I dont need after a protest like this when Im feeling beatin, and depressed is to turn on the TV or open the paper and see how the cops (who hurt and arrested my friends)were perfect and protected everyone from the Evil radical activist who was being so cruel to the police and just wants to destroy everything. Do I want Media to show up Fuck yeah I do. However the Media I want there, the media that tells the truth is usually there. So invite KBOO invite the local leftist paper, but never invite the mouth piece for the the warprofitiers.

What they do not want you to know 05.Nov.2005 18:00


The corporate media is irrelevant, and the only way they seem to be able to hide this fact is to try to ignore the real media. Fuckem