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what to expect if your friends were arrested today

If your friend is under 18 the police will release them into the custody of thier parents in a couple of hours. The police will not give us info on juveniles. If your friend is an adult,
information will be available through recog in a couple of hours. They will still be held for a number of hours after that. It is very common for people to be released at 3 or 4 AM. Someone from the PLDN should be there when they are released to drive them home or somewhere safe.
Often people are released without thier money, keys or shoelaces. If you think your friend might be locked out, it would be great if you waited with us and offered them a place to stay. They will be able to retrieve thier property tomorrow morning.

People can be very upset and traumatized from being arrested. If you are a good friend or a responsible organizer please consider staying up and being there when folks are released. People arrested today may be arraigned as soon as tomorrow, please think about showing up and being supportive.

We will have info from recog in a couple of hours. Call us if you are looking for someone, or you have questions. We are expecting and will accept collect calls from the arrestees that are in custody.