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Gifts come abound when seeked,
Ye soul and ye pains are healed,
and happiness sought for is found.

Let not the sorrows take hold upon ye heart, not let despair be cold, and taketh ye soul apart.
And cast vile thoughts from ye mind.

See joy upon thee Earth,
see kind happenings amid mirth
Open ye lovely eyes to glory.

With suffering comes love,
with pain comes comfort from above,
And hold ye ways and find ye strength.

And alas! tears shall be wiped,
and strength will be abound and ripe.
The Light of Light shall rise!

Darkness shall be curdled, despar shall be beaten, and fouls mists shall fail.
The moments will be plentifull, and The World shall be at peace.

oregonian protest 02.Nov.2005 12:35

zaki prozak@tmail.com

Shoul we do it on a friday while staff is there, or on saturday when more peole can come out?
I think it would be best when the satff was there, like 4 - 6 PM., on a friday.

Make signs about anything the oregonian has lied about.

If you need signs, let me know, I will make them and bring them.

This is going to look so bad for the oregonian. But I guess they should be telling the truth.