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Denver leqalizes marijuana

See title.
The residents of Denver, CO, have voted 54% to 46% to legalize possesion of up to one ounce of weed. You must be 21 and over.

I guess the proponents of the measure had successfully educated voters that weed is less harmful to society and the user than alcohol.

Authorities have vowed to kill the buzz, however, by implementing state laws over local measures.

the war 02.Nov.2005 12:59

on drugs

the war on drugs is more harmful than the drugs that they are at war with.

it's only a $100 ticket anyway 03.Nov.2005 13:20

Doobie Hauser

It's only a $100 fine if you're caught in Colorado anyway. The state has never been crazy about locking up pot smokers. The biggest weed-toking cities in the USA are Boston and Boulder. If you want to get on some state's case about pot, try Oregon, where you can go to prison for a couple of oz.'s, or Utah, where you can do serious time for a couple of JOINTS.