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[ JFK-911 ] :license for state sponsored terrorism (EVENT NOV 2Oth 2005)

PDX 9/11 Truth-Alliance is presenting on SUNDAY, November the 20th from 1pm –4:30 pm. “From JFK Through 9/11 – 42 Years of State-Sponsored Terrorism.”
Join us at the Portland Public Library, 801 SW 10Ave. in the US Bank Room. This is a free event.
This conference includes videos, guest speakers, deep analysis and open discussions about Americas real history and our ability to change our collective future.
negotiations in late stage for presenting Don Paul as guest speaker; also for co-sponsorship by kboo.fm 90.7; neither confirmned at date/time of submission to portland indymedia.org
[ JFK-1911 } poster PENDING kboo co-sponsorship and Don Paul speaking
[ JFK-1911 } poster PENDING kboo co-sponsorship and Don Paul speaking
Chack web for info on Don Paul, who will present on the 911 component of this event. Panel discussion and audio/video material on activities surrounding Nov 22nd 1963, the Murrah Federal Building collapse in Oklahoma City and a set of related unexplained "co-incidences" and high-profile "disappearances".
Discussion focused on events where there is powerful forensic evidence in the public domain (though not, perhaps, in general public awareness) at hhis time.

homepage: homepage: http:// http://groups-beta.google.com/group/Portland911
phone: phone: 302 287 3473
address: address: http://www.wireonfire.com/donpaul/911.html