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Free vinyl stickers with self addressed , stamped envelope.
We never met Fouad , but have been so touched by his death. This case proves that we have gotten to the place where we have more to fear from our paid "protectors" than we do the "criminals". We watched as the Grand Jury decided that a naked , badly burnt, completely unarmed young man was indeed a mortal threat to the police officers that gunned him down. If Fouad was a threat that deserved to die , then we all are. No one is safe anymore...no one. For a sticker, send a self addressed stamped envelope to Fouad Sticker Offer 19754 McKillop Rd. Scotts Mills Oregon 97375 No money will be accepted.
Good idea 02.Nov.2005 12:30

Red Tree

What a good idea. We need to keep Fouad's name and story going. The family still struggles with legal gymnastics and everyone who has met them wants to make sure Fouad's real story is told. Thank you

We shall not-ever 02.Nov.2005 12:41


I also did not know Fouad. Since his murder, I have come to know members of his family, however, and I only want to add that the letters of support, both here and in the various corporate fish wrappers around the county are having a very profound effect upon his family. The love that they feel matters, even if no redress of this horrendous act can ever be accomplished.
He was burned, he was injured, he was naked, he was unarmed, tortured (tazered) and murdered. If he was also somehow mentally or emotionally in trouble, we will never know, because those whom we hired to protect and to serve us were to damn afraid of a little blood to even test their "superhuman" or werewolfe fantasies.
Please, please! Do not forget, do not stop writing the letters. I know for a fact the strength that it gives to the family, which has been unalterably damaged.

Scotts Mills! 02.Nov.2005 18:29

Good for you!!

Thank you so much for doing this! And Scotts Mills! Shit, I always think of anti-police-brutality activism as an urban thing. It seems like there's so much police violence in the cities, one is inundated with it here. But I know there is something happening when someone from way out in the country is taking the time and effort to print out bumper stickers to remind people about this kind of violence. I bet the powers that be are quaking now. They actually believe people out in the rural areas are their "base."

Oh, yeah. We are out here 02.Nov.2005 20:39


Silverton, Scotts Mills, Colton, Estacada, you meet some of the finest (and most undetected) Anti establishment types out here. Worry not, we are out here, and we are being more active.

Get down! 03.Nov.2005 09:49

happy to have you there

We've got your backs.