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November Second last minute info

Hello everyone, I would just like to give you a to do list on what to bring and what to expect and the schedule of November 2nd.
First off, highschools if you are not in the downtown district meaning everyone besides NWA, Lincoln, Saint Mary's, and PSU, leave early. SE schools should leave at about 11:30. SW schools leave about 11:20. Estimate the amount of time it will take for you to get to pioneer square. If ANY of you have problems with principals, teachers or anything like that, you can contact me or call the legal aid number.

This is an unpermited march, so I would highly advise bringing a bandana and goggles. Make sure you bring one part malox one part water to wash away any pepperspray. Also bring a sharpie for the jail support number.

Lack of supplies has been troubling us a lot. If you have a 5 gallon jug just sitting around bring it to the protest and use it as a drum. Megaphones, microphones, anything loud is awesome. Everyone loves an artistic person so go in costume if you want.

The schedule is like this. At 12:00 the band will start playing, and we will shortly get our speeches underway. There will be about 4 short speeches and then the mic will be available to the audience. For about 10 minutes we will do that so all together it will take about 45 minutes. We will then start the rally. Because it is unpermitted, it is illegal to take the street. That doesnt mean no one will take the street or it is a bad thing, it just means it is illegal. We have no stance on that issue as a group but we have our own personal opinions. There is no REAL map of where we are going. There is a suggested route but no map. I hope you can understand.

So be creative, be angry, and get your voices heard. This will be an awesome protest and I hope that all of you can make it.

With solidarity~ bEn
My email 02.Nov.2005 09:19


Oops, sorry I forgot to leave my email. My email is  chilipoppers987@yahoo.com

"wash away pepperspray" 02.Nov.2005 20:38

scarlet fever

For more (and more precise) information on the relationship between 50% Maalox/ 50% water and pepper spray, see the website below.

Fight the power, do no harm, and know your tools!