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Urban Guerrilla Media Releases "the wrench"

after months of delay and technical difficulties the b4 collective of the uglf network in cooperation with urban guerrilla media, the underground media network and atomic bomb multi-media productions have put together the first issue of "the wrench"

a monthly alternative media publication focusing on solidarity in the movement, investigations into the regime, 911 cover ups, and much more.
nov front cover
nov front cover
urban guerrilla media in conjuntion with the underground media network, atomic bomb multi-media publishing and the uglf network B4 collective media division have completed and printed out the first issue of The Wrench.

The Wrench is alot like infoshop and the indymedia with the exception it is a print publication. featured in this month's issue are articles regarding the leadership of the upfj in its leadership of the dissident/anti-war movment.

a 911 investigative report. a piece on voter fraud. local coverage of an infoshop/anarchist univerity project underway and perspective pieces in regards to foriegn policy, poetry and graphic art contributed by local talent.

we have included a pdf of this issue.

as a note it is 32 pages (front and back) 16 actual sheets of paper and is designed to be center stapled as a booklet.

enjoy and please e-amil us your comments and suggestions at uglfmedia (at) resist.ca

additionally there was a forward to an atricle defining what an infoshop is. our staff mistakenly pdf'd the file before proper credit was given. however in the final production version this was corrected and we would like thank the reverend chuck and the slingshot collective.

here is the link to november issue

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/u_ge_l_f

This is the same old Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front...poseurs and ? 01.Nov.2005 21:20


Hi. Anyone reading the above post should be aware that this is the Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front issuing this magazine.

Of course, anyone should be able to read whatever they want. But keep in mind that these folks are known, especially in Atlanta, which is their alleged base, as having the political outlook of rabid squirrels.

Okay, that is insulting to squirrels, which are somewhat friendly and trusting.

My recommendation is, if you even are thinking of contacting these folks or having anything to do with them, is to cruise their website first. It's posted above. Beyond the bombast and paranoia that pervades the site, they also have a number of links to organizations that would have nothing to do with them (FRAC, for one, which no longer exists but would not touch these folks with an 11-foot pole) and are certainly not aware that they are being used to legitimize a group that has no base in Atlanta or anywhere else.

As for them being persecuted by the FBI, yes, they have been investigated. If you give interviews to Atlanta journalists and brag about hoisting pirate flags at fraternities and pissing in the bathtubs of the rich, well, that is exactly the type of anarchist that the FBI wants to investigate. The UGLF discussion of converting model airplanes into weapons that could be flown into the sides of buildings was particularly insightful after 9/11/01.

Okay? Forewarned is forearmed. Now let's hear from the military/medic/political strategists of UGLF. I am always really curious to hear what on-the-ground organizing you are doing in the South. Please name one organization that you have a working relationship with.

we would like to thank you for your lovely and insightful critique 02.Nov.2005 08:34

jack's inflamed sense of rejection

We here in atlanta and elsewhere would like to thank you for you kind words of praise and your critical analysis of incidents in our past and of some of more colorful supporters and organizers.

Someone with such an in depth knowledge of the B4 collective and in particular jay welin must surely be part of a cointelpro mission. Why this is probably the dhs themselves as for the most part activist and organizers who have been nasty with the UGLF in the past draw their issues from ideological differences(crimethinc anarchist vs. intellectual anarchist)and so forth. And if you are not whitey aka the man then you pay way too much attention to our little network and should really consider letting what you think you about us go down the waste disposal unit and attempt a new campaiagn of of understanding and enlightenment to rid yourself of the shroud of ignorance that you cloak yourself in.

As to Atlanta based activities well the B4 collective participated in organizing for Atlanta's J20 and M19 events. It has also held two convergences hosting supporters/organizers of other scattered UGLF network collectives and other groups over the past year. As to naming other groups to which the B4 collective has "working relationship" with that's on a need to know basis and you do not need to know.

Any additional information can be freely gathered on the internet as to our network collectives and solidarity with other groups nationwide . So if you want to know more you do you job Dick Tracy and maybe your boss will give you a promotion. For now though if you don't mind we have some tubs to go piss in.

Same old Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front 02.Nov.2005 11:23

No need to know

Everything I know about the UGLF comes from reading your website, your responses to questions that people have posted to you, and from reading interviews with you in Atlanta media.

On your website you claim to be the "Vanguard of the revolution". Hmmn. Tell me again how that fits with anarchist politics. Oh, you're not anarchists? Then why are you trying to borrow so much from them by name-dropping Reverend Chuck, Infoshop and Slingshot? Please tell us what your politics are and what you do.

In the History section of your website in previous months, now 'under construction', you claimed to have formed in Europe and engaged in armed revolutionary actions there, but were driven out by NATO counter-insurgency forces. Is your new mythology under construction, since that version doesn't hold up too well?

Dudes (or dudettes, since I don't know your gender), any fourteen-year-old with a computer and a lot of spare time can throw up a website or put out a 'zine. A lot of them have done great work with the technology available to them. But it doesn't mean that you get to be "Vanguard of the revolution" just because you've figured out how to do a cool graphic.

Tell me again why you're holding secret medic training sessions when the rest of the people doing street medic work in North America have managed to hold hundreds, if not thousands, of medic training clinics openly and publicly. Tell me again who you actually work with in any on-going organizing. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I don't have a need to know.

Again, I urge interested readers to go to the UGLF website and make up their own minds. Even though it has been purged of some of the more outrageous whoppers, it still gives a good notion of what happens when paranoid nerds play at revolution.

come on... 02.Nov.2005 18:27

turn the elite attitude off...

Good thing this is indy media where everybody is allowed to post. Pretty funny that you have to come down on them for their mag, I don't think we should have to know your politics to validate your pub, I mean, give me a break, I don't pretend to know the history of the UGLF, nor do I need to cause anybody that puts out ideas in a mass scale, is all right by me. Call me old school, but I think time is better spent taking on the "man" then further splintering the movement. So what if he called himself the "vanguard of the revolution" AT least he got an interview and penetrated the mainstream media. maybe your the fucking problem with the movement, also out to bash those who are trying....maybe you should fucking chill off on brothers and sisters who are trying to inflict change and take some of your anger to the man.

just my 2 cents.