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War Protestors' Free Speech Rights Targeted by Portland Police

Portland Police officer admits to targeting anti-war protesters for arrest.
Counter recruiting vigils are held each Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 in front of the miltary recruiting office at 1317 NE Broadway. Each week, pages with the names of the most recently killed US troops are laid at the doorway of the recruiting office. This is to help the recruiters inside see the results of their blood work. We light candles and leave them on the sidewalk. Passersby have been giving increasing support to our efforts, with many honks, thumbs up, and smiles. Groups of us, including Portland Catholic Workers, Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, and Code Pink, have been doing this since July without incident.

Tonight was different.

Officer Brad Bailey and a young sidekick in uniform pulled up in the squad car with an attitude and a warning: Stay on the sidewalk, pick up the "litter" and the candles - or face arrest. He made it very clear that these were special rules which only apply to us protesters, that anyone else who "littered" or stepped into the street wouldn't be arrested. One of the Veterans for Peace and I told him we felt targeted, and he said, "You ARE targeted."

Come stand up against the war with us. Tuesdays. 5:30-6:30. See you there.
Targeting 01.Nov.2005 20:12


I hope Sgt. Bailey is targeted with complaints to Mayor Potter, as the VFP is planning on doing.

Perhaps 01.Nov.2005 23:12


Some folks should invite CopWatch.

Learn how to observe and how to lay and win a formal complaint.

NLG 02.Nov.2005 07:07

Den Mark, Vancouver

Does a local chapter of National Lawyers Guild still exist, & their crew of Legal Observers? I've been one in the past.

NLG 02.Nov.2005 07:47


Yes....the NLG is pretty active, especially at Lewis & Clark Law School. (In fact, their national convention was this past weekend at the Benson.)

They're planning on having a team of legal observers at the rally today.

keep the faith! 02.Nov.2005 08:07


solidarity from the Ga Peace and Justice, Capital Terminus collective counter-recruitment working groups.