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Documented anti-Dem lies in IMC story

In article, "Democrats stab labor and the environment in the back again" (by Bison), it is alleged that six individuals -- all "being at the top of the Democratic Party" are also on a Walmart team hired to "repel organizing campaigns by labor unions and environmental groups". IN FACT, all but two of those individuals are ON THE TEAM OPPOSING WALMART ! ! !

Two of those falsely slandered as part of the Walmart team are clearly identified in the NY Times article as part of the "WAKE UP WALMART" team -- important part of the opposition to Walmart. They are:

Paul Blank, former political director for the Howard Dean presidential campaign, and, Chris Kofinis, who helped create the DraftWesleyClark.com campaign.

Another two falsely slandered as part of the Walmart team are clearly identified in the NY Times article as part of the WALMART WATCH team -- another important part of the opposition to Walmart. They are:

Jim Jordan, former director of the Kerry campaign, and, Tracy Sefl, a former Democratic National Committee aide responsible for distributing negative press reports about President Bush during the 2004 campaign.
The two that have joined the WALMART team can hardly be considered "at the top of the Democratic Party". One of them, Leslie Dach, is connected to the Democratic Party only by way of having been "an OUTSIDE adviser to President Clinton during the impeachment". The other is similarly one of those "Washington insider" types with no loyalty to either party (or to any ideals) -- Jonathan Adashek, director of national delegate strategy for John Kerry. In the case of Dach, he has been appointed number 2 under Michael Deaver who was a big player in the Reagan administrator. Similarly, Adashek was hired as token Democrat for a group of three advisers to the Walmart campaign -- two Republican regulars were hired to dominate the advisory group: Terry Nelson, (who was the national political director of the 2004 Bush campaign), and David White, (who helped manage the 1998 re-election of Representative Nancy Johnson, a Connecticut Republican).

So there is really so there is really only one person with ANY real connection to the Democratic Party that is named by the NY Times as on the Walmart team!

BISON: Don't bother trying to answer by repeating your laundry list of gripes against the Democratic Party! It would be nice, however, if you would apologize for slandering four good people (who undoubtedly could be making big money by selling out)!

BTW: Here are two of the groups featured by WALMART WATCH as supporting the anti-Walmart action --

Democracy for America

"On Wednesday, November 2, join DNC Chair Howard Dean and DFA Chair Jim Dean on a conference call to discuss how to change the culture of corruption in Washington."


Young Democrats of America

"Since July, we opened 4 regional offices, hired 6 full-time staff and over 40 canvassers. Everyday, we talk with young people at their homes and where they hang out about Democratic candidates and about issues the under 36 generation cares about."


I am expecting that Progressive Democrats of America will soon be joining too.

beating a dead democratic horse (or donkey)? 01.Nov.2005 15:57


Get a clue. Defenders of a dead democratic party are even funnier than I thought. The whole left right in the USA is a total corporate pantominme, a sham. It's just that some people watch the Democratic movie sham and others watch the Republican movie sham. Both are addicted to movies. Both are in the same theater run by the same media conglomerate. I don't see how you can attempt to distance high PR people who work so closely with the top Democrats either...

where? 01.Nov.2005 16:22


>> IN FACT, all but two of those individuals are ON THE TEAM OPPOSING WALMART ! ! !

Show me the money. Otherwise, it's just bizniz as usual.

where? 01.Nov.2005 19:44

g. d. dem

"reader" questions this statement:

>> IN FACT, all but two of those individuals are ON THE TEAM OPPOSING WALMART ! ! !

"reader" then demands "Show me the money"

I guess that means the source for my statement. HERE IT IS:

1. Go to the article specified as making the slandering lies --

"Democrats stab labor and the environment in the back again" by Bison


2. THEN click on the NY Times link, either provided there or here --


3. THEN click to go to the next (second) page of the story


Not so fast . . . 01.Nov.2005 23:30



How 'bout you post it on here for us all to see.

no, hes right.... 02.Nov.2005 17:21


Man, I love these ad hominem Indytacks. LIES! SLANDER! No, just a mistake. If I intended
to COMMIT SLANDEROUS LIES posting a link to the article wouldn't be the best idea.

He's right it was a copy and paste error. And I posted a comment to that
fact. I did appologize, check the post.

As far as Dach only being second in command...give me a break. He's still one of
the people making the decision. Jonathan Adashek also worked in the Clinton administration.
I can't find any reference to him working with the Bush administration or any Rep congressmen. Does anyone else have a source on this?
If he is just a slimeball for hire should anyone of integrity hire him?


I didn't post what I intended to.

Paul Blank, Chris Kofinis, Jim Jordan,Tracy Sefl should not have been listed.
However, that doesn't change my point. Wal-mart's "war room" is still being
run by Democratic Party insiders.

They don't get credit for doing what is right. Thats expected. Just like its
expected that they don't support big business. Where are the Republicans working
for Walmart Watch?

Incidently Blank and Kofinis where the spinmeisters responsible for painting
Ralph Nader as a traitor in the last election. They're not above bending the
truth to win. If you have weak morals they are great allies. If thats not
the case, good luck sleeping at night.