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9.11 investigation

Dems - Expand the Investigation to the 9/11 Cover Up

Finally showing some spine, the Democrats asking in a closed session of the Senate for "Phase 2" should also be asking the many unanswered questions around the 9/11 attack.
Finally showing some spine, the Democrats asking in a closed session of the Senate for "Phase 2" should also be asking the many unanswered questions around the 9/11 attack.
It's hard 01.Nov.2005 16:29

g. d. dem

It's really tough to get anyone in the mainstream to open up their minds about 9/11. Like Ruppert said, no amount of uncontrovertible physical evidence will ever convince anybody when their minds have been so programmed in stone by massive media lies. There aren't even very many people left of the Dems who are aware. Maybe a few, very few, Dems (like Cynthia McKinney) could conceivably take an objective look at the facts.

Like the song says, "911's been branded, 911's been sold" -- big time.

All the more reason for the truth-tellers to keep on keeping on.

Don't confuse the American public with the FACTS 01.Nov.2005 17:22

Randy Veosovitch

If you can't convince people with three or four of the top indisputable facts about the false pre-text for war. Then the other three or four hundred are a waste of time.
Marvin Bush, World Trade Center security head
Marvin Bush, World Trade Center security head

Democrats -- the gift of corporate wealth 01.Nov.2005 23:33


Even Bill Moyers wasn't afraid to point out that the Dems are EXACTLY AS MUCH TO BLAME for selling out the whole country to corporate interests. The Democrats are sold out on money and so they will NEVER touch 9/11 . . . the event that brought trillions in drug money back onto the market from Afghanistan, handed over Iraq to the US treasury, gave us the PATRIOT Act, cowed the media into complete fascist compliance, etc.

9/11 'movement' a sham... 02.Nov.2005 07:07

The Really Real Pissed-Off-Penguins Provisional Army

One problem at the moment is that the '9/11 truth movement' is not able to get to the truth. Too many people of no credibility whatsoever are associated with it, and there are not enough plain-normal-citizens doing the Cindy Sheehan thing. The names normally brought forward in the 9/11 truth movement are getting tired and stale (Cindy excepted). We have all heard the wacky conspiracy stories regarding missiles in Pentagons and explosives in towers. None of it helps. Evidence has to go beyond a few dodgy stills messed with a cracked copy of Photoshop and posted to the Internet, besides that is what the Pentagon does, for the U.N. General Assembly...

To appreciate what did happen to the Twin Towers read the recently produced NIST report. This only covers what and when, not why and by whom. This being the remit, the report is a good one, and of value to anyone looking for '9/11 closure'. Unlike the 9/11 truth movement titter this report should stand the test of time and - as it says on the cover - become the final report. Science is explained, you could simulate the lot yourself and simulate the conclusions. It all stacks up, making 'explosives in the towers' scenarios utterly laughable. Read it - you could learn something!
The NIST report presents conclusions that cannot really be disagreed with. The people that produced the report stuck to a remit but they did not go beyond that to take part in cover-up. (See 'the 911 commission report' for that, but then again don't bother as it is a turgid work of fiction, distinctly xenophobic in outlook.)
The NIST report stays above the nonsense in part by avoiding mention of any terrorist group that may or may not have promulgated the attacks. A search for 'al*q*da', 'Osama bin Laden', 'Loch Ness Monster', 'Martians', 'The Man in the Moon', 'Gremlins', 'towels wrapped around heads', 'the bloke in a cave on a kidney dialysis machine' or 'hoax make believe terror group' will produce no matches. This makes the report highly unusual in that at no stage is there any mention of 'the protagonists', whomever the F.B.I. decided they were.


It has been alleged that the 'Pissed off Penguins' want to see the '9/11 truth movement' shape up a bit, and learn from the good folks at NIST. Science, evidence and reputation has come together in the NIST report to explain what happened to those Twin Towers that day. Credible explanation for what others have attributed to 'explosives in towers' is given. On the pretext of this final report having been recently presented to the world (including that bit that is the 9/11 truth movement), the 'Pissed off Penguins' have allegedly decreed that all those with mumbo-jumbo 'explosives in towers' scenarios MUST update their theories in light of the NIST report. Little else is known regarding this decree or if the Pissed Off Penguins really will cast super-natural spells on those that fail to comply. (Allegedly a 'five year plan' concerning pertinent planetary affairs is coming to a climax and it is not known how wide the net will be cast.)
Dig out the NIST report - you can Google, 'final' is the key word. Should you care for the life of a '9/11 truth movement person' that is stuck on 'explosives in towers' stories and spouting off about them, point them in the direction of the report. It is for them to retract, update or stand by what they have to say in empathy with those that truly care - the mothers, the brothers, the detainees, if not the dead.

Apparently the ever vigilant 'Pissed Off Penguins' say that there is a new ark, but none of those butt-cheek to butt-cheek al-qaeda-ology believers have been invited or any of those 'don't believe in anything/explosives in towers' types either (space is limited). Allegedly you had been warned!

No amount of official-media-fable explains how and why of World Trade Center 7 02.Nov.2005 09:23

glen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

PDX 9/11 Truth-Alliance is presenting on SUNDAY, November the 20th from
1pm –4:30 pm. “From JFK Through 9/11 – 42 Years of State-Sponsored
Terrorism.” Join us at the Portland Public Library, 801 SW 10Ave. in
the U.S. Bank Room. This is a free event. This conference includes
videos, guest speakers, deep analysis and open discussions about
Americas real history and our ability to change our collective future.


Penguin guy is wrong; it takes weeks to rig an implosion, WTC 7 fell in 8hrs 03.Nov.2005 11:34

Dan Ashton

First of all, there has never been a steel framed building collapse from fire in the history the world.
World Trade Center Seven (1 & 2 were the towers) collapsed at 5pm on 9/11, 2001 after burning for 8 hrs.
It collapsed without warning to the horror of already stunned onlookers who had to run from the choking debris. It was later admitted on a PBS documentary by Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the World Trade Center Complex, that WTC #7 was "pulled", the industry term for a controlled demolition because of the fire damage...

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to contain the fire and I said,'We've had such a terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it"- Larry Silverstein

This may sound acceptable except for the fact that A: The onlookers and rescue teams at ground zero were not warned, & B: It takes weeks to rig a controlled demolition, especially a 47 story building. There is no way to rush it, the cordite charges have to be strategically placed so the building falls in on itself. Every demolition expert questioned about this has said that it cannot be done in less than one week, less than 8 hrs is impossible.
When was it decided to "pull" WTC 7? Certainly they would have tried to contain the fire first, which would have taken one or two hours minimum; leaving only 6 hours to rig a demolition in a building which supposedly has a raging inferno burning inside it. I am not going to bother asking why the buildings sprinkler system was not working.
For all you thinking that building 7 was imploded by fire or rescue teams in a mad rush to get it all over with, read no further, go watch Fox News Channel.

For all you who know that you need experts with weeks of preparation and months of booking just to get a building taken down in the first place, then I will tell you that the entire WTC complex was shut down completely for extended on and off durations for the first time in their history (stayed functioning 75% even after 1993 bombing) for "security" and electronic "re-wiring" upgrades shortly before August of that year. Even security personnel who had worked continuously since the WTC began construction in 1969, were given leave of absence. Coincidentally; Marvin Bush the U.S. presidents brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center;  link to www.makethemaccountable.com
Jet fuel consists of kerosene which is refined solely to filter impurities and solid matter, Jet fuel sounds like it burns hot, but the fact is, it needs compressed oxygen(from turbines)to create the raw B.T.U.'s needed to create the massive thrust modern Rolls-Royce jet engines need to propel a jetliner.
The Twin Towers admittedly had thousands of gallons of kerosene burning in them, but engineers claim that kerosene cannot melt steel in a low oxygen environment in other words; in our normal atmosphere.

The fires that were raging for the planet to witness that morning burned with massive amounts of black smoke in an oxygen starved fire. The WTC was purposely designed to not create a "chimney effect" in which any potential fire would perpetuate out of control.
Bringing me to the conclusion that dozens of fire, safety, architectural and structural engineers and leading metallurgists have come to...

The World Trade Center did not collapse from fires.

If you add the fact that designers factored in a theoretical impact with a fully loaded Boeing 707(largest jet at time of construction)  http://bc.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/1073 into the creation of the WTC without major structural damage to the massive steel support columns or the even more massive steel core columns, you will eventually come to realize that A: the scientists and building engineers are wrong, and that nobody could have predicted that this scenario could take place.
Or B: The official story is wrong.
Skull & Bones field trip
Skull & Bones field trip

Was there any over-reaction? 27.Dec.2005 10:11


Was it really necessary on 11 Sept 2001 for Ms Clinton to call for a ban on all gun and ammo sales? She said it should happen so some Americans would not over-react to having theiir Country Attacked .