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Democrats stab labor and the environment in the back again.

Are there any Democrats that would like to defend
their party now?
Here is a few names mentioned in the New York Times today:

"(Leslie) Dach, who is active in environmental and Democratic causes, was an outside adviser to President Clinton during the impeachment..."

"Jonathan Adashek, director of national delegate strategy for John Kerry..."

"Paul Blank, former political director for the Howard Dean presidential campaign..."

"Chris Kofinis, who helped create the DraftWesleyClark.com campaign."

"Jim Jordan, former director of the Kerry campaign..."

"Tracy Sefl, a former Democratic National Committee aide responsible for distributing negative press reports about President Bush during the 2004 campaign."

What, besides being at the top of the Democratic Party, do these people have in common?

Give up?

They're a large portion of the team helping Wal-mart repel organizing campaigns by labor unions and
environmental groups. I don't really have much to say about this, it speaks for itself. How bad
does the Democratic party have to get before you will decide its not worth fighting for anymore?

Here's the article for reference:

 link to www.nytimes.com
Now, Now 01.Nov.2005 14:58

Den Mark, Vancouver

Now, now, be nice. You'll give the "true believers' cognitive dissonance headaches.

Ummm... 01.Nov.2005 16:11

Mr. Groovy

Did you actually read the article in the Times? If you print the piece and have someone read it to you, you'll discover that most of the people you slimed in your post (basically everyone except Dach and Adashek) are clearly identified as working for Wal-Mart Watch or Wake Up Wal-Mart--the oppo groups!

your correct 01.Nov.2005 23:14


I didn't post what I intended to.

Paul Blank, Chris Kofinis, Jim Jordan,Tracy Sefl should not have been listed.
However, that doesn't change my point. Wal-mart's "war room" is still being
run by Democratic Party insiders.

They don't get credit for doing what is right. Thats expected. Just like its
expected that they don't support big business. Where are the Republicans working
fro Walmart Watch?

Incidently Blank and Kofinis where the spinmeisters responsible for painting
Ralph Nader as a traitor in the last election. They're not above bending the
truth to win. If you have weak morals they are great allies. If thats not
the case, good luck sleeping at night.