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excited delerium

Exited dilirium
I am having excited delerium RIGHT NOW! Oh my gosh, someone kill me, pleaase, kill me.

These people have gone over the coo ccos nest, and I mean COO COO. And THC? So what? I smoke evry day, of course I bend over and have a medical card. Fouad was also a Med. Maj. Patient, it's better than Oxycotin, vicoden, morphine, heroine, auctually it is good for you in small amounts.
PLEASE HELP HER 01.Nov.2005 15:54


Please can someone help Zaki?
I am not in a position to help other than to notice her postings and hope for her that she can calm down or that someone can reach out to her

I am a male 01.Nov.2005 19:47


I am a male, actually my name is Zikaa. I Do not Know if your joking or not, but I am terrified to leave my home. This whole experienc has fundamentally messed me up. Perhaps I should seek professional help. I am still affraid of post trauma, I think I am still in shock. But its a bad idea to mentally evaluate yourself.

Drop out? 01.Nov.2005 19:55


Should I drop out of these postings? I really do not mean to trouble anyone

Please continue, but with caution 01.Nov.2005 22:43

Madam Hatter madam.hatter@gmail.com

Zaki - I, for one, come to this site several times a day primarily to keep abreast of what is happening with you and your family and this horrible injustice. But, please, as others before have asked, be very careful of what you post. Please do what your attorney advises as far as this is concerned. Do not doubt that others can and will use your heartfelt views against if you if need be. I know it is difficult sometimes to temper your emotions, but you must not jeopardize any chance at avenging your cousin's murder, however remote that may seem.

It sounds as if you definitely need someone to talk to. Please be careful who you choose. Mental health providers who work for the state should be avoided, in my opinion and experience. (Follow the money....)

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I live in Sandy not far from where your cousin was murdered. I heard the sirens and saw the cars that long afternoon not knowing what was happening but dreading it in my heart. I'm terrified for my children and have told them to avoid contact with the police at all costs - and certainly if they need help. Many of us in Sandy stand behind you and familes like the Rubios. But we're scared. I'm sorry. Profiling does happen in Sandy - just ask anyone who's poor, young or dark skinned.

excuse me please 02.Nov.2005 09:51


Excuse me, I had thought you were a woman
I hope that you are feeling a little better today
I am very very sad for your tragedy

to Zaki 02.Nov.2005 18:42

indy fan

I, too, do not want to silence you. I would, though, suggest that maybe you could either post comments to other articles, or perhaps condense your postings to one long one now and then instead of so many short ones. This is not to insult you or to silence you. Many people have come to care very much about what happened, and are concerned for you and your family. We want to know what's happening, and to help you if/when we can. The reason I suggest fewer postings, though, is that too many short posts about Fouad may make some people stop reading anything on this subject. Also, many short posts move things down the newswire quickly, and then off the page, so they don't get read.

I guess I'm trying to make it clear that I want to hear what you have to say, but sometimes it's easier to listen when there isn't so much flying past. Does that make sense?

Anyway, just my humble opinion. I stand with you, though, and we will not forget your cousin. Even those of us who never met him. What happened to him has opened many peoples' eyes to the very real and very dangerous issue of police brutality in America. This is a police state. This is fascism. And we will not forget.