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Oregonian newspaper protest

Protest all the lies they print, and not just about Fouad Kaady. I am going to make signs like "Oregonian lies", any suggestions. I will pay for them. If I had some king of count, I would know how many signs are needed
comment 31.Oct.2005 23:29


What is a "king of count"? And how much will you pay for suggestions?

Organize a sign making party 31.Oct.2005 23:49

ninja pirate

You can do it with family, friends, friends of friends, or just people who want to help out. Make a list of things you might want to put on a sign such as, "the oregonian lies!" or "fuck the corporate media!" and "how many must die before there is justice?" Have other signs that relate to why you are also out there. Make flyers with information on them, then make copies. You want to inform people why your out there, and what this is all about. Make it a "family event, and tell the police that they are to be few in number and are to have no heavy equipment of any kind around in the area for at least two blocks. They read this site like the bible, so be careful what you post through here. This is site is not a place to organize events through, it is a news site. Although, questions are always good. Just keep that in mind as you publish to this site. If something happens, write a story about it. Say how your feeling, tell your story. This is what this site is all about after all... to make your voice heard.

KING OF COUNT 01.Nov.2005 05:28


sorry, i potsed that really late, "kind of count"
this was the site i used fro the anti-war demostration. why be carefull?
am i using this site wrong?

How about that Rupurt Murdock empire? 01.Nov.2005 16:37


Out of all of the news media outlets that have published a lie before, what makes The Oregonian more worth protesting more than the others?

I now understand 01.Nov.2005 20:02


I guess you right.

oregonian 02.Nov.2005 02:37


but then again, it might do the oregonian some good for printing lies, and untruths. And unlike FOX,or other corp media, it is something we could have an impact on.

od way to embarras