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An Open Letter to Insurance Adjusters and Attorneys

A statement that any staged claim I am involved in will be reported as fraud.
Russ Hallberg Jr

My name is Russ Hallberg Jr. Because of name association, people and groups involved insurance fraud money laundering continue to attempt to involve me in their schemes. I have posted several articles and two books describing these activities. Some material has been posted under pseudonyms, while other material has been published under my own name.

If any of these attempts succeed in generating an actual claim, I will state that the claim is the result of insurance fraud. I will never stop attempting to publicize this, because of the Yogurt Shop Murders and many similar atrocities. I am not afraid of the consequences to myself. The perpetrators have provided me with ample clues that the money laundering operation is connected to the snuff film industry.

More information about insurance industry money laundering is available at:  link to www.totse.com

Russ Hallberg Jr