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Biscuit Movie: Keep Towing That Line

New Indy Film Release: Keep Towing That Line- an inspirational 8-minute film filled with action footage from the 2005 Biscuit forest defense campaign. This tightly edited piece features the voice of legendary activist Joan Norman in an impassioned call to action accompanied by a moving soundtrack by The Devil Makes Three. This is a brief and open ended short film that covers the amazing civil disobedience campaign that took place in the spring of 2005 in opposition to the Bush Administration's attempts to push through the largest logging project in US Forest Service history in the wildest landscape left on the US West Coast.
For more information, or to get copies of the DVD release, contact  laurel@o2collective.org.

homepage: homepage: http://o2collective.org

Video File 29.Oct.2005 17:06

Oxygen Collective

Here is a low quality version (limited by the file size limit on PDX IMC) of the short film.

video 30.Oct.2005 08:47


I tried numerous times to view the video, but no luck. It doesn't come up. What can I do differently to see it?

Trying to post video again... 30.Oct.2005 10:58


Here is a low quality version (limited by the file size limit on PDX IMC) of the short film. Hopefully it'll upload this time.

Trying to post video again... 30.Oct.2005 11:08


Here is a low quality version (limited by the file size limit on PDX IMC) of the short film. Hopefully it'll upload this time.

??? 30.Oct.2005 12:31


Who produced the video? Why don't you come right out and say it if you're sure your allegations are factual?

playing it 30.Oct.2005 16:44


you'll want to download from www.o2collective.org
use VLC media player to play it. you can get it at
or just do a google search for it

Downloads 31.Oct.2005 11:56


High quality download (39.8 Megabytes):  http://samsara.mind.net/forrest/keeptowing_hq.mp4
Low quality download (10 Megabytes):  http://samsara.mind.net/forrest/keeptowing_lq.mp4

Full Length Feature Available 06.Nov.2005 12:35

justin video@biscuitfire.org

Great flick, if you like this short film, check out the full feature DVD, IN DEFENSE OF THE BISCUIT, now at 89 minutes long covering the many actions at the Biscuit. Comes with many features. If you have an older version of the film you can send it back for a free newer version. You can find the film at www.biscuitfire.org/video or at  http://www.microcosmpublishing.com or www.akpress.org . The film was shown recently at Canada's oldest film festival, the Global Visions FIlm Festival. Videoagraphers covered almost every action at the Biscuit to bring you this exciting new feature length film. Portions of the film can be seen in KEEP TOWING THAT LINE.

"In Defense of the Biscuit is simultaneously beautiful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. It is the story of one of the most beautiful places on earth, and of the courageous individuals and groups who are defending this place from devastation caused by huge corporations and criminal logging company operators who are protected in their illegal activities by armed (selective) law enforcement officers. Watch this film, and then go join these or other activists on the front lines of forest defense". Derrick Jensen, author, A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe.

video cover
video cover