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Microwaves, Lasers, Retired Generals For Sale

from blog at Washington Post. How Directed Energy weapons are the "hot new thing" at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition
Friend's tell me that this week's Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Washington Convention Center was all that an orgy of self-congratulation can be. Contractors galore, beltway bandits, luncheons, awards, howitzers, all topped off with a speech by Dick Cheney.

The buzz on the floor was "directed energy" laser, high-powered microwaves, and acoustic weapons that are getting a boost from the prolonged fighting in Iraq. Supporters are hoping that these new exotic technologies will help in the battle against improvised explosive devices and in countering snipers and hidden insurgents.

Directed energy is also the star of this week's Air Force Futures Game 05, being held at Booz Allen Hamilton in Herndon. The game, which posits a major war in the 2025 time frame, has high powered microwave and laser weapons zapping the bad guys.
Highly controversial directed energy weapons have been pushed for almost two decades as the next silver bullet. It's been two decades because along the way, they have run into complications, some having to do with the technology itself -- aim and controllable effects, compact power sources, military ruggedness -- but mostly their problem has been moral principles. Military leaders have been concerned about legality. Commanders have been hesitant or skeptical about new technologies with uncertain effects.

Those concerns are being brushed aside as the weapons advance along the familiar development path of boosters and patrons feeding information to war gamers who feed study participants who feed researchers who feed manufactures. At the end of the day, it is hard to tell whether high powered microwaves and laser came into being because someone conceived it out of need or because its existence in the laboratory created the need.

This week, for example, one of my favorite directed energy patrons -- retired General Ron Fogleman -- received appointments at two corporations, as a "senior advisor" to the Galen Capital Group, LLC; and as a member of the board of advisors of Novastar Resources.

The former chief of staff of the Air Force is a military-industrial legend, head of his own consulting company Durango Aerospace Inc. with a client list that includes Boeing, FMC, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and RSL Electronics.

A quick check on the web shows that Fogleman also serves on the boards of no few than 14 corporations: AAR Corp, Alliant Techsystems, IDC, Mesa Air Group, MITRE Corporation, Rolls-Royce North America, Thales-Raytheon Systems, First National Bank of Durango, International Airline Service Group, ICN Pharmaceuticals, DERCO Aerospace, EAST Inc., World Airway, and North American Airlines. He is also Senior Vice President of something called Projects International, a DC consultancy and is or was a partner in Laird and Company, LLC. And he is a member of Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, on the NASA Advisory Council, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Advisory Board, chairs the Falcon Foundation and the Airlift/Tanker Association. This guy is busy!

Fogleman gave up the job as the most powerful man in the Air Force on principle when he could no longer serve Secretary of Defense William Cohen. Since leaving, however, he has dispensed so much wisdom one wonders how much principle could be left.

One of Fogleman's first jobs upon leaving the Air Force was to chair the 1998 Directed Energy Applications for Tactical Airborne Combat study (known as "DE ATAC") which identified 65 concepts, particularly microwave weapons, selecting 20 for further analysis. The laboratory then awarded short-term concept development contracts for the five most promising to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Coherent Technologies, and Sanders.

All during the 1990's, money flowed into continued development of directed energy weapons, but frankly not much happened. Everyone talked about an E-bomb being used in Iraq in 2003, but once again for a variety of technical and ethical reasons, and because the real world intervened, the silver bullets remained on laboratory benches or in the world of "black" super-secret contracts, waiting for an opportunity.

And with the quagmire in Iraq, that opportunity came. So it just a coincidence that Fogleman's company Alliant Techsystems was awarded a contract earlier this year to develop the Scorpion II high powered microwave weapon "capable of defeating ... improvised explosive devices (IEDs) currently threatening U.S. and allied troops in Iraq." Maybe Fogleman had nothing to do with the directed energy work already flowing to Boeing and Raytheon.

The introduction of a completely new weapon -- particularly one that could cause excruciating pain, blindness, and hearing loss -- requires the most deliberate process, and the unintended consequences -- humanitarian, public relations, the possibility of the same weapon ending up in the hands of our enemies -- needs to be carefully weighed. The United States may indeed have within technological reach the ability to disperse rioters with a beam and not a bullet, and it might be able to cripple a modern society with the push of a button, but then again, so too does the United States possess the technology to turn Baghdad into a radiating ruin.

homepage: homepage: http://blogs.washingtonpost.com/earlywarning/2005/10/busier_than_par.html

Help 20.Jan.2006 13:13


I am sending this message to whomever may be able to help. I have 2 children that I believe have been subjected to unknown materials or events that may be hazardous to their health.

Please refer to public law #108-153 for more details on NanoTechnology

According to Marty Spitzer from the House Science Committee, a former EPA employee.
"...we know very little about environmental implications," "There's early evidence
that some nanomaterials are harmful."

-Also, most scientists agree that the research on safety of nanotechnolgoy is
"Lagging" behind. Nanomaterials can be seen in items such as
detergents, sun screens, building materials, electronics and medicine.
Greenwire, Monday, Oct. 24th, 2005

I Contacted U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson (attachment #1) during summer recess and was contacted by his Nebr. Director Don Nelson. I was referred by him to Dr. Prem Paul and/or Monica Norby his assistant, at the UNL campus that are working on numerous experiments/ research in the nanotechnology area.

I contacted Sen. Nelson due to the fact that he is a member of the Sen. Committee on commerce, science and transportation and there was a report due to that committee by the NRC by June 10th, 2005. Don Nelson was not aware of any such report at that time that was to include ethical, harmful, environmental effects of NanoTechnology Research which I am concerned with. And to this day have not been informed of any update on that matter by the Senator's office.

It also troubles me that the social, ethical, environmental and legal aspects of this research does not seem to be a priority within the Nanotechnology sector. As evidence of my concern, as of
Oct. '05 even scientists, industry leaders and government agencies agree that research into the effects on the environment and health of humans needs to be a top priority for all researchers. The House Science committee is planning at least one hearing on these matters. (As of Oct. '05)
The EPA's Science Policy Council is expected to have a white paper concluded in December '05
outlining the "research needs" in these areas.

It seems to me that the safety of these materials should have been tested long before they became common use. Such as the testing on pharmaceuticals and other medical devices and chemicals.
EX: textiles (cotton),
I also contacted Sen. Chuck Hagel's Washington office and spoke to Paul, he did not know of anything pertaining to these issues due to the fact that Sen. Hagel is not a member of the above committee and did not want to comment on the issues that I was concerned with. I have also tried to contact approximately 1000 other various agencies/ persons with only a few brief responses that have yielded me very little information.

Some details of interest:

1. I believe that the events that we have experienced can be attributed to a combination of:

a. Military/Governmental research: some of the following research areas also would
apply to this subsection.
-Research on new aerial aircraft, i.e. v-22, Unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.
with Offit Air force base being STRATCOM that involves all areas of the military. Currently research is being done using NanoTubes for solar
Aircraft .
- DOD acquisition of capabilities to defend against low altitude aircraft. UAV etc.
-Homeland Security working on uniforms for soldiers that will monitor a soldiers
Vital statistics and relay that information to a command and control center.
-Northrop Grumman- Infrared "Counter measure:
Flight tests were recently completed flight tests on Fed-Ex and military aircraft against laser guided missel defense.
Demonstrations have been done to the DHS.
-Raytheon's project Vigilant Eagle:
Directed energy technology- Infrared airial sensors using RF energy.
High Powered Microwaves are used. Detects Heat
Forms a Protective Dome. Demonstrations thru Jan '06.

b. Nano Technology: With no mandatory regulations at the time of this summery.
EPA is now developing voluntary regulations (Oct 24, '05)
1. NanoTechnology is being widely studied in various locations including UNL.
A physics professor is currently using lasers to test the fundamental
properties of matter that is funded through the "Centers of Excellence"
Through the DOE, DOD, NSF.. (?) These "centers" are also involved in NanoTechnology research.

2. 8-25-05 LJS From Wire Reports
Nanotubes are slender but strong electrically conductive sheets of carbon, 50x stronger than Steele. Could be used for ultra light race cars that bodies can serve as batteries or synthetic muscles with 100x the strength of normal muscles or for Solar Spacecraft.

3. Current issues of Science:
By depositing iron particles on sheets of silicone by heating and exposing to carbon
gas (possibly by lasers?) create tiny rows of carbon cylinders called NanoTubes.
Study author Ray Baugman the director of the NanoTechnology Institute at the U.
Of Texas, Dallas
-Atomic attraction "van der Waals forces"
-Transparent sheets for heated windows or bullet proof vests.
-highly conductive
-since 1990's ben able to fabricate tiny electrical wires by linking nanotubes with resin or some other polymer, ineffective because loose current at each joint.
-new sheets are made of unbroken nanotubes instead

-a wire cut from a sheet could operate with a fraction of the power needed previously

4. Water molecules interacting with carbon nanostructures can be used as fuel.
-could be reason why we have such sever drought in our area, i.e. ponds are going dry and huge cracks in ground.
(See press release 10-05-05 "Hydrogen Energy Breakthrough? NCSU scientists use nanotechnology to split water, Posted from LocalTechWire.com, Special to LTW)

Published in the National Academy of Sciences.
-University of Buffalo
-Delivered gene nanoparticle complexes into the brains of MICE at least as effective as viral vectors and with no OBSERVABLE toxic effect.
-activate the adult brain stem/progenitor cells. May be able to replace those lost due to neurodegenerative diseases.
-Provides promising models for STUDYING the GENETIC MECHANISMS OF THE BRAIN.
-Dramatic leap into experimenting in new techniques to study brain biology and therapies.
-Nanoparticles (that are light enough to float through the air) are developed by synthesization in a few days by an experienced chemist.
-hybrid, organically modified silica (ORMOSIL) which can become a wide variety of particles to target genes for different tissue and cell types..
-Experiments targeted DOPAMINE neurons (took up and expressed a fluorescent marker gene) showing that these genes could target different areas of the brain.
-Using (CellviZio) a new optical fiber in vivo imaging technique they were able to watch brain cells expressing genes without having to sacrifice the animal?
*Went one step further*** they wanted to see if they could manipulate the behavior of brain cells.
-nanoparticles successfully altered the development path of neural stem cells.
-REACTIVATED ADULT STEM CELLS ON THE FLOOR OF the brain ventricles, germ cells. (Michal K. Stachowiak, Ph.D.,)
-Likely that those stem/progenitor cells will grow into healthy neurons.
-Next step **********is to conduct experiments on larger animals.

Funding and support by the John R. Oishei Foundation, NSF, American Parkinson Disease Association and UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and life sciences. Research at the Institute for lasers, photonics and biophotonics has been supported by special New York State funding sponsored by State Sen. Mary Lou Rath.

6. A study by Southern Methodist University found that "buckyballs" may cause
Extensive brain damage in fish. Also linked the material, a nano-sized
Carbon molecules, to altered behavior of genes in liver cells of bass. Other
Studies have shown that carbon nanotubes may impair lung function.
(Greenwire, Oct. 24th, '05)

Let me repeat myself, there is NO mandatory regulations on these materials or devices.

c. Electromagnetic Spectrum Research. i.e. radio, microwave, x-ray etc:
1. Research or use of Tactical Infra sound technology which was a recent
Study conducted by "JASON".

2. Research or use of Technology involving areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.
i.e. New communication of Emergency responders? That may be able to use the above mentioned technology.

3. GLORIAD- International Computing Network
-High speed 10g CIRCUIT
-global ring network for advanced applications developer
-scientist and engineers- Northern Hemisphere
-grid middleware

4. Rice University 10-31-05
-Researcher Tony Ro, Associate professor of psychology
-visual information can be processed unconsciously
-Induced temporary blindness for a fraction of a second using TMS-Trans-cranial magnetic Stimulation (harmless. But what if pulses are longer and stronger?) That use brief magnetic pulses to the visual cortex within the back of the brain.

5. HAARP program (Alaska 92-93)
-Requires special processing method to detect ionosphere fields (stereo graphic image) Can see a great deal of "noise" (background noise or static) but can incorporate a message built in the noise along with a picture. The message can be read using a special processing power provided by "2 eyes" setting about an arms length from the monitor (Possible Subliminal
-HAARP is safe at the voltage and frequency being used at the research facility but I Am concerned what the harm would be if the same technology was used at a higher voltage and different frequency.
Tony Frazier-Smith, Stanford University created the image.
See: The safety of ELF fields generated in the ionosphere (HAARP)

6. NIST/EEEL department: Jan '05

-EEEL Dielectric measurements of building materials. i.e. electromagnetic properties of concrete etc. using different wavelengths. Radio, broadband etc. Strategies for development of measurements of electromagnetic properties of various building materials. Some of which contain various nanomaterials.

-also working on Face recognition Technology and Portable x-ray systems.
(There is a reason why medical professionals use Personal
Protective Equipment)
(See: EEEL Jan. 05)

7: Connected to the above:
- Nebr. Center for excellence in Electronics Labs-Lincoln
EMC Lab is AZLA accredited
One of only 10 meter semianechoic chambers
Radio frequency emissions and immunity from electromagnetic
Compatibility testing.
-Serves AVIATION, medical, SCIENTIFIC, and cellular industries
Doug Kramer- Electromagnetic compliance engineer. **Only certified personnel in Nebr. (NARTE).

8. Large numbers of birds are a problem at Offit Air force Base in Omaha
That the base had to find 'control" measures for.
-may be due to the research being done at DUKE on the use of "songbirds"
Brains To study the molecular biology of learned vocal communications.
-Duke scientist earned $2.5 million grant from NIH.
-2000-2004 found "similar gene activation occurs in other vocal learning
Species,...used these findings to gain insight into evolution of brain
Pathways for vocal learning, including humans."
-2005 researchers discovered that "night-migratory songbirds" have
A specialized night vision brain area that could enable the birds
(SEE : Duke scientist Earns $2.5 million NIH grant for Neurological Research
Posted 10-04-05 LocalTechWire.com)

9. Research at Wayne State University: Imagery devices (ultrasound, spectroscopy
And scanning prove microscopy), pharmaceutical delivery, magnetic
nano-particles for MRI's, neural implants amongst other things.
Collaborating with government, industry and other academic institutions.

d. Sensors: Using Lasers or Electromagnetic Spectrum:

1. The French and U.S. involvement in "Network inferred sensors" that create a protective dome, that can be used to protect airports and aircraft which uses Electro-magnetic waves.
i.e. Raytheon's Vigilant Eagle system and countermeasures being designed
by northrup Grumman.

2. Various "sensor" research.
Including x-ray and face recognition devices mentioned above.
(See NSTI, NanoPulse ESD/EMI Sensor is separating ESD from all the rest, Sept. 5, 2005)

-Also being done by various researchers at Wayne State University.
For example: Professor Erhard Rothe, Assistant Professor
Xiaoyan, Han, Professor Vladimir Mitin, Professor Harpeet
Singh, Associate Professor James R. Woodyard, Among many
Others. These projects are funded in a large part by NASA and the
NSF along with other governmental agencies.

3. NIST recent and past advancements in technology used to calibrate and verify sensors and detectors some of which are used for radiation and other matter. These sensors and detectors are used by the Army, Air Force, DHS as well as in the public sector.

If calibration verification is done correctly, both means of calibration must be tested at the same time in order to show that both means of calibration show the same results.
(Harmful vs non-harmful).
(See: Quantum Electrical Metrology Division, January 2005)

4. Professor, Physics and Astronomy/Center for Materials Research and Analysis,
Peter A. Dowben has worked on chemical vapor depositions, molecular magnets, ferro electric crystalline molecular films etc. Some of which were
Or are funded by NSF, the Office of Naval Research and the Nebraska Research initiative. With many affiliations including the University of Damascus, Syria, Air Force Institute of Technology, Argonne National

2. Other various concerns:
a. PCAST members are predominately made up of industry representatives. Mainly
Electronics industry. With no medical Dr.'s or Psychological experts etc.
(See PCAST report May 2005)

b. Basically all articles within the NNCO website pertain to cyber, electronics or
communication. There is almost no or no mention of research aimed at
health, safety research into the implications of the products etc. described
on this site. It is mainly addressed at recruiting industry. The closest thing
I could find was the "electronic industry code of conduct".

c. Efforts to contact various members of the House of Representatives serving
on committees that I believe would be able to assist me with these matters
was not possible via Internet because of their contact forms. I feel that as
a American I should have the right to contact not only my House Representative
but other representatives that serve on these committees.

d. The proposed Bill by Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Bill Frist on the Implementation
Of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency. S.1873
-Would be exempt from FOIA and free of judicial reviews. (Oct. '06)

e. A recent conversation with Micah Intermill from Sen. Ben Nelson's office in which
he replied to me "we will not be pursuing anything else on this issue until
we get the full and complete notes from the folks at the University." Feel
free to let us know once you have spoken with them. "Thanks for your understanding."
-I feel that it IS Mr Nelson's offices responsibility to look into the matters that
Do not pertain to the University since the Senator has the ability to contact
Many of those within government that may be able to assist me. I am further
Severely disgusted with all of those that I have contacted that have the moral/ethical responsibility To research these matters for the health and safety of our citizens. Most Importantly, the children. Including the scientific and medical community.
3. Reasons for my concern:
a. One of the issues that I am concerned with is connected to the use of lasers near my home. I did contact the Laser Institute of America to inquire about the use of lasers and their harmful effects if not used correctly.
In our case I do not believe that they were used as they should be.

b. Terahurtz Radiation (Tera waves, T-waves, t-lux, THz
-penetrates non-conductive material. (Clothing, paper, cardboard, wood,
masonry, plastic and ceramics.
-also fog, clouds
-CAN NOT penetrate metal or water.
-atmosphere blocks
-similar to microwaves
-unlike x-rays
-can penetrate several cm of tissue
-used in surveillance (Is this good for human tissue?)

*Lockheed U2
-recognizance satellites (used for surveillance)
-"trusted" computing devices. (Internet and computer surveillance)

c. Gamma rays are the most energetic

-not stopped by atmosphere
-gamma telescopes must be at high altitudes (orbiting spacecraft) ?ISS or
other observatories.

d. Strange Ground clutter on NWS radar around Lincoln also unusual cloud pattern around our area.. Unusual cloud formations, Unusual spin and dissipations. "Dry air pockets" around our property. Weather almost Always differs from that of NWS and their Doppler radar..
-Sever hail storm early spring/ summer that involved several areas around
Our location, including our home which resulted in almost baseball
Sized hail.
*Also could be due to study on using H2O splitting as fuel**********
which is done using lasers

Again I am sending this in fear of the health and safety of my family. I know that these things are taking place and I need someone to look into them. I have gotten little to no response thus far and I must keep trying. I also know that there are other issues being researched or used in this area and I am in hopes that one of you can look into these things further.

If my suspicions are correct, some of these unacceptable and non-consensual experimentation/
demonstrations are in fact against several regulations and / or contrary to many or all
codes of ethical conduct pertaining to almost every governmental, industrial, medical, etc. community world wide.

Please Contact me if you wish to discuss this matter in further detail.

Thank you for your time,