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The World Needs More Revolutionaries like Rosa Parks!

Rosa Parks died today, leaving a powerful legacy behind.
i love the courage and efforts of people like Rosa Parks. i read that she died while taking a nap (the same way that my grandmother died, in sweet peace - i think that's how saints die). i'm adding a link to a previous article that i had written to commemorate her 89th birthday.

Ccourageous Reformist 25.Oct.2005 15:43

Not a Reformist

Rosa Parks was not a revolutionary. She was actually quite conservative. Thats why she was an effective figurehead for basic civil rights for African Americans.

Lucy Parsons was a revolutionary. Rosa Parks was a courageous, dedicated reformist.

"President Clinton awarded Park a Congressional Gold medal in 1999."

I always shudder at those kinds of statements. Its not the kind of company I would want to keep - George Washington (1st recipient), Cornelius Vanderbilt, Major General Zachary Taylor, Major General Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Walt Disney, Colin Powell, Gerald Ford, Billy Grahamm Tony Blair, Winston Churchill and Pope John Paul II. Not to say their weren't good people who have received it. Its an award presented by the ruling elite to the chosen few who they want to venerate.

The Congressional Gold Medal is just the kind of authoritarian mumbo-jumbo that the original version of "The Wizard of Oz" was lampooning.

We're stuck in a 50's & 60's civil rights era time warp 25.Oct.2005 18:37


I've always admired Rosa Parks. However, like nearly all prominent 'leaders" of that era, she was used by the democrats to keep the black herd within the party, without their interests being represented.

Decades later, we can thank the democratic party for three strikes laws, racist crack cocaine laws, welfare to work, expansion of death penalty crimes & quicker execution dates, the elimination manufacturing jobs that blacks relied on for decent wages & this list goes on & on.

And Je$$e Jackson & the shuffling & grinning black politicians will make sure this trend continues by not making demands from the democratic party.