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Dr. Len Horowitz Debunks Avian Flu Hysteria Campaign

Political Reality Versus Mass-Mediated Myths
Avian Flu for Profit
Why Asia?
Moloch wont get infected!
Moloch wont get infected!
Dr. Len Horowitz Debunks Avian Flu Hysteria Campaign

Leonard G. Horowitz | October 11, 2005

Political Reality Versus Mass-Mediated Myths
Avian Flu for Profit
Why Asia?
The "Big One"

If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry officials, curious immunity of these pharmaceutical entities over the past century to law enforcement and mainstream media scrutiny, and published official depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions advanced herein, the public is forewarned against this physician assisted mass murder best termed "iatrogenocide."* This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives.

In April, 2003, a social experiment called SARS, said to have arrived from Asia, heavily struck Toronto. I was there throughout most of this Asian flu-foreshadowing fright. This bizarre new pneumonia-like illness was named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It was said to be the latest threat in an ongoing series of attacks on humanity by mysteriously mutating "supergerms."

A careful study of the scientific and medical-sociological correlates and antecedents of this "outbreak" revealed something amiss far more insidious than SARS. I critically considered Toronto's media reaction as any Harvard-trained public health expert in media persuasion behavioral science might. The scourge had all the earmarks of a novel social experiment conducted by white-collar bioterrorist.

It seemed clear to me that this unprecedented population manipulation effectively indoctrinated the mass mind in support of a grossly ineffective, albeit legislated, public health response in advance of the arrival of "the Big One." Throughout the "SARS Scam,"(1) repeated references were made to biological agents that might facilitate decimation of approximately a third to half of the world's population. Having extensively reviewed political population control literature and contemporary objectives of leading global industrialists, I noted these predictions were in close keeping with current official population reduction objectives.(2)

Canada's response to SARS in 2003 was, for the first time in history, directed by the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO). Having reviewed the intimate financial and administrative ties between these organizations, the Rockefeller family, Carnegie Foundation, and the world's leading drug makers, "the fox," in essence, reigned over Canada's "chickens."

The truth about plagues includes the fact that "no grand pandemic ever evolved divorced from major socio-political upheaval." SARS advanced a political agenda more than a public health emergency. If public health officials earnestly intended to prevent these new emerging diseases, or successfully treat them at their roots, I repeated, they would study their obvious origins from the merged military-medical-biotechnology arena. A basic course in medical sociology simply justifies this utilitarian counsel.
"Experts" had been predicting the arrival of a super-plague for decades.

What was HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS about the mysterious and terrifying arrival of SARS, however, was its timing. It synchronously arrived with the global war on terrorism, and the Anglo-American war with Iraq. It seemed a convenient distraction from the fact that the earlier Bush administration had shipped Saddam Hussein most of his deadly biological weapons arsenal including anthrax and West Nile Virus. SARS was pathognomonic (i.e., symptomatic and characteristic) of what I had predicted and explained in the book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001;  http://www.healthyworlddistributing.com/), a prophetically-titled text that predated the 9-11 attacks on America by several months, and provided a contextual analysis of certain globalists' links to recent "outbreaks."

In essence, I provided insight into the broad application of a new form of institutionalized "bioterrorism" consistent with state sponsored biological warfare. Saddam Hussein was said to have exposed populations in his and adjacent lands with biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

SARS and the current avian flu fright is sanctioned by military-medical-pharmaceutical-petrochemical industrialists likewise operating above the law in many documented instances. Having testified before the U.S. Congress, I personally experienced how premiere pharmaceutical industrialists direct our political-economic representatives in government. Emerging diseases complement the political "War on Terrorism," and our bioterror-influenced culture. This agenda serves two primary objectives: profitability and population-reduction.

Political Reality Versus Mass-Mediated Myths
The ever increasing madness around us is eerily consistent with globalist think tank recommendations for the current "conflicts short of war." Beginning in the late 1960s, "economic substitutes for standard militarization" were sought and found by leading global industrialists. New biological threats, the "war on terrorism," and increasing numbers of "natural disasters" including space-based threats and superstorms were considered economically and politically expedient compared with the first and second world wars. These "conflicts short of war" were decidedly more manageable and economically viable. For this reason, especially their profitability, they were leading options among Anglo-American policy makers.

Nelson Rockefeller's protégé, Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, oversaw foreign policy while considering Third World population reduction "necessities" for the U.S., Britain, Germany, and other allies. This Bush nominee to direct the 9-11 conspiracy investigation, a reputed war criminal, then selected the option to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) develop biological weapons, according to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975. Among these new man-made biological weapons were germs far deadlier than the avian flu.

US imperialists exploit any & all REAL eco disasters 21.Oct.2005 14:17

luna moth

Some ideas in the above article may need some further exploration. Any real environmental disaster can be used by the government or corporations to their advantage. An obvious example is Hurricane Katrina resulted in near martial law state in New Orleans with FEMA and Blackwater mercenaries roaming the streets shooting at residents suspected of looting. No remarkable coincidence that the Bush regime wants to declare martial law and mandatory military enforced quarantines following an outbreak of avian flu. The response of the Bush regime to any ecological disaster is military jackboots roaming the streets with guns loaded..

This DOES NOT mean that hurricanes are imaginary hoaxes or unreal events created or enhanced by the US government (though global warming hurricane storm surge is the responsibility of petroleum corporations), nor does it mean that avian flu virus is an imaginary hoax created by the military-industrial complex (more likely a result of factory farms, see below). No doubt the same military-industrial complex will use the real threat of avian flu outbreaks to profit from selling pharmaceutical products at high prices..

Why i believe avian flu is real, not just a scare tactic (even though the corporate media loves to scare people);

Many new viruses (or prions, BSE, Mad Cow, etc..) emerged from the environment of corporate factory farms crowding poultry together and simultaneously overdosing them on antibiotics to survive the high rates of disease transmission from overcrowding in unsanitary conditions..

West Nile virus transmitted by mosquitos could be a natural evolution of viruses OR an overabundance of mosquitos resulting from die-offs of their natural predators, dragonflies and frogs. Bioaccumulation of pesticides affect the higher rung of the food chain most severe, usually beneficial insects that help keep mosquito populations in check..

Avian flu is a no-brainer to people in the animal rights movement. Crown a bunch of chickens together in unsanitary cages and then overdose them on antibiotics, the outcome is an evolved flu virus that is now resistant to antibiotics. Since humans ingest the same antibiotics by eating the overdosed chickens, the effectiveness of antibiotics in humans wears off over prolonged use..

As Malcolm X once said, "the chickens are coming home to roost." Well, in this case it could be taken literally. Despite the corporate media spin blaming the avian flu on migratory waterfowl and/or small backyard poulty growers, we are aware that the real culprits are the factory farm corporations that create the conditions for antibiotic resistant flu viruses..

Here's an article that talks about the health risks of factory farms;

"Avian flu: blame factory farming, says report
Posted: 29 Sep 2005

Since the latest outbreak of avian flu began in Southeast Asia in 2003, public health officials and the media have referred to the threat as a "natural" disaster. However, avian flu, mad cow disease, and other emerging diseases that can jump from animals to humans are symptoms of the spread of factory farming, according to a new report from the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute.

Factory farms are breaking the cycle between small farmers, their animals, and the environment, causing damage to human health and local communities, says Worldwatch Researcher, Danielle Nierenberg in the report entitled Happier Meals: Rethinking the Global Meat Industry. She says this dangerous fallout requires a new approach to the way animals are raised."

""Factory farms were designed to bring animals to market as quickly and cheaply as possible. Yet they invite a host of environmental, animal welfare, and public health problems," says Nierenberg.

Among the leading concerns cited in the report are:

Crowded, inhumane, and unhygienic conditions on factory farms can sicken farm animals and create the perfect environment for the spread of diseases, including avian flu, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or mad cow disease), and foot-and-mouth disease."



Am not going to speculate on the author's diet preference or whether they believe that factory farming is without risks. However, dismissing avian flu as simply a military created hoax is not safe journalism. The US military industrial complex does indeed experiment with dangerous viruses and increase their potential for destruction, yet that does not negate that factory farming practices also contribute their share of lethal viruses into the global community..

If u must eat meat, please consider the following options for your and others health;

Advocate wetlands restoration and regulated harvest of migratory waterfowl and ungulates (hooved herbivores, deer, elk, antelope, etc.). The more natural habitat restored, the more wildlife will be able to recover. You've got to give some to get some!!

Raise your own poultry, goats, etc. near your home and/or get to know local backyard farmers who raise thier animals with love and compassion. don't be afraid to ask and witness the conditions their animals live under! You are what u eat!!

That being said, please boicott any and all fast food franchises and/or other meat providers who get their animals from factory farms..

Never too late to..

Quit! Go vegan!

Speaking of no-brainers... 21.Oct.2005 14:58

Mr. Groovy

"Avian flu is a no-brainer to people in the animal rights movement. Crown a bunch of chickens together in unsanitary cages and then overdose them on antibiotics, the outcome is an evolved flu virus that is now resistant to antibiotics. Since humans ingest the same antibiotics by eating the overdosed chickens, the effectiveness of antibiotics in humans wears off over prolonged use.."

Completely overlooking the fact that influenza is caused by a *virus*, against which antibiotics are useless in the first place. Bad use of antibiotics can result in drug-resistant strains of bacteria (TB, for example), but has nothing to do with reducing resistance to viruses. They're different animals.

antibiotics, antivirals and the weakened immune system 21.Oct.2005 16:36

luna moth

Thank u Mr. Groovy for reminding me to be more specific about antibiotics and antivirals in factory farms. Antibiotics overuse results in resistant strains of bacteria while overuse of antiviral drugs like amantadine results in resistant strains of viruses (like avian flu?). Sort of like distinguishing between petrochemically concocted pesticides, fungicides and herbicides (all "-cides", or killers of life), we need a general category for antivirals, antibiotics, antifungals and other pharma products used excessively in factory farms. Often times to make for easier reading all the "-cides" are described as pesticides and all the "antis-" are described as antibiotics. Either way the effects of evolved microbial resistance is similar in both antibiotics and antivirals..

"Resistance is a well-understood phenomenon. Not all bacteria are affected equally by antibiotics -- some bacteria are genetically able to resist the killing effects of an antibiotic. As a result, when a group of bacteria is dosed with an antibiotic, some hardy bacteria survive. These resistant bacteria reproduce and the next time they are dosed with the same antibiotic, a hardy few survive again. Eventually, the only surviving bacteria are immune to that particular antibiotic. They have developed "resistance," and that antibiotic has lost its effectiveness against those bacteria. As time passes, some bacteria can develop resistance to multiple antibiotics and these are referred to as "multi-drug-resistant strains." Such multi-drug-resistant bacteria are a serious medical concern because they may cause diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure, the Institute of Medicine said in 1992.[2,pg.92]"


"Use of antiviral drug in poultry is blamed for drug resistant strains of avian flu
Hong Kong Jane Parry

China's Ministry of Agriculture has denied accusations that it approved the use of the human antiviral drug amantadine as a preventive measure against avian influenza in poultry. Its widespread use by Chinese farmers is now being blamed for producing strains of avian flu that are resistant to the drug. A report by the Washington Post (18 June, p A01) said that Chinese farmers had been using amantadine since the late 1990s and that it was a practice that was encouraged by government officials."




The point is that overuse of antibiotics and antivirals in poultry factory farms results in several outcomes;
The development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.
The development of antiviral resistant strains of virus.
The weakening of both the human and bird's immune system from dependency on antibiotics.

"All drugs designed to fight pathogens have a common problem: over the long run, the pathogens evolve to acquire resistance to the drugs. This means that no antiviral will ever be a permanent solution. In fact, the structure of an antiviral compound will have to be tweaked as its target pathogen changes."


Again we need to examine the effects of overcrowded unsanitary conditions on the immune system of poultry..

"The vast majority of chickens raised for meat (known as broilers) are confined in intensive conditions that compromise their health and well being. Low-level (subtherapeutic) dosages of antibiotics are routinely fed to these birds to speed their growth and compensate for the unsanitary, crowded, and stressful conditions in which they are kept."

"Finally, the stresses that broiler chickens endure have a negative impact on their immune system. Research suggests that selection for high growth rate also results in reduced immune function. Together, these facts illustrate why broiler producers have become so dependent on antibiotic use."

 link to www.hsus.org

Lower functioning immune systems from overuse of antibiotics results in greater vulnerability and transmission of disease in poulty and humans..

gotta' 21.Oct.2005 21:38


with the folks who are saying that avian flu (at least) is the result of existential circumstances. this particular pandemic does not appear to be the product of any military-industrial conspiracy, but rather the logical outcome of over-population leading to the loss of natural habitat, the proliferation of industrialized farming techniques, and the over-use of anti-virals for short-term profit.

that is not to say, however, that the overlords will not jump on this opportunity to further their profits, positions, and powers, if they can.

so, we should continue to bear in mind that the avian flu virus has not evolved the capability to jump from human-to-human; and, in the absence of that kind of transmission (which may never develope), this outbreak should not worry us unduly, nor give the state cause to suspend the standards of civil society.

all Vs. A 24.Oct.2005 01:21

Already Published

I'd like to know what sort of "doctor" the author is.

1) Amantadine is only effective against a subset of influenza A, and would have no effect on any other varieties of the virus.

2) THEREFORE, Chinese abuse of amantadine COULD NOT POSSIBLY produce resistance to the NEW anti-influenza virals, since these strains (HN) were ALREADY RESISTANT TO AMANTADINE.

3) the Australian invention - the neuraminidase inhibitor (relenza) - stolen by the US, and tweaked badly for intellectual property reasons (tamiflu)-- WILL WORK ON ALL INFLUENZA VIRUSES. The drug was invented on the basis of a UNIVERSAL WEAKNESS that is a CRITICAL MECHANISM used by all influenza variants to invade cells, and thus reproduce. (a virus needs to subvert the reproductive machinery of another organism for duplication - viruses don't reproduce - animals and plants do the work).

4) the relationship between intensive farming and influenza is the only thing "luna moth" got right - it's a theory supported by much evidence. The cycle requires pigs and poultry and people in close proximity. Better farming habits (seperation zones for poultry and porcines) would dramatically reduce the rate of transmission and mutation of new varieties.

5) - what my taxes paid for:
Relenza - the WORLD'S FIRST effective treatment for ALL strains of influenza

Solving the structure of a 'flu virus surface protein led to the development of the world's first anti-viral 'flu drug EFFECTIVE AGAINST ALL strains of 'flu.

Bird Flu: A Sign Of the Times. The F.E.D.s Give us the Finger! Again! 07.May.2006 17:21

Rich Sheridan, A Candidate For Mayor of Dallas bronxrich22@yahoo.com

Bird Flu: A Sign of the Times

Presented By Candidate For Mayor Rich Sheridan to the
Dallas County Commissioners Court

April 25, 2006

Today, there is a national bird epidemic, a bird plague with millions of people, drivers giving each other the bird on the road because many believe they deserve more than their fellow man, that they are better than their fellowman. They are saying "get out of the way, you don't matter." They've got their fancy cars, McMansions, and titles on their business cards. Or maybe they've just got that place to go to "get off". "Get out of the way!" The Greenville Ave. Bar and Grill, a local Dallas institution established in 1937 to serve the local community, just shut down because the New Wave of McMansion residents aren't that "Low Down" to be customers, and let's speak the truth here.

Then there's the Bird Flu, as in a possible viral pandemic, that we've been hearing a lot about lately that may wipe out millions of Americans. Or will it?

Is this, is Bird Flu just another Federal Government "The Sky is Falling" fear tactic? Is this just another Federal Government "terrorist" message to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies, and keep us so stressed out, so fearful, so depleted of energy and money that we can't fight them?

Here's some interesting information. Who use to be chairman of Gilead Sciences, the pharmecutical company that invented the bird flu drug Tamiflu? The answer: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It's enough to get you thinking there's some kind of conspiracy happening, and inevitably that's what some people, now more and more people are thinking. Another coincidence, more evidence, is the fact that both President George W. Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney have made much of their fortunes in the oil business. HELLO! Look at the price of oil. Are we at war over oil?

Here's what two experts have to say about the "pending" Bird Flu epidemic:

16 Year Veteran Texan U.S. Congressman, and Medical Doctor Ron Paul. "The next "national emergency" -- possibly a flu pandemic -- could be democracy's last hurrah. Bush is already boasting of using the military to "quarantine" those affected. And it won't be in our homes -- this isn't the measles with the school nurse tacking a "quarantined" sign on our front doors. Last year, Bush authorized preliminary studies for the rapid construction of a National Detention Center Program, complete with a series of detention centers, to be added to the existing 600 units now in place. Also, The Department of Homeland Security is consulting with an Israeli company, Israeli Prison Systems, Ltd., for the expedited construction of modular internment camps to be located in rural areas throughout the continental US and Alaska. 1-800 766-7285 For Rep. Paul's Office.

Well known writer and public health authority Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (I have in the past provided this court with information from Dr. Horowitz): "If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more. www.tetrahedron.org Horowitz' website

Perhaps this Bird flu is just our federal Government giving us the bird, giving us the finger, again!

To me and many others, our county and city are the last places of refuge from an increasingly intrusive, from an increasingly destructive federal government. I pray our County truly keeps its citizens apprised and protected from both the lies and reality of any bird flu pandemic.

God Bless Judge Keliher, and our County Commissioners for the work you do for we the people.

Thank you.

Rich Sheridan


"Best" Protection from Bird Flu 07.May.2006 17:31

Rich Sheridan bronxrich22@yahoo.com

1. Don't take what the F.E.D.s want us to
2. Take colloidal silver, food grade hydrogen peroxide (in a juice or water), and a multi-vitamin daily, or increase the dosages if you have symptoms.
3. Stay positive, vigilant, and loving.

Hey, there are other things, non-prescription things to take. This is just my "two cents" on the matter. I've heard Oil of Oregano is good. Anyone else want to contribute with what they take?

Rich Sheridan
A Candidate for mayor of dallas
"I'm Not 'Kinky', But Some call Me Crazy"