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Kaady Grand Jury; No Decision Yet

As Fouad Kaady's parents stood their vigil in front of the court house, word came from the office of the D.A. that a decision would not be made today.
We arrived at the court house a little after 8:30 and began another day of vigil for Fouad Kaady. His family brought back the signs we have been carrying all week, and fliers were again passed out. Den Mark with his "Justice" flag arrived from Vancouver once again and Juan Rubio, who lost his son Carlos, returned for his third day with the vigil. He wonders, "If this can happen in broad daylight, what can happen under the cover of darkness." That is a good question.

After learning that no decision would be forthcoming today, we decided to leave, but we will be back in Oregon City early tomorrow and hope to see some of you there as well.
Kaady family 20.Oct.2005 13:36

Red Tree

When reporting on today's events, I neglected to mention that many other members of the Kaady family were arriving as we left. His two sisters, Andrea and Vania were there as well as cousins and friends. By now, I am sure that there are more out there handing out fliers and answering questions. There is still much to be done.

One more time, please! 20.Oct.2005 18:55

lew Nassa

O.K., I know that it seems to be a long time, but that is good. Come on down and enjoy the comraderie, and support this very fine family. Your efforts ARE paying off. MAYBE we will get a hearing.

Thanks for keeping the buzz going 20.Oct.2005 19:00


Hey folks, come on down! We can use all the support that we can get. It is not confrontational at all, as is evidenced by the above, which was the closest that we came to actual confrontation. We are all in it together. Could be your son, your cousin, your brother. You cannot believe how bad it is getting, with people being killed for no other reason than the cops don't like them, or worse, are totally indifferent to human pain and suffering. Get out here, get out here now!
Those who do not exercise their rights have no right to bitch when their rights are gone, and they are leaving at a very fast rate. Get off your butts!
Don't tell me it's too cold, or raining, or what, poor Fouad's father and mother have been standing out in the cold all day long, all week long, and the most that they can hope for is that at least there will be some accountability, maybe. They will never have their adored son back.