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Fouad Kaady, Grand Jury now extended for two more days.

We still need support.
The Clackamas County Grand Jury has been extended for two days; we have been able to allow many more witnesses in to testify. Yesterday when Rasheed (Fouad's father) testified, EVERY jury was weeping from his pain. We cannot let up now, we need support. Please come down!
Grand Jury 19.Oct.2005 14:50


The two day extension was reported at independent media FIRST! I have had it with Corp. Media (OPB and NPR are cool). If people want to know whats happening fisrt, they better check here.

good job zaki 20.Oct.2005 02:01

long time reader

I've been following this since your first post and you've done an excellent job by keeping people informed and getting people motivated to get involved and report things themselves. By doing so you've utilized indymedia as so many have by getting good first person reporting and putting the corporate media in a tough spot they're in a lot these days: follow the indymedia coverage and risk people realizing they're being led around by those who tell their own stories or try to ignore the story and risk losing viewers/readers/listeners to other mediums (like this site) that cannot ignore any story so long as people are motivated to cover it. Either way the corporate media loses and the people win. Justice for your family is in my prayers.