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Fouad Kaady Help still needed!

As many as can afford the time to come to 8th and Main in Oregon City (don't forget to plug the meters!) your help will be appreciated, and I can guarantee that you will receive more than you give. Come on Donw!
The family is still standing in vigil. Let's all join them, and feel their great strength.
Definitely 19.Oct.2005 13:10

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was there again this morning & urge people to join this stand. Please do not tire of the cause. It is exactly as important today as it has been every day & will be exactly as important tomorrow. A popular protest phrase is "We will NOT go away!" Okay, Portland, come down & prove it.

one more day, hopefully 19.Oct.2005 17:44

lew nassa

Thanks for being there this morning, Den Mark, Sorry We missed you. We did not arrive until this afternoon. Looks like we will be needed one more day.