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We have had to most amazing response to our call for Artists to help us defend our National Forests. The songwriters, musicians, and artists have really come through for us. What a fantastic group of folks. Here are some of the artist's contributions to our ART AUCTION to take place this Saturday, Oct22nd Songwriters in the Round Forest Defense Benefit in Ashland at the Community Center across from Lithia Park.
In addition to great original music, phenominal desserts, and fine wine, we have some amazing works of art for you to bid on and take home.

Harriet Rex Smith is not only a well-known Ashland artist; she is one of our own beloved Sisters of the Siskiyou. Many of you have seen Harriet's floras, and more recently her nebula and galactic works. Harriet has been so kind as to contribute a large giclee print of her most recent work, one inspired by activism. I like to call it, "What's Real Here Anyway?" or just plain "Reality". When you view this work you will notice how the capital is small and insignificant relative to universe. If you have not collected any of Harriet's work, now is the time. If you have already acquired some of Harriet's artwork, this would be a fine addition to your collection.

Barbara Burnett: I found Barbara Burnett's work in the Masterstouch Gallery in Grants Pass. I was very pleased. Barbara donated a large print of one of her watercolors. It is rare to see watercolor floras with such control and definition. I simply love her work. This watercolor would look phenomenal with a light formal décor, or in a bright sun filled room. It is a work that will not overwhelm a quiet room, yet still draws in the viewer. Yielding a sense of calm and peace, this would be great in a room where one does a lot of writing or thinking.

Cere Lyda is one of our own local glass artists creating wonderful panels, lamps, and sculpts, as well as classic works such as this vibrant, piece called "ART NOUVEAU IRIS". I have enjoyed having this work hanging in my window the last week; it is hard to take it down. It will be missed.

Heidi Keller inspired by Northwest Coast Native American Art creates wonderful Kigari Designs, and paddles. Heidi paintings are bold and powerful, and her paddles such as the one she donated are a must have for anyone with a sporty, rustic, or native décor. Can I bid?

Ed Chance renowned wildlife artist Ed Chance has bestowed upon us two extremely rare early works; the first piece Winter Patrol shows the grace and control that have become hallmarks of his more recent works. Mr. Chance not only shows us the beautiful animal in its natural surrounding he gives us a rare glimpse into the feelings of these lovely creatures, helping us to better understand the rich complicated mind of the great wolves. For the collector in all of us, these limited edition lithograph prints can no longer be purchased, but Ed has brought them out just for us. In this superb gentle piece, entitled "Still Life" Mr. Chance, gives us a moment in the forest that most of us will never see. Ed stands us just feet from a spotted doe quietly sleeping in a hidden nook. Ed's realism and attention to detail yields a truly remarkable work.

Jeff Gouge is an amazing artist who just happens to use skin as one of his canvases. I have never seen a tattoo the likes of what Jeff creates. His work is so good that it takes many a while to realize this is a photo of a tattoo. In addition to the four registered prints, Jeff has been so generous to donate an hour of tattoo work. Think of it, you can bid on the tattoo, bid on a print, and have a Gouge on your wall and body. Realism does not get any better than this. If you are familiar with Jeff's work you; I know I will see you at the auction. If you are not familiar with Jeff's work, well you need to come and check out Jeff's work if you are to keep your standing as a coinsurer of Oregon art.

Becky Vaughn is our youngest contributor. Only 17 years it is obvious this young woman is going places. Becky's art is not only something you will enjoy immensely but also a good investment. She has contributed an original work painted just for us. Again for those of you who pride yourselves on knowing and collecting Oregon art Becky's viewing work is a command performance.

I cannot list them all here, but the list goes on to include over 30 pieces of artwork. We have a bit of a Buzz now, but after folks hear the music we have planned and see the art, the buzz will become a roar. Problem is we need money for the struggle, so don't wait until you are sorry that you did not make it, get up off your duff and come to this event. Enjoy the music, fine food, and amazing art. SEE YA THERE!!!!

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