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License to Murder

License to murder
Do you people realize, that if these officers in Clackamas County are not in indicted, then the police truly have a license to kill? If they can get away with Fouad, who was a model citizen, injured and burned (he had to be identified by his feet), then they can kill anyone! If you DO have a drug problem, or mental illness, or are of an ethnic race or anything, then you had better be careful. We have done everything possible to bring these cops to justice, if they are cleared, then it is truly impossible to indict a police officer.

One question, I have narrowed this down to one question.

Why has, and still is, the DA in Clackamas County been representing the persons who are facing these crimes?
DA 19.Oct.2005 08:52

Lew Nassa

Zaki, your pain is felt by most of us. Living in this area, having been through the Kendra James, Mejia Poot, and other police murders, we understand also your frustration.

Now, to your question: The District Attorney is, constitutionally, the top LAW ENFORCEMENT officer in the county. That makes him or her one of THEM. He is a cop, the top cop, and he therefore will move the earth and the sky to protect a brother officer. The bad thing is that so few people understand this, and therefore expect that the DA will do what is right, just as we expected that the Supreme Court would do right, until 2000.

Seldom does the grand jury override the DA's manipulation of the facts and the evidence. We can only pray that this will be one of those rare times, and the DA will then be duty bound to prosecute, although even then the deck is stacked.

Rest assured that with the buzz that You have brought about upon this site, and the (at last) attention the corporate media has paid, have convicted them already, and your wonderful cousin is avenged in heart, if not in fact. We will continue to pray, hope, and fight for justice.

Your wonderful family have show marvelous restraint, and fortitude, and most of all love. Be proud, and strong in your family, and do not expect justice from the thing that democracy has evolved into.

Yes 19.Oct.2005 09:16

Den Mark, Vancouver

Excellent response. I for one do not expect Justice from the "grand" jury or d.a. I want to be wrong about that. Yet, whichever way it goes, i know that Fouad's death was wrongful. I have decided that, & the d.a. & "grand" jury cannot dissuade me, because i know enuf to know that the death was wrongful. The system we live under is broken & corrupt, so it cannot be a standard for us to measure ourselves up to, or comply with. I thank Fouad's beautiful family & friends for being the standard that i can respect & love.

But... 19.Oct.2005 15:05


Thank you for your answer Lew, does not something seem amiss here?

yes Zaki, very amiss 19.Oct.2005 17:42


Yes, there is much amiss in our system. When the cops feel it is necessary for them to come onto a site like this and try and obfuscate the facts.
When winterpig says that he was a member of a grand jury, then goes on to talk of it being a jury of peers, I know that he lies, because the grand jury is made up of select citizens, of the highest order, and certainly not winter's peers, not even my peers.
Anyway, enjoyed the day with your relatives again today, will be there again tomorrow.

I think we made the piont 19.Oct.2005 20:46


there seemed to be some kind of intervention on this thread, probably a good idea, but I felt like I at least rebuked him good.