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Venezuela Solidarity Day

Bolivarian Revolution

We Need Your Help to Make This A Successful Event for Real

To participate or get more information, send an email to:

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC) is calling
for a National Venezuela Solidarity Day for Friday,
December 2, 2005, the anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine. It
is time for people in the United States to come together and
demand an end to centuries of interference in the hemisphere!

SPONSORS INCLUDE: ActionLA, Alliance for Global Justice,
Bolivarian Circles-Boston, Committee in Solidarity with the
People of El Salvador, Ecumenical Program in Central America
and the Caribbean, Global Exchange, Hands Off Venezuela Campaign,
Interconnect, Marin Interfaith Task Force, Mexico Solidarity
Network, Pan African Roots, Puerto Rican Nationalist Youth,
Quixote Center, School of the Americas Watch, Turnwind.

We are asking communities and individuals to participate
in a call-in/email campaign to Congress, and to organize
local events in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and
against US interference there, throughout Latin America, and
around the world. Our message to Congress is:

*: Stop interfering in Venezuela's elections and sovereign
*: Stop NED/USAID funding of the undemocratic opposition!
*: No more US sponsored coup attempts against elected
governments in Venezuela and Latin America!

The U.S. Empire is increasingly losing its grip over Latin
America as social movements throughout the
hemisphere are rejecting neo-liberal policies and U.S.
military intervention. Venezuela is on the forefront of
change as the country moves towards a participatory democracy
by redistributing power, wealth and
resources and enhancing participation of civil society
on every level.
The majority of Venezuela's voters have shown their
support for the Bolivarian movement by three times
affirming the Presidency of Hugo Chavez, electing a
Bolivarian majority in the National Assembly, and
approving a new constitution. In turn, the US/corporate power
structure and the Bush administration have supported repeated
attempts to bring down democracy
in Venezuela, including a failed military coup against
Chavez led by graduates of the notorious School of the Americas
(SOA). Much of the interference in Venezuela's democratic
processes has been through the National Endowment for Democracy
and USAID. These organizations funded groups behind both the
coup and the illegal work stoppages and lockouts
designed to cripple the economy, and also funded the
unsuccesful effort to recall Chavez. So far the powers
of shamocracy have been unable to overcome the real democracy
and steadfastness of the Venezuelan people.
Through institutions like the SOA, the NED, and USAID,
the US is undermining democratic movements all over
Latin America and the Caribbean.. NED/USAID leaders work with
anti-Cuban terrorists, and the International Republican
Institute, an NED core group, facilitated the
coup against Haiti's elected government. The SOA has trained
some of the world's worst human rights abusers.
In the United States, such meddling by a foreign government
would be considered an act of aggression,
and US citizens accepting such support would be
arrested for treason.
The same business and political leaders who are
attacking democratic choices in Venezuela and around
the world are also attacking our rights as voters and
citizens right here in the United States. The struggle
for democracy is an international struggle.