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Anyone see Frontline tonight?

Forgive my plug for the semi-corporate PBS, but tonights episode, "The Torture Question" was actually informative and disturbing.
This program goes into detail how it was not just an isolated few idiots responsible for the torture at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. The system of torture, sexually humiliation and sadism was authorized from high up. Though this is old news to most of us, seeing pictures and people speaking out about it makes it more real. The show is supposed to be rebroadcast online at noon EST tomorrow.
yep catching it now 18.Oct.2005 19:44

uglf_media/B4 collective

yeah the dirt is way thick but we have always known this.....

Yeah, that was worth seeing 18.Oct.2005 23:48


I think it was getting close to the truth. That aspect of it gave me a hopeful feeling, but of course the subject matter made me ashamed to be an American.

How much longer...? 19.Oct.2005 11:47


Yea, the Frontline report was excellent as usual. That is the type of investigative reporting that's no longer done by the US media.

I wonder how much longer PBS will be able to get away with it now that the Bush Thugs control the PBS board and corrupt congress controls the purse strings. Mark my words that the PBS budget will be cut (its been tried) this time under the auspices of the recent budget deficit.

more propaganda 19.Oct.2005 20:38

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

It was nothing that wasn't already well known anyway. Gosh, it was so heartwarming at the end when McCain and Congress were portrayed as the heros setting the world right again. Thank God we have swell dudes like this in Congress. Gag, puke. Don't forget that these are the assholes that started this war.