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Help create weekly "4 Against War" and "5 Against GOP Lies" MINI-PROTESTS everywhere

Take to the streets in groups of 4 or 5 to show those with the blinders on that they have so much to lose if they don't join us in upending the Republican assault on our rights, liberties, jobs, wages, ecology and so much more.
Here's a unique idea to spread out to the disgruntled masses: put small groups of protesters out in towns and cities every week to make the tide of change tangible to those not yet embracing our causes.

Here's the plan to hasten the toppling of HUMPTY W

Millions across the country are ready to protest. Here's a way to give them a tip on when, where, and how. And despite all the different possible agendas, we all want the same things: OUR SOLDIERS OUT OF IRAQ and EXPOSING THE BUSH/GOP LIES that are leading this country downhill so quickly. Let's make that message cohesive and decisive. promoting uniformity of voice regardless of the specifics each group raises.

Unite all the Voices of Change
Make the best use of our numbers with WEEKLY


4 Against War

ON FRIDAYS WE WILL GATHER in groups of 5 as
5 Against GOP Lies

HOW WE GATHER: Rather than have 100 people all shouting and waving their signs at a specific street corner, why not have small groups of 4 people on 25 street corners throughout town? If 100 cars pass by each every hour, that's 7500 pairs of eyes that get our message in three hours.

Protests should be from afternoon commute hours to early evening. Every group MUST have a sign 30 inches high by 40 inches wide (or thereabouts) with either "4 Against War" or "5 Against GOP Lies" on it displayed in front of the group's legs. Cut hand holes to hold it from the top (and perhaps wear gloves too). Other signs will be held above the group.

WHERE TO GO in your area: The places to have the most impact are of course the main arteries onto bridges and freeways, where traffic is thick and slow. Protest groups should go to the points closest to these bridges and onramps with SUBSEQUENT PROTEST GROUPS finding spots back "upstream" five to ten blocks. Reverse that mode for suburban off-ramps.

WHEN: Wednesdays to protest the war and Fridays to protest Bush & the sinister dealings of the GOP.

UNIFORMITY IS THE KEY to keeping the message consistent

Get ALL THE DETAILS at  http://www.impeachbush.tv/miniprotests

I've posted a thoroughly detailed description of these protests, how to hook up with others, and how to preserve the integrity of the message at the above url. Please check it out when you can.

We need to get it in the mindset of Democrats that we WILL WIN BACK THE HOUSE AND SENATE and then all those Republicans that strictly voted on party lines will be hung out to dry by their refusal to listen to their constituents.

They should be known as FTR's, or FINAL TERM REPUBLICANS.

Their blind allegiance will insure the ends of their political careers when their terms run out because THEY WILL BE SINGLED OUT AS THE CAUSE OF THE WORST POLITICAL DEBACLE IN US HISTORY.


But let's get on this and get visible BEFORE THE SECOND SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENT GOES TO THE VOTE. We have to show the world we can't stand for blind cronyism any longer.

Find your message. Make a sign. Make a stand. Do it weekly.

Good luck to us all,

(for the sake of security)
Improbable Todd

Not affiliated with the Democratic Party, or any other entity (as yet). This is a complete grassroots campaign.

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeachbush.tv/miniprotests

what about democrat lies 18.Oct.2005 19:29

and other questions

(1) what are you going to do about rigged voting machines
(2) why do you think the democrats would be significantly better

Mini-Protests are excellent. 18.Oct.2005 21:48


I participated in one that occurred every Saturday for months in a high-foot-traffic area of a major city. I have some suggestions for you:

(1) Make it fun. Mocking government officials is entertaining and others will join you, on the spot, if you are funny enough.

(2) Buy a large package of poster-board (it's much cheaper when purchased in large quantities). Buy many colored markers (fat one's are better). Bring BLANK poster board with you and offer it to anyone who wishes to join you, encouraging them to make their own creative signs. People love doing this, especially when they didn't even plan on protesting.

(3) If you do this regularly, the police and the FBI will attempt to infiltrate your on-going mini-protest. Do not give into suggestions to do illegal things. Watch out for joiners who try to get you to join them in engaging in acts which would definitely provoke the interest of the Secret Service. Anyone trying to provoke you to join them in such acts is working for the government. (In our case, the agent provocateur brought an effigy of Bush, covered it's head in fake blood, and stomped it on the street, trying to get us to join in while government operatives photographed. We didn't fall for it).

(4) Since you will be infiltrated, do not share personal information with people who join you that you do not know. Don't tell anyone where you work or where you live. If someone keeps demanding an answer, lie to them.