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Pass The Collection Plate For Oregon City

Oregon City is so strapped for cash that we should take up a collection for the poor dears.
I attended the protest at Clackamas County Courthouse today again, where parking tickets were flying more numerous than leaves, because little Oregon City likes money so much more than people. I parked blocks away on the river side of McLoughlin in a free two-hour zone, because i had not enuf change for a meter, which gives only a half hour for each quarter. Just one other car was parked where i was, so spaces were obviously not in demand. When i went back to my car i had a ticket. It said that my tire was chalked at 9:15 & the ticket issued at 11:17. So the meter person was literally waiting to give me a ticket! Oregon City is THAT desperate for revenue. I had gotten to the car ten minutes later, to move it, & NO other car was parked in the area. I can afford $10 (tho others cannot) & left the ticket on the car, but when i went back to the protest i was told that OC gives MULTIPLE tickets for the same violation. So i stayed a while longer before heading back to the 'Couve for anti-recruitment action. Yes, true, i had overstayed my welcome in small Oregon City, but the pettiness of having a ticket person actually waiting for me to be a minute overtime grates on my sense of rational thinking. So i'm posting my disgust for wee Oregon City's pathetic sense of proportion. Let's pass the plate for tiny Oregon City, so it can pay its lurking ticket person, & buy more ticket paper, & chalk.

Sad but true 18.Oct.2005 18:57

Commie Serator

Sorry about that, Den Mark. You really did not deserve the cruddy service from the silly of O.C. They are really a hoot. Want a real laugh? If you had been subpoenad to court as a witness or a juror, you would be subject to the same ridiculous and cheap assed treatment. The twit in charge of parking is all boobs and no brains, and causes almost as much discomfort among her co workers and subordinates as she does to the general public. Cannot understand who she must be doing to survive.

Glad to see you there, though.

whoa 18.Oct.2005 19:06


A bit sexist, but maybe with reason. I don't know. I have often wondered what time warp knocked Oregon City out of the loop. Seems nothing changes there and the folks don't want to pay for anything. Take a look at their city hall or, worse yet, the library. It is very sad indeed. I guess they want the parkers to pay for everything from what Den Mark says.

Oregon City Coffers 18.Oct.2005 19:06


I got nailed in OR City last week while enroute to work with a new disabled client. The 15mph clocked that I was over the limit while hurredly changing lanes to catch McLaughlin was estimated to be worth over $230 and then I also got a whopping infraction for not having my insurance card in the car. Fairly, the officer told me that if I show up for the hearing and bring the card they will likely drop that charge. When I gathered myself to pull back into traffic after the encounter, I noticed that in less than 5 minutes, the officer was pulling over a truck going the other direction! They have obviously beefed up staff to augment the city budget bigtime! They also have some construction notices up, so they can nail you double for fines.

Corruption Breeds Corruption 18.Oct.2005 19:35

ex OCer

It is not Oregon City it is Clackamas County.
Clackamas County is one of the most corrupt counties around.
Next time park up on the hill for free and take the elevator down to the court house.

Ex OCer partially correct 18.Oct.2005 19:44


The county has taken a lot of liberties with the city, but the city has it's very own share of greed, avarice, and just plain incompetence. One of the commissioners can be regularly heard venting his total lack of brains on Lars (the moron) Larson, if you can stomach listening to the asshole long enough. Every now and again, a city management employee can also be heard venting his/her spleen on that very cerebral program.

Oh, and not intended to be sexist. It is a fact that is readilly apparent to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of dealing with the czarina of parking at the o.c.

Another Victim of CC 18.Oct.2005 20:02


And don't forget this is the same county that has been harassing and jailing Mike d for more than 2 years for trying to protect the forests.
Clack, just curious, is that Good Old Boy Sowa you are referring to?

Actually, not 18.Oct.2005 20:20


This guy would have to get a brain transplant from some really low level life form to rise to the level of Sowa.
The County, like most counties, lives in an isolated condition where the average person does not even recognize that they exist. They steal without limits, because no one knows who to blame. Sort of like Mult co, where baffling Bernie is able to rent his spare jail beds to Potter, because the county has a lot of clout, and no accountability, thus creating a need for Potter to come up with a need for Bernie's bed and breakfast, ergo, we get the curfew and extra "service" for our most defensless populace.

I got one too 18.Oct.2005 20:26


I was there on Monday, outside probably only 20 feet from my car. I plugged the meter constantly, and then I let down my guard for like 20 minutes, and BAM!

Just to Chime In . . . 19.Oct.2005 08:43

clack resident

Just to chime in (and I've been following the Kaady situation closely with my deepest sympathies), I have had extensive experience with CC and Sowa on animal issues. They are pathetic. Sowa is a disgrace. I'll spare you the details on this thread, but I want to confirm everything you are saying about CC and Sowa. I am no stranger to the OC courthouse and to the commissioners. Sowa is a cold-hearted creep and ignoramous, and maybe worse.

Ride teh Bus 19.Oct.2005 10:07


I often have teh occasion to go to OC on business and otehr stuff. I ride the bus. That will show OC that thay can take their tickets elsewhere. I have never got a ticket riding teh bus........;-) Im doing my part to keep a cleaner city. also as a business owner, i hate to see cars parked infront of my business all day taking up spaces for my customers, while the drivers of these cars forget about the imposession they put on others.

jsut my 0.02 worth

Yes, be careful of that. 19.Oct.2005 11:08


I got a ticket last time I was in OC too. I was there for Mike D's hearing. I was right back out to my car at EXACTLY the right time. I was very careful about that. But even so, I had a ticket. According to the officer who wrote the ticket, I received it at 11:15. However, when I returned to the car, it was only 11:10. I wrote to the city to tell them that, but of course received no response. I think something must be done, but of course there are other, much headier issues right now. I guess they count on that.

I do have to say, though, that whoever posted that first comment is thinking and talking in a very sexist manner.

No businesses to be affected 19.Oct.2005 18:55


Winterwolfe, I hate to burst your bubble, but there are no businesses that would locate in downtown o.c. because Clackamas County, and their freakin courthouse, as well as other county businesses, insist upon dominating the landscape, while not providing any provision for their "customers" to park. The majority of their "customers" come from the majority regions of Clackamas County that, unlike you city folks, are not served by buses, trains, or even decent bicycle trails. The business owners, by and large, have fled to more reasonable regions.

More OC pkg tkt 19.Oct.2005 23:33


Actually, the parking tickets do come from the city of OC - at least that's who I had to pay mine to. I got mine - get this - while I was being "helped" (LOL)by none other than Clack Cnty VICTIM'S ASSISTANCE! Isn't that rich? This was the day after my daughter was assaulted in our apt bldg and we had to flee out home and were newly homeless to boot! I thought that was rather nice of them....

Its not just Oregon City 21.Oct.2005 12:56


Its Metro too. I parked in the Sunset Transit Center parking garage, at 8:56AM on a weekday, in one of the empty "carpool" spots, which open to anyone at 9AM. I sat in my car for a minute getting stuff together, and then went to the train platform. When I got back in the afternoon, I had a $40 parking ticket that was written @ 8:58 AM! Saying I was parked during the carpool time. That jerk rentacop had to be there when I parked. But still...a ticket for 2 minutes early??? Please...

It's the same all over 23.Oct.2005 14:25

One World

Fri Oct 21,10:38 AM ET

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian authorities have apologized to the family of an elderly man who was given a parking ticket while he lay dead in his car in a suburban shopping center.


The 71-year-old man, known to be seriously ill, went missing nine days ago and his body was found in his car in a shopping mall car park in a Melbourne suburb, police said.

A parking ticket had been placed on the car the day before his body was found.

"It's just tragic. It must be just so sad for the family and we extend our sincere sympathies to them," local mayor Paul Denham told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Friday.

"The circumstances surrounding the location of this poor fellow must make it all the harder for the family. It is simply a case of the parking officer not noticing."

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051021/od_nm/australia_ticket_dc