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October Media Reform Educational Forum on October 18th - learn and take
Subject: Media Reform Educational Forum

October Media Reform Educational Forum on October 18th - learn and take

*Learn about current local hot topics such as community wireless and
municipal broadband initiatives.

*Understand more about the so-called "cell phone tax" and the industry
rhetoric against it.

*Discuss who is controlling the debate on local communications public
policy -- industry interests or public interests.

*Take action on federal legislation to pre-empt local control.

Join us for great speakers and discussion on Tuesday, October 18,
pm at Portland Community Media, 2766 NE MLK, just north of Knott and
the street from Billy Reeds.

For more information contact: Janice Thompson at
<mailto: jthompson@oregonfollowthemoney.org> jthompson@oregonfollowthemoney.org
or 503-283-1922.

If your organization has been involved in any of these local issues,
free to come and share your information and perspectives during the
discussion. We would welcome your contribution.

This is the October Media Reform Educational Forum brought to you by
volunteers with Oregon Alliance to Reform Media

Janice Thompson
Money in Politics Research Action Project, Executive Director
917 SW Oak St. #422
Portland, OR 97205
You MUST be the media 18.Oct.2005 04:32

Nova Albionian

I have been saying this for a long time.. if you want people to learn the truth in a time of media blackouts and suppression then take it to the streets literally .. here is what I suggest take some wheat paste and find the stories in alternative media (like this indy) and print out the story and paste in in places where you will have a captive audience like at bus stops, smoking areas, elevators, public toilets or any place people have to stop and wait .. for instance the news about the British false flag operation in Basra or DynCorp crimes or Blackwater deployment. Of course keep the story clear, simply, short and to the point as well as documented. Imagine every other corner or wall plastered with non corporate spin. The truth is out there only waiting to be told. Remember we are in the middle of class war and your duty as a member of the underground is to get the word out!