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Kaady Grand Jury Day

We spent the morning standing outside of the Clackamas County Courthouse
We got to the courthouse at 10 o'clock and stood with pictures of Fouad as people milled around going about their daily business. Once in awhile someone would stop to ask what we were doing there, and we spent time explaining the circumstances of Fouad's death. Channel 6 news was also there and a reporter fron NPR came later. Just as the Kaady family began to arrive, Channel 8 news also joined the group. A man carrying a flag which read "Justice", who was also at the demonstration in Sandy on Saturday stood on the corner across from the court house. I was a little sorry that so few of us who were not of the Kaady family showed up. Fouad's sisters do wonderful jobs of speaking for the family so we faded into the background as they arrived and came on home. I am attaching one picture of the event.
Stand With 17.Oct.2005 13:53

Den Mark, Vancouver

I'm the flag guy. That flag ("Justice") always fits in, unfortunately, no matter what vigil or march or protest. So little Justice.

There were too few at today's stand. Too few, Portland. Come down tomorrow & meet this excellent family. Meet Nadia & Zaki & Fouad's parents & sisters & cousins & friends. This is one excellent crew. Stand with, because you are Fouad, & i am Fouad, & we are all Fouad, & we should stand together. I want to come down from Vancouver tomorrow & see YOU.

Thanks 17.Oct.2005 14:40


Dan, thank you for your input. Hopefully we will get more response tomorrow. I know that if it were a little later in the day, we would be there again. Unfortunately, chores have to be done. Why, o why, 8:30? Never knew a judge to rise before noon.

hope to be there tomorrow 17.Oct.2005 17:12

Sarah assen1@uaa.alaska.edu

I have been glued to my tv and continually reading online of the court hearing today, I plan to be there tomorrow. I'm so sorry that I have only found out about this today, I am literally sick to my stomach, though, I hope that people will see what a sad, sad thing that has happened, I want to say to Fouad's family, I saw one of his sisters on tv, and I want to say that Fouad is so lucky to have such an awesome and so very strong family behind him, I saw extreme courage and bravery in his sisters eyes today, and I believe it will take that passion from all of Fouad's friends and family and the citizens to prove how wrong this action was and to get justice served.

grand jury carpool 17.Oct.2005 18:37


Whew!! Tomorrow's grand jury session at 8:30 am is pretty early for this bird, but I'm thinking about heading that way tomorrow. I'm one person...somebody else wanted to go,(just room for 1) I could pick them up at the Beaverton Transit center about 7:30 I suppose, or if someone is passing this way, they could pick me up there same time.  fleetfoot50079@yahoo.com

are you sure 17.Oct.2005 20:46


Are you certain about the 8:30 AM time :( ?

8:30 a.m. confirmed 17.Oct.2005 23:07


Sleepyhead: I have the flyer. I didn't get any e-mail at my listed address, so I expect no one will be at the Beav transit center tomorrow...

Colton will be there 18.Oct.2005 07:06

Goat Herd

This goat roping community can rise and shine, can you? Come on, folks! Let's all support this family, they really deserve it.