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Please send New Orleanians Home!

As New Orleans neighborhoods remain empty more activists arrive.
I moved to New Orleans in the early spring from PDX, and it quickly became my home. During my evacuation finding help getting home was impossible. Now that I am home and trying to find my neighbors and get them home I am horrified to see this city swamped with professional activists, traveling kids and others. I am reposting this article here because I feel the most crucial thing for new orleans is to NOT have more out of town folks arrive and instead have the community that is missing returned home anyway possible. Every plane ticket and seat on a bus taken by an activist come to "save the city" is one taken from a new orleanian who wants to be home.
I hope that anyone who was planning on coming to Nola stops and considers the hundereds of thousands of people who wake up everyday is a strange place aching to be home but without the resources to be here.

Article referring to "roadtrip of relief"

Article of suggestions for folks coming into New Orleans:

please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or want to help.
er, 18.Oct.2005 17:25

isn't N.O. full of toxic sludge?

or are we just not worrying about that any more in the 21st century?

er um 19.Oct.2005 10:09


er excuse ME but what is a professional activist?
Someone stronger than a mountain?
Are you just afraid of art or something?

such negativity 20.Oct.2005 20:14

in NO

Why not talk directly with the locals who initiated this event, and their supporters from around the country, instead of posting stuff like this on indymedia?

Seems like that would be more appropriate, and do more to strengthen the community than spending your valuable time criticizing other's efforts online....and taking others time up to explain / defend themselves.