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Patriot Act--How many taken, let's make a local and nation tally

I've just had my first experience with someone taken and held without explaintation.
A gag order was given to the people left behind. The person was taken less then several weeks ago from within the Portland area. If this is acceptible to you then stay silent. If not share your experiences so we can at least know how many are being taken.
details please... 17.Oct.2005 13:38

had it

I don't just want to know how many are taken...I want to take the 'takers' to the Hague for trial.

Some details 17.Oct.2005 15:17

Scared Bunny

Three people were taken same day from same mosque one was 30 year old white male. 12 feds came in with full riot gear and took him with no explaination. Wife was given gag order, she can't talk about it but still doesn't know where he is. More details impossible at this time.

Are these gag orders Constitutional? 17.Oct.2005 19:05


Even the Patriot-Act is invalid if it does not conform to the Constitution (and it does not conform to the Constitution).

What amazes me is that family members of the kidnapped are obeying these gag orders. If someone in my family were taken, I would not remain silent, regardless of the consequences.

sorry but 17.Oct.2005 23:29


more details are very possible at this time...but you need to give them. Where was this, exactly? When? At what exact address? who was involved? Details, details, details...without them you are uncredible, hysterical and ludicrous. If you have a real story here, articulate it in full sentences and paragraphs and provide supporting evidence or I will assume you are a buffoon who is not to be taken seriously. These same comments apply to many recent posts (is Fouaad kaady a real person? Whats with the quoting Tolkien and the rasta art?)

Indians, Red Lake Minnesota and the Patriot Act 18.Oct.2005 03:59

GreenPartyMike Minnesota

greetings Portland IMCers,

Here is one that has not been reported by the corporate media. After the Red Lake, MN Indian reservation shootings, federal agents swooped down and held a large number of people, all under the age of 18, for questioning. They did it without parental consent and when challenged by the local ACLU lawyers, the agents stated that they authority under the Patriot Act to do it.

Thank you, all you republican and democratic members of congress for signing this dispicable piece of legislation. TYhank you, completely discredited corporate media for not covering this.

Resistance has begun........

Details impossible because they are not my family members 18.Oct.2005 13:00

Scared Bunny

They are not comfortable saying more at this time, and I am not comfortable typing anything that they have asked me not to. I have not heard of this from any media source so I felt obligated to push to post something here. If it is too vague, sorry but I'm doing a good thing by at least doing something. I'm not a reporter, if the whole story comes out it would be better for someone else to write it.