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Pacific Green Party Convention Saturday

Hop on the bus named "Cool" to Newport this Saturday October 22nd.
The Bus will leave the PGP office at 205 SE Grand at 6am on Saturday morning.
We will return that evening following the convention.

Reserve a place on the bus.
(503) 772-3164
Support the PGP and get involved!
Our Fall convention will be in Newport this year.

Bring your own utensils and a dish to share for the potluck.


Time Type Sponsor Description
9:30am Registration begins Register/set-up

10:00am Intro Facilitator Facilitator's Box - venue information, convention rules, carry-over items

10:10am Disc/Dec Facilitator Agenda Approval

10:15am Intro SCC Chapter Updates, SCC Committee Reports, GPUS Update

10:55am Break Break Break

11:00am Intro Presentation - AORTA Rail Transit

12:00noon Lunch Break Break Potluck lunch - bring something non-perishable to share!

12:30pm Intro Ed Winslow Seeking PGP Gubernatorial Nomination in '06

1:00pm Intro Jeff Strang Bylaws Amendments for annual business meeting, Spring '06

1:20pm Intro Presentation - Biofuel

2:00pm Strategy Session ALL CFR, '06 Campaigns, IRV,

2:00pm Action Lori Burton Make A Difference Day Park Clean Up - bring boots, gloves, and rain gear (just in case!)

4:30pm Adjorn Facilitator Adjorn
Boring 17.Oct.2005 12:37


The PGP is basically DOA at this point in time. What a boring and meaningless convention. My god, an hour on AORTA, a 1/2 hour on a no-name for Governor, meaningless bylaw changes by disgruntled Jeff Strange. A 40 minute lecture on the adventages of bio-fuels for the chorus and another hour talking about non-PGP campaigns like the ever inspiring IRV (Instant Run-Off Voting) and CFR (campaign finance reform).

Save your gas. Nothing vital will happen in Newport this weekend.

Get a grip B!!! 17.Oct.2005 14:21

Dick Nose

Just because the party doesn't accept your narrow agenda and approach, doesn't justify your green bashing here.

It is both petty and pitiful.

It's an off-year, for gosh sake 17.Oct.2005 16:19


Hey B, It's 2005. There are no elections this year. Whaddya expect? And IRV and CFR are hugely important issues that will have to progress if the Greens are ever to get people elected to office in meaningful numbers. I agree that you need to get a grip.

Can't Afford The Trip 20.Oct.2005 07:43

alsis39 alsis35@yahoo.com

Hope that some of the attendees will report back on the details of what happens.