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Fouad Kaady, follow this thread for hourly updates.

maybe even pictures
May God help us.
don't poke at my spelling, this is extremely difficult 17.Oct.2005 08:03



8:38 17.Oct.2005 08:41


Not too much yet, one TV station trying to leech off independent media.

me 17.Oct.2005 09:04


I made it inside, I had to pull into a safeway this morning on my way and go inside to shake a clackamas county sherrif in a jeep cherokee.

me 17.Oct.2005 11:31


They have started, the father and mother are inside, the DA auctually being helpfull. God bless him.
Pray for us.

on noon tv 17.Oct.2005 12:11


Sister explained well as to the police killing.

may there loss be corrected

Question 04.Dec.2005 00:48

Mr. Riot Forjustice

Can anyone tell me the name of the Kaddy family lawyer?