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We need help today. For Fouad Kaady

We need some people to stand in front of Clackamas County Victims Assistance, just down the street on the south side below the probation office, with signs that say "MURDEDR ASSISTANCE". PLEASE! Where are you people? Where is cop watch? WE cannot pull off police accountability all by our selves. What do we have to do, give away free food?

Scared 17.Oct.2005 06:48


Don't be surprised or angry, people are just plain scared to do what your doing. Thank God, we have people like you to take a stand like this for US.

Scared? 17.Oct.2005 07:15


what are they afraaid they will do to them? Tazer them then shoot them 5 times, once through the head?

scared?? 17.Oct.2005 07:19


C'mon, scared to bear witness to your government and it's activities? To peacefully assemble as guaranteed in the constitution that your troops are allegedly defending in farflung places? That is nuts. Don't be lazy. Get your butt down here!

Not Scared 17.Oct.2005 14:10

Den Mark, Vancouver

Rather than be scared to stand for Justice, we should be scared NOT to! I've been with this excellent family twice & see clearly what good people Fouad came from. We must stand for him & with them. How can we not.

copy of unanswered letter to city of Sandy 19.Oct.2005 21:09

Mike Severin

Below is a copy of letter sent to Sandy police chief Slelton as well as the mayor and city council members on oct 14th. As of this date I have recieved absolutely no response. I plan to press on with the resignation of Chief Skelton and officer Bergin as well as the placement of a memorial at the city's expense, honoring the life of a wonderful human being whose life was cut short by an act of institutionalized police violence. There is no valid excuse for this cowardly criminal act that occured and anyone that accepts an excuse is inviting more abuse of authority and tyranny.
I met the Kaady family today and they are kind and sincere people in no way desrving of this heartbreaking tragety that has come into their life. I ask that everyone that reads this come and support them tomorrow(Thursday) at the court house in Oregon City. The grand jury is expected to reach a decision tomorrow and there should be good media coverage. The more people there, the more we tell our friends, neighbors, and community leaders that Police Violence is absolutely unacceptable. We have safety zones on our highways, we need to declare Clackamas County as a Police Violece Free Zone for all that live here.

Dear Mr. Skelton;
Below is a copy of a letter sent to the Sandy Mayor. I have little to say to you personally, except that I hope you are seriously considering your resignation. I think it's fair to say that most reasonable people are feeling absolute disgust and sickness over this horrendous act of violence, and would welcome a change in leadership as well as a positive action pointing toward the denunciation of what occurred. My personal feeling is that if I were ever to see William Bergin in possession of a firearm in public, that I would consider it a personal obligation to take it away from him. I hope you will show some character in doing what is right following this tragedy. Sincerely;
Mike Severin

Dear Mayor & City Council members;

Little information and few facts have come out regarding the tragic shooting death of Foud Kaady , at the hands of one of your PD officers and a Clackamas County Deputy. The press release out of the sheriff's office was unfortunately a very poor and amateurish attempt at propaganda and smearing Mr. Kaady, while making their deputy as well as your officer look like dedicated and professional public servants. All indications to this point suggest that Mr. Kaady was a wonderful man well liked by all that knew him, and the victim of a tragic accident that was followed up by an inexcusable act of unprofessional cowardliness. I think it's time that all of you forget about scheming on a way to absolve your police department and city of wrong doing and have the character to take a stand against what has become an epidemic amount of senseless police violence in our society. Two of my closest friends are retired public servants, (Fireman & Corrections officer) that were confronted with equally or more serious situations many times throughout their careers and never once was shooting someone in cold blood considered an option.
What happened here is simply an outrageous act of excessive force brought to bare by bully cowards.
I hope that you will consider this an opportunity to let the public know that not all towns or populations give their police departments a rubber stamp approval for their actions and that it's still OK for real Americans to stand up to this kind of injustice. I would like to meet with you and discuss erecting a large memorial within your city limits honoring the life of our fallen citizen, Foud Kaady, and to discuss calling for your police chief's resignation as well as that of officer William Bergin.. I also would like to began organizing a nationwide parade to take place in your city somewhat like the ones that occur when a police officer is killed in the line of duty. I am already working on getting the message out to our nation , but don't expect that an organized parade of support and celebration could occur any sooner than six months from now. I plan on talking with Loyd at the Sandy Post about helping out with these projects and would like to schedule a meeting with you soon to see if the public can count on your support. We can talk in private or make this part of one of your "cable access shows".
Thank you, and Best Regards;

Mike Severin
PO Box 283
Welches OR. 97067

This is all that can be said? No more? 28.Feb.2006 20:06

Trying not to be stupid

The week of the "Not" so Grand Jury I was in a gas station in Sandy Thursday I think, while in line to pay I said to the 4 or 5 teenage gentilmen around the counter " so I hear the cops in this city shoot unarmed injured people" an every pair of eyes lit up, and in what might be described as shock they replied Do you belive that, and whats up with that? Cops are no good. They talked for a few second and a booming voice came fom the coffe donut, soda pop corner of the store and sure enough it was a plain clothes or off duty cop as he would latter admit. He says: You Talking about the Kaddy thing? I respond yes. Well you dont know the facts. My responce: He was unarmed and injured! Well let me tell you! says he "If your going to be stupid, your going to get shot" and we left it at that. So be warned, in Clackamas County any way IT IS A CAPITOL OFFENCE TO BE STUPID... are your children safe? Is anyone safe?