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PSU Conference on Human & Labor Rights

PSU Conference on Human & Labor Rights is today, Monday Oct. 17 at PSU Multicultural Center (second floor Smith 228). PSU campus at SW Broadway and Montgomery.
Key note speakers are at 7-9 pm in Smith 228: Scott Nova, Exec. Dir of Workers Rights Consortium, Liana Foxvog, Organizer for SweatFree Communities, and Valerie and Chea from SF (organizers with Global Exchange).

Film of Hugo Chavez doc "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" is from 5:30-7pm.

Workshops are from 4-5:30 in Smith 229, 296, and 298 will cover WRC, cities enacting anti-sweatshop leg.; Resistance and Globalization; and history of corporations.

sponsored by PSU Progressive Student Union
come if you can 17.Oct.2005 10:08


sorry to post so late. come if you can. we'd love to see you there!