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way to go, Zaki

Tonight, the corp media (KGW) managed to finally pay some attention to your fallen cousin, and to the efforts of you and the family to get some justice.
Actually a pretty good story, aired at least three times, and would never have been reported, but for your efforts, and the public airing due to Indy. Good job.
Corp Media 17.Oct.2005 05:43


They make me sick. I did not even watch them myself. I hope everyone realizes how powerful Independent Media is, the police, the DA, especially the corporate media all get their news from here. Why do they need to interview us when we have spilled our guts here?

Congratulations 17.Oct.2005 11:00


I have been unable to attend the events, but my heart is with you. And I have discussed this case to everyone around me, who is horrified and amazed. Although I didn't see the piece on the news, I want to congratulate you on your work. Getting a spot on mainstream media, despite the horror that it is, is a testimony to the efforts you and your family have made to be heard. Thanks for consistently posting to indymedia to bring this sad situation to our attention. This is why I read indy, and why it is such a valuable tool.