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Props to Portland Indy!

One more article about the Sandy Stand in:
Standing in Sandy with seventy or so citizens, only half or less were the victim's relatives, and all the rest that I spoke to said that they heard of the incident not from the great brain robber, corp media, but right here, on Portland Indy Media. Without your hard work and your open wire, this family would have had to stand alone, and feel their pain alone, without any support from the community. In Martha's words, "it's a good thing."
Likely no change in the public policy was effected, but I know I personally felt stronger, and his family members were strengthened by the fact that they now know that they are not alone, as long as they can get the word out about this gross miscarriage of justice.
thank you 16.Oct.2005 17:36

empire slayer

thank you for reminding us that all the effort that goes into keeping this site running is worth it, however small the waves.

"you can't stop the signal"

Yes 17.Oct.2005 08:20

Den Mark, Vancouver

Yes, IMC-Portland has been majorly important on behalf of justice for Fouad's family. Unfortunately, there were not seventy at the protest. There were half that. I was saddened by the number. Proctor Boulevard should have been packed. Well, at least family & friends were indeed not alone. Now, Portland, how about Oregon City, this morning, 10:45. And, thank you, Indy.