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E-Bay stress disorder

Therapy clinic opens doors to those suffering from E-Bay stress disorder
I listened to a news blurb this morning relating that a counseling clinic is soliciting business from those experiencing anxiety, frustration, rage and a sense of loss resulting from their virtual lives on E-Bay. "While tens of thousands (leading happy, productive virtual lives) participating in E-Bay experience no adverse effects, for some, it has become problematic."
...just think of the disability claims and law suit potential!
It is too surreal.
We are doomed.
oh brother 17.Oct.2005 00:03


I hardly think that this is a priority issue during this late hour of imminent global crisis. Please re-think your list of priorities. Your short paragraph made my eyes roll, no offense.

to anti-imperialist 17.Oct.2005 05:57


On your comment, I think that is what he is saying.

Technology wants you, heart and soul 17.Oct.2005 07:50


Luddites smashed the mills. Charlie Chaplin made us laugh at the machine in 'Modern Times'. I love tech for my hot water but I don't stand under the shower all day. I'm sorry for these folk who let their brains get sucked out of them by the twin addictions of gambling and tech. They do have it easy in some respects - no freezing their butts off in Alaska digging for gold with a pickaxe. It saddens me that tech has come to isolate so many rather than unite. Anyone up for creating a tech free day? Turn off your cellphone and tv and wi-fi. And listen to the wind. Write a poem. Teach a song.

ebay is awesome 18.Oct.2005 16:10


recyling! Hello people, this is a good thing.