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National debt : 8 TRILLION Dollars

our National debt will reach 8 trillion dollars today
Some say this is all the worlds savings.

A past President put the US land up for collateral.

Is bankrupcy in the near future?
This is ONLY a debt the rich have with the rest of the world 16.Oct.2005 09:39


It is not my debt. The pseudo-officials spending my tax dollars and running up the debt by linning their pockets were not elected - they stole the election and gave a coup d'etat on my country. They and the CEOs that helped them to steal those 8 trillion have to be made to pay.

drying up banks 16.Oct.2005 09:40


a banker tells me there's lot of "loose money" on the market: the interest rates are so low.

But the rates have been rising, and maybe this will tighten things up a bit.

makes me wonder though about the banks indeed drying up, with less loans to give out.

The elite's plan to crash the economy...again 16.Oct.2005 12:38

Great depression carefully orchestrated

Don't worry about the debt, your grandchildren's children's children will pick up the tab

yeah yeah 16.Oct.2005 22:52


It's just paper. Only people looking to get rich under the current system give a shit.