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Marine Spy in Cheney's Office Linked to Opus Dei

WASHINGTON, SAN FRANCISCO, AND MANILA -- October 14, 2005 -- Knowledgeable sources are reporting that the case of accused White House spy Leandro Aragoncilla, a former Marine aide on the staff of the Vice President and later a an FBI employee, involves a Roman Catholic Opus Dei espionage and political assassination team operating in the United States.
Aragoncilla and his control officer, Michael Ray Aquino, a former officer with the Philippine National Police's Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) in the Philippines, were arrested for illegally obtaining classified documents from the office of Vice President Dick Cheney and an FBI computer system that were injurious to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The documents were passed by Aquino to Philippine opposition figures linked closely to a powerful Opus Dei movement in the country. That movement was reportedly participating in a planned coup against Macapagal-Arroyo. (The April 2002 U.S.-supported abortive coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was also supported by Opus Dei elements in Venezuela). The Philippine Department of Justice has asked for an arrest warrant to be issued against Aquino and his one time police assistant Cesar Mancao for the murder of Philippine publicist Salvador "Buddy" Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito in November 2000.

The Aragoncilla-Aquino ring is being linked to a wider Opus Dei espionage and political black bag operation that reached into the highest levels of the FBI. Convicted Soviet and Russian spy Robert Hanssen was a longtime member of Opus Dei's St. Catherine of Siena's Church in Great Falls, Virginia. Other prominent members of St. Catherine's included Hanssen's boss at the FBI, Louis Freeh, Jr. The Opus Dei espionage ring operating out of Cheney's office is reported to have had a degree of approval from officials inside the Bush White House. Although Aquino is being held in jail in Passaic, New Jersey, Mancao is reportedly at large in south Florida, possibly with a wink and a nod from Gov. Jeb Bush's administration.

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"Ping" Lucson 16.Oct.2005 20:44


National Police Super-Intendant, Ninoy, Michael Ray Aquino, may be Opus Dei; but the important question is, who's side is he on in this Arroyo impeachment fight--is he working for, or against, the Arroyo government?

In conspiring together, are Aquino and Aragoncilla working with, or without, Cheney's complicity?

What is Cheney's position towards the Arroyo government?

Is Opus Dei trying to take Arroyo down, or prop her up?

Is Cheney Opus Dei, too?

Chaves is under threat from Opus Dei infiltration 17.Oct.2005 11:35

Venezuela Bob

It's like a paint by numbers game linking Cheney to undercover coup d'tat plots. It's so easy!