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Fouad Kaddy

Now Iluvatar spake to Ulmo and said: " Seest thou not how Melko hath bethought him of biting colds without moderation, yet hath not destroyed the beauty of thy crystal waters nor all thy limpid pools. Even where he has thought to conquer utterly, behold snow has been made, and frost has wrought his exquisite works; ice has reared his castles in grandeur." Again said Iluvatar: " Melko hath devised heats, and fires without restraint, and yet hath not dried up thy desire nor utterly quelled the music of thy seas, Rather behold now the height and glory of the clouds and the magic that dwells in the mist and vapours; listen to the whisper of rains upon the earth." Then said Ulmo: " Yea truly is water fairer now than was my best devising. Snow is of a lovliness beyond my most secret thoughts, and if there is little musice thein, yet rain is beautiful indeed and hath a music that filleth my heart, so glad that my ears have found it, though its sadness is amoung the saddest of all things. Lo! I will go seek Sulimo of the air and winds, that he and I play melodies for ever and ever to thy glory and rejoicing." -J.R.R.Tolken