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Vigil When 2,000 Deaths are Announced

Reaffirm Opposition to the War
Candlelight Vigil when the Oregonian announces 2000 Americans have died in Iraq
At 7:00 pm on the day they announce 2000 American deaths, line the railings along Waterfront Park and the Esplanade between Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges.

Bring a candle, and join us in vigil to bear witness for all who have died in this war.
No leaders, no chants, just candlelight across the river bearing witness.
Westside will be at Waterfront Park, east side along the Esplanade.

There might be 25 of us, or 250, or 2500. Our number isn't the point. The horrendous numbers of deaths is the point, and our moral opposition to this war is why we will be there. Please spread the word and keep your eye on the Oregonian's count.

Sometime in the next week or month, or by the end of the year, the strange milestone of 2000 Americans killed in Iraq will be announced. Every death in this damnable war is tragic. The loss of every child, grandparent, sister, brother, father, mother of any nationality, religion, or region because of the hell the US has unleashed in Iraq is a cause for grief and outrage. This war does NOT need to be happening. This war is immoral and our opposition cannot be quelled.

This sad and bloody milestone will probably be acknowledged in the front section of the Oregonian. Milestones reach even those who are not regularly connected to their own sense of sorrow and outrage. At 7:00 pm on that day, all of Portland is encouraged to bring a candle and come down to the river to stand by candlelight and affirm our opposition to this war. May our love and our efforts to end this war shine brightly across the river to bring comfort in the night.


Betsy Toll
Living Earth: Gatherings for Deep Change
PO Box 86960, Portland, OR 97286
www.livingearthgatherings.org ~ 503.788.7311
and spend abosultely no money for 24 hours 16.Oct.2005 09:01


and we could make it the first of a graduated protest: adding 12 hours of no spending for every hundred dead and a national day of fasting when we reach 2500, etc.

Nine Days 16.Oct.2005 11:03

Sgt. Rock

The number 2000 should be reached in about 9 days. That is 10/25, Tuesday of next week so start planning. And it might be a day or so one way or the other. The count is now 1975 and the daily average for two weeks is 2.8 US soldiers dead every day.


2,000 ain't enuf' 16.Oct.2005 11:16


Unfortunately, "2,000" are not enough to have a "significant emotional effect" upon the 'merikan sheep. I believe that a number in the six digits is required to effect a wake-up. RE: the 'nam quagmire when after the U.S. had its ass kicked, there was a (short) time frame when it was uncool to be in the Army, uncool to wage war, etc....
Besides, these "2,000" all had a choice. A lot of them joined up after 9/11 to kill a-rubs. As far as I know it's been a damn long time since any U.S. soldier has been executed for desertion. In fact, there was only one singular case in WWII.
So, if it was more convenient for the "2,000" to not lose their college benefits or whatever else their true motivation for joining up may have been and continue to be a murderer in uniform than to perhaps receive an unhonorable discharge and perhaps spend a couple of months in the brig (free meals and a roof over the head), then I say "to hell with them!!!".

Eurosquirell you are a cold hearted SOB 16.Oct.2005 17:56

red suspenders

The US military has been a good start for a lot of good people before the current crop of dirtbags took over the country. Maybe mom and dad cant afford reed college. Maybe they were decived by a slick recruiter, maybe they were driven by an honest desire to serve thier country- or maybe theyre just not so smart- Remember that theyre making these life or death decisions usually between the ages of 17 and 20 Do you remember when you were 17?

Youre pretty cold to wish death on these kids.

Personally, I feel like "IF" is a better term than "WHEN" for the 2000 announcement... Miracles do happen, we are 38 young lives away from 2000 and even one more death is a tradgedy. It almost seems like some folks here would like to see the death toll rise and thats pretty sick, not to mention counter-productive.

All human life is precious.

whatever 17.Oct.2005 07:24

not sympathetic

Your right, Red, maybe mom and dad can't afford reed college, but so what? Somehow little gi joe/jane got it in her/his head that killing for a living or for an education was ok. My children cannot afford to go to Reed either, but they are not going to kill people to get there. Why? Because I raised them differently. They will not be duped by a recruiter. They will go awol if drafted. I will support those that decide to go illegally leave the service and spend time in jail. I will fundraise for their families and bake them cakes with files in them. I will not light a candle for some gi just because they happen to have volunteered for a job that might kill them. All the lit candles and yellow ribbons in the world will not bring them home. By the way, when are we going to have a candlelight vigil for all of the dead Iraqis?

candlelight for Iraquis 17.Oct.2005 16:38


We will have a candlelight for dead Iraquis
All people with brown eyes, dark hair and brown skin can walk the streets of Portland unafraid. Together.
Then we will hold hands with white Americans who are losing their souls to this war.
And their children

vigil for all who have died 17.Oct.2005 20:38


Please read again the blurb about the vigil. It is a vigil to mourn all who have died, regardless of nationality,religion,or region. Of course the Iraqis are to be mourned!