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Sandy Rally Fouad Kaady

God is forgiving and just.
We have some neat readers to this site, The Sandy Police.
Bravo to the Sandy Police, they were so respectful. I am not just saying that because I know that they are going to read this. It is too bad that a few officers can hurt so many other officers' reputation. They were really kind today; I would like to see Portland Police behave like that during a rally sometime.

By the way, if you people want to talk to me (Sandy Police), like I was told today, just e-mail me. Believe it or not, I love you people too.
"No man should ever have to bury his son" -King Theoden, son of King Thengel

A Picture of Rasheed, fouads father, handing out flyers to motorist in Sandy.

Lo! Now doth thee hallowed light bring forth unquenchable hope! For
alas! Thee mists of thee airs now part! And now is all new.

See! The shadows now are minished, under brush, and under tree,
The grasses are lush, and doth now thee light shimmer on the sea!

Hark! Invest thee gifts of today, love forever more,
for to whence they come from,
they will return unto thee shore.


Alas! Whence thee mist of thee airs came, so shall come thee light. Lo!
Seek not within ye mind for gifts, but accept them from ye plight!

Sandy Police 17.Oct.2005 02:51

Citizen of Sandy

I am a just an ordinary middle class citizen of Sandy and I have raised my family and lived here for a good many years. Up until the recent headlines involving the tragic death of young Fouad Kaady, I don't recall hearing very much at all about the Sandy Police.

My heart goes out to the family and to all that have been touched over Fouad's death. Regardless of the outcome of this sad event, it is my understanding that this since the beginning of the Sandy Police Department in 1912, 93 years, this is the first police related death that has involved their agency.

It amazes me that what I have read over the years regarding police is usually negative. It is usually about other city's police so I am glad that I live in Sandy. However, I have never been arrested or received a ticket. I suppose I would feel different if I ever have a bad experience with the police, but so far I haven't.

Hope you don't 24.Sep.2006 20:34


I live in sandy also, ans I am posting this like a year later, but if you ever see them, stay away and never, ever call them