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Inside Story of CIA Abductions

"I have no doubt about it," he says. "You'd think I'm an ass if I said nobody was tortured. There was more of a willingness in the White House to turn a blind eye to the legal niceties than within the CIA. The Agency always knew it would be left holding the baby for this one."
Michael Scheuer:
CIA officer and special adviser until November 2004

News in UK and Bangladesh Lays Bare Policy of Abduction by US Agency

Today the Neil MacKay of the Sunday Herald published 2 important interviews with experts on George Bush's "Top Secret" policy of Extraordinary Rendition. Early this week, The New Nation of Bangladesh published an eye-witness account of a typical operation along with commentary from government insiders. These stories provide the background for news that is currently breaking regarding the legal status of"extraordinary rendition" and victims of torture at the hands of US and UK operatives. Ultimately, the question arises as to
....why Bush's current Supreme Court Nominee, Harriet Miers has not spoken out concerning this policy: she is currently Bush's replacement for Alberto Gonzalez, whose legal opinions justified torture .
So the next 3 DOGSPOTs showcase excerpts from these recent stories which will most likely not appear on the front page of your local daily, along with links and mirrors of their complete text. Each DOGSPOT is designed so that the printer friendly version can be printed on a single page and shared with your friends.

David Roknich


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