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Support still needed

The solidarity shown for a young man who was slain for burning in public today was only a start.
Anyone who can should make the effort to show up at the Clackamas County Courthouse Monday, not because it will effect the foregone outcome of the grand jury "hearing," in re this gross miscarriage of justice, but because this is a wonderful family in grief, and they need our support and understanding. Doubtful that any impact will be made on the "justice" system, that can only come from a real election, where the votes are actually counted by hand, or from revolution. I am gradually coming to the view that the latter is really the only option. Meantime, though, we owe it to ourselves to support these agrieved family members.

In addition, those who vote in Clackamas County should remember the outcome of this "hearing" come election time.

Fouad, you have a wonderful family, and they obviously loved you. Zaki has done a marvelous job of keeping your name alive.
Write to DA 15.Oct.2005 19:52

J. Foote

Write to remind Clackamas County District Attorney that he holds his office at the will of the people, and can lose the office just as easilly as he gained it. He is responsible to all of us, and not just to the cop culture.
 johnfoote@co.clackamas.or.us is the link for his address

What? 15.Oct.2005 19:54


Slain? What happened?

Read some of the coverage on this site 15.Oct.2005 20:41

in response

On September 8, 2005, a young man named Fouad Kaady was carrying a can of gasoline in his car. From this mistake, he was involved in a traffic accident, where he promptly became a human torch, quickly burning his only clothes (shorts) from his body. What happens next is just incredible!
As stated, he was in an accident, and set on fire. Being on fire leads to some lack of control of bodilly functions (there is also some possibility of a head injury to further complicate things), and he may have been involved in two more accidents before he was finally out of the car, setting fire to brush nearby, kicking, shoving, in general, acting pretty crazed (go figure!). Naturally, the cops were called to protect and to serve.

Upon arrival in the area (granted, a very disorganized scene), the cops found Mr. Kaady, "bloody,screaming, and acting irrational." He had jumped on a couple of cars, and was promptly "dealt with" Using the traditional police rationality tool, the less lethal phaser. Golly gee, it did not seem to calm him, so at some point, one or more officers, one from Sandy, and one a Clackamas County Deputy, graduated to the more lethal Glock, and shot and killed the poor man. Fact is, they probably saved him from a lot of pain, but their rational must be examined. WHAT COULD CONSTITUTE A THREAT TO THESE OFFICERS SUFFICIENT TO AUTHORIZE THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE AGAINST AN OBVIOUSLY UNARMED (NAKED, BURNED OVER MUCH OF HIS BODY, AND CARRYING NOTHING)?????

This, in a nutshell, is the story you have asked for. There seem to be no answers forthcoming from the establishment, although finally a grand jury hearing is Scheduled for Monday and Tuesday this week, at the Clackamas County Court House, 807 main st, Oregon City. I hold little hope for justice to be served, but, hey, maybe, just maybe...