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more pictures from Sandy

Here are three more pictures from the Kaady gathering in Sandy this afternoon.
These were taken near the Subway on Proctor Blvd. in Sandy, just across from the police department.
here are three pics 15.Oct.2005 18:23



Heart 15.Oct.2005 18:52


My heart and thoughts were with you at this rally today. This was an unjust murder by police who shot and tazed a young man who needed medical help. It makes me sick and angry. Again, the police are supposed to be safety officers for the peace, and as such, they would treat each individual with respect and dignity, differentiating among those needing hospitalization. Instead, they act without brains and have power/control issues.

Sandy for Fuad Kaady 15.Oct.2005 19:18


Remember our objective, we are not even asking for a conviction yet, we are just fighting to allow the Grand Jury to hear ALL the testimony, it is just an indictment, we just believe Fouads life is worth a trial where the WHOLE truth is heard. They are trying to select a few witnesses and exclude even actual eyewitnesses.

1) Why has the Clackamas County DA Dave Paul represented the persons who have been charged with a crime, and treated the victims like doo doo.

2) Why has the Clackamas County DA Dave Paul attempt to exclude any witness, which would be damming to the defendants? They should have hired them the best attorney money can buy if they needed legal counsel.

3) Why has Clackamas County's Victim Assistance treated this family like doo doo?

Stand For Fouad 15.Oct.2005 21:24

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was proud to stand with Fouad's family & friends today, but more should have done so. It was emotional, seeing the open grief. The protest had spirit & dignity, & i was treated with gracious kindness, tho a stranger. Such good people, bearing such incredible pain, ..... but not alone! Fouad will not be forgotten, as we work for justice for him. Monday, Portland, in Oregon City.

Fooey to the neighbor kids... 28.Oct.2005 16:45

Vera Haddan

Fouad Kaady (Fooey to the neighbor kids) grew up with my children in our Gresham neighborhood. There are too many unanswered questions regarding his death. The details of Fouad's final moments are heart breaking. I send my love to Fouad's family... I wish it were possible to turn back the clock and make this go away.