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A Hitman's Dream Come True

I did hear one say to the other: "they'll give him insulin at the hospital, and it will be over"...
I have tried unsuccessfully tried to post a comment to a story by an individual who claims to be targeted by high tech weaponry. I have a record as long as my arm of evidence of how my comments about Armenia back in May '05 were similarly quashed. I don't allow this to happen, so here is my comment to leslie's post:

The comments on Leslie Oliver's post ended abruptly in June.
here is my comment to:
author: Leslie Oliver
"The Internet appears to be heavily infiltrated by the CIA."
Tell me about it, Leslie, begone with the naivette.

Oregon has a large repository of retired government agents. This fact by itself is not very meaningful, but well supported. In conjunction with other oddities than can be accumulated we find some outstanding coincidences: even in the observation of particular nuances of behavior.

To document the availability of "personnel" for possible unofficial covert activities, you can use Namebase and begin your own research.
Like the "secret war" in Cambodia, this is not really a secret: there are simply too many first hand encounters to ignore. I used to edit the website of Stephen Realo, where he had posted the _legally_ aquired information of over 1000 CIA contacts. Many of them retired in Oregon.

I personally have been sent to the hospital twice, experiencing symptoms remarkably similar to those described by "attacked" individuals. Most noticable was the extreme depletion of potassium: mine was found to be critcally low, and as a result my muscular coordination and heart rhythms were affected. After an expensive work up, I was told that they couldn't find anything wrong with me and no verifiable cause for my bizarre symtoms.
So I was discharged. I have the records. I also have a clear memory of what happened immediately before my "attack": there were 2 individuals involved and in what may have been merely the sort of street theater that is carefully scripted in agency manuals for attacks on dissidents, I did hear one say to the other: "they'll give him insulin at the hospital, and it will be over".

Of course this instilled fear in me, however you interpret this, what it indicates fits well within a reasonable, rational, and believable description of what is beening done to selected victims in this country.

By whom? I Know of an instance in Iowa, of a rather mediocre artist whose concentration was so badly broken by a similar instance that he wanders around raving about the book of Daniel to any who will listen and is being treated for apparent symptoms of ADD.

He story in a nutshell is this:
He ran up and incredible debt with the mafia in Atlantic City (I believe this part).
He was desparate to accumualte cash for a multimedia production, and thought he had a "system" for winning big. Any type of gambling system requires steady, long term concentration inb order to succede. They broke his.

When he couldn't pay his debt, they didn't break his knees: they broke him.
Immediately after a confrontation with their "collection agency" (and he had an unusual presence of mind to recollect what happened to him), he was "spun", very much like those
early victims of acute LSD intaxication who never came back.

He was not naive to drugs,
and what he felt coming on was not like the pleasant trips he had had.

In those past icidents of the MKULTRA era we know now that it was not LSD that sent these victim into a realm of endless inner torture. Far more toxic compounds have been available from Edgewood Laboratory for decades, and have been used for CIA experiments outside of the US.
I describe this in detail in dogspot #311 here are the URLs where it is available:
 link to press.chatwoman.co.uk
 link to electromagnet.us
Not a groundbreaking story at all, but essential as historical background to what is happening now.

Sadly, every technological innovation that can be weaponized has been.
That is out legacy. how can you stand to live in a world without making some effort to change this?

David Roknich

homepage: homepage: http://https://electromagnet.us/dogspot/