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Insex Cult Leader Calls It Quits!

Insex.com the #1 BDSM web site in the world shut down this week after the new release of documentary WWW.XXXEXPOSE.COM cracked and decoded the cult leader, PD's formula (check out the link  http://www.insex.com/new/sale/default.asp, it's selling for 4 million, any takers?)! Unlike the digital photos and videos of abuse shot at Abu Ghraib, which has the nation in an uproar, the filmed activities of REAL sadistic tortures found on the sight Insex.com have gone reasonably unnoticed, operating under the guise of a legally operating BDSM modeling business.
DVD cover
DVD cover
When we look at the recent cases of porno torture at Abu Ghraib, we see the dilemma that many sadists have come across time and time again, that along with the fun and satisfaction that they derive from torturing and abusing others comes the possibility of being charged as a criminal if there happens to be a leak in the system and the mostly delusional masses find out. So, knowing the overall agenda and intentions of the kind of people who are involved in perpetrating on innocents within the military industrial complex, we can see an underlying reason for the creation and ultimately the direction that the pornography and BDSM Internet industries have taken, to be able to legally and out in the open take part in victimless crimes.

The owner and leader of the site Insex.com, PD (standing for punishment and discipline), was one of the very first people to bring the techniques of real torture, mind control, programming, cult tactics, thought reform and operant conditioning to the Internet for the public to view as sexual entertainment, hiring young women as "models" to take part in "acting" in his BDSM reality films. PD was also the first to offer "live feeds", live torture sessions in which the members could tune in blow by blow and make online suggestions to the torturer. Can you imagine if we were able to dehumanize the victims at Abu Ghraib to the point at which the abuse was being publicly aired live and US citizens could tune in and make suggestions to the soldiers about what technique of torture they would like to see next? What if the US military gets hip to PD's formula and starves the Iraqis out to where they are forced into signing a form stating that they agreed to being tortured for the soldier's enjoyment and for the exchange of food and thereby releasing any video or photos to the US military to later distribute and sell as pornography? Would the American public then turn a blind eye to their pain and reply with "they asked for it?" This has been the response to the hundreds of victims of the sex slave industry.

Torture as mainstream entertainment:

We have been force fed a steady diet of pain and suffering of others along with our own as a replacement for real sexually liberating entertainment. We have some how allowed ourselves to regress from thinking of sex as pleasure to now thinking of it as pain. The more real pain portrayed in a picture or a video the more value that picture or video has, the equation is simple more pain equals more money. But what is the real reason for this viscous cycle, who is fueling it and why?

We know that the money system is fake, the federal reserve is owned by a private corporation that prints the money out of nothing and owns over 70% of the stock market, basically what we're looking at here is a very, very small group of people that control everything, all the money, all the weapons, all the resources and all the media (about 118 people total own every media source in the entire world). These people believe in death, destruction, misery and maintaining and promoting predatory nature.
The BDSM "scene" is a smaller slice of the larger pie, a way that these people hoped they could sexualize torture in the mainstream. They call themselves "Working Sex Magickians." I first discovered this term during my initial research into ritual satanic abuse (a ritualistic method of conditioning through torture usually used on children in the MKULTRA experiments to program them for specific tasks and functions, one being a sex slave) and cults revealed in the web site www.deathandhell.com, a sort of online bible and set of guidelines for the "Working Sex Magickians or Latter Day Satanists." The site defines this as:

"A Working Sex Magickian is a sorcerer who in the process of processing sexual appliances for magical purposes exchanges sex or sexual energy or a sexual performance or images for money, drugs, OV(tm) (a reference to synthetic varieties) - for example, any Working Sex Magickian who owns and operates a Brothel, Crack House and Temple Dungeon or any business that employs one or more call girl, exotic dancer, porn model, phone sex worker, pony doll and or a professional dominatrix and maintains open trade relations accepting a common OV(tm) Currency with the World Sigilizer's Cartel are all Sex Magick Workers."

These people consider themselves a kind of elite, part of an underground coven all following an unspoken set of rules with an ultimate goal of creating the perfect sex slave race, a race of the walking dead. Notice the term "sexual appliances," it is a very important basic rule to follow for all sadists not to ever allow themselves to humanize their victims, otherwise they may have a sense of regret or guilt. The attitude and agenda of the sadist can be easily detected in the statement:
"It's hilarious. The zombification process is complete when the Working Sex Magickian beats the sh*t out of it, given a new name such as Latrina69 or Lavatoria Blue and forced into Toilet Slavery--a poor soulless insect creature doomed to a life of captivity or aimless meandering in some subterranean Temple Dahmer Dungeon Complex. The Hot-Vessel Cadaver(tm) has joined the "living dead." "

The facade that this industry is a legitimate means for a woman to make a living and that it's "just a job just like any other job" has to be maintained in order to carry out the real agenda right in front of a blinded public. In this quotation you see what the sadist would define as a ultimate outcome for their victim, to become what they call a "Hot-Vessel Cadaver(tm)," "Hot-Vessel Cadaver" meaning the living dead, a person who's soul has died yet their body still carries on with it's normal functions keeping the body alive, and "tm" standing for true masochist, a person who has been brainwashed into the philosophy of sacrificing themselves for nothing and bases their existence and ego on being able to take a limitless amount of abuse without breaking or asking the abuser to stop. Now you can see where the victimless crime comes in, if the girl never said "no," then it's not rape anymore is it?
The writer associates being a toilet slave (a person who literally exists to be another's toilet) with being a real "tm" because in the sadist's world this is the ultimate in degradation and therefore a sadist's dream.

"a poor soulless insect creature doomed to a life of captivity or aimless meandering in some subterranean Temple Dahmer Dungeon Complex. The Hot-Vessel Cadaver(tm) has joined the "living dead." "
On the opening page of the web site insex.com you will see a spider sitting in the middle of it's web with the skeleton of a human body inside it's stomach as though it has just soaked off the flesh. They aim to return the victim to the realm of the "hive mind" or the insect, the most de-evolved of all existences, based purely on instinct without any thought or analysis, soulless. If you look around you, you will start to see the how the top controllers also fall into this agenda of trying to model our reality to the reality of the insect: they are the spiders that spin the webs (world wide web, the Internet: NET) and we are the little insects that crawl below them like little worker ants, warring with other slightly different looking ants and carrying the food home to our colonies (cities, suburbs, etc.) every night. In this way they are able to suppress our actual mental and spiritual while at the same time advancing technologies that only further the agenda of the insect. If you know Star Treck, a wonderful reference is the Borg mentality, a collective of millions of individuals all operating under the instructions of one leader through the collective mind, this is the goal of the cult leader, to program each individual to operate according to fulfilling his wants and needs and tapping into that collective hive mind on a frequency that he controls.

The writer from www.deathandhell.com comments:

"Hot-Vessel Cadavers(tm) need to inherit just one copy of the mutated gene from one parent vessel to develop a diminished neural template favorable to autism......Nevertheless FLU called the finding a significant step in understanding what predisposes HVCWs to developing autism; once thought to be a brain disorder, characterized by profound social withdrawal, repetitive behavior and inability to communicate making it our most sought after sexual appliance"

We look around us and wonder, why is it that all forms of media have seemingly no depth? That the television is designed for people with IQ's under 100? That the school system is based on the learning and memorization of millions of us less facts all the while not one real topic that relates to any current day issue is ever brought up or discussed? For the same reason that the author states in his writing, to keep us partially mentally retarded. The brain is like any other muscle, if it is not used and stretched in certain ways, then it loses the ability to do so. For example, if we have been taught our entire life to never question anything, to never question or doubt why another has authority or dominion over another and who put them in that position and why, then as time goes on we will become less and less likely or able to do so.

In the goal of the sadist, though, we see an agenda to reduse the victim to an even lower level then what is possible with your average everyday institutionalized and mass media programming methods. We see a desire to return them to the state of an animal in servitude or an insect member of the "hive mind" and in this way permanently alter and retard their brain beyond recovery. We can note that from the statement that the desired mental retardation is characterized by "profound social withdrawal, repetitive behavior and inability to communicate," making the victim now a fully non-functional human being in any sort of normal sense. "Profound social withdrawal" and "inability to communicate" would of course be desired outcomes for victims of extreme torture and abuse being as though if silenced they will never be able to express their suffering and therefore will never be helped. "Repetitive behavior" is a sought after quality because the programmer or controller has a template or formula of control that is used to subvert the victim's sovereign autonomy and if the behavior has molded into something repetitive and predictable then the victim is all that much easier to fit into the selected program (there are of course different programs designed for different outcomes), remember these people are in essence control freaks and would aim for all variables in the equation to be pre-determined.

So, now I bet you're wondering how does a person allow themselves to get into a position where they open themselves up to being abused, tortured, conditioned, programmed and ultimately to become the total slave of a perverted predator? Well, the reasons vary with each individual person's experience and are quite complex, but I will try and answer the question to the best of my knowledge using my personal experience, research and contact that I have made with people who have been in similar situations (such as the women featured in my new documentary film).

From the definition of the "Working Sex Magickian" we can see that the use of the phrase "Latter Day Satanist" is not depicting the kind of Satanism that has been pushed in main stream media and rock bands like Marilyn Manson, but is quite simply put as any person who chooses to practice "black magick" which is defined by the writer by the saying: "Hot-Vessel Cadavers(tm) do die and come back to life, and this is Black Magick by the Latter Day Satanic definition of the word." In other words these people operate as a type of psychic and spiritual vampire, they cannot exist without sucking the life out of others, they feed on other's life force energy and because they themselves as people are so spiritually weak that they cannot step up to the challenge of having another person love them in the context of a real loving relationship and because they have conditioned themselves into a cycle of hatred, even for those that they so called "love" (usually the people closest to the sadist are the ones they hurt the most), they have to weave diabolically complex webs in order to entrap people into being with them for a whole slew of delusional, false reasons.

The whole basis around their brand of Satanism has actually nothing to do with the character we have become to know as Satan, a muscular, red skinned horned beast with a pitch fork standing in a pit of fire, but is really founded on one major underlying principle: good=bad, pleasure=pain, freedom=slavery, etc. It is the switching and rewiring of everything that once made sense to us in the most natural kind of a way and reversing it to mean the exact opposite whilst all the while you think that you are not caught in a delusional reality but in a new found state of greater consciousness.
But of course this technique of confusion is all employed to trick the victim into serving the sadistic impulses of the perpetrator.

For example taking a look at an article written recently: "The Nature of Dominance" by Rick Umbaugh, we can see evidence of a kind of reverse psychology being used on the victim:

"Describing the submissive experience within the scene of erotic torture is very difficult. One must begin in the right frame of mind, submissive, pliant, ready to accept anything, no matter how unpleasant. You must set yourself that you will not call your safe word, no matter how unpleasant what you are feeling. Then you have to let go of your intellect, let your mind feel all those sensations and the results are climaxes that take you beyond the mundane world of sight, sound and feeling and into the nether realm of pure sensation where no culture, no society, no words stand between you and the universe. This is the understanding that is the nature of submission. This is the paradox of S/m. While the submissive receives all the sensation, the Dominant does all the work. He or she receives that sense of power that comes from being able to control. He or she receives the homage due all that work, but in the end it is the submissive who gets to touch heaven."

The victim is sold into a kind of fake spirituality based on a promise that they will have a god-like experience or get "to touch heaven" if they are "ready to accept anything, no matter how unpleasant." The sadists act as a kind of preacher of some false religious mumbo jumbo to serve their own need of having the ability to legally torture and abuse others. The victim is rewarded only when in complete and total compliance with absolutely every desire of the torturer. They claim they are giving the victim a special kind of gift that they are lucky to be receiving, that they are being allowed to return to their "animal state." There is a major point of confusion here though, what kind of animal state are we speaking of here? Are we talking about the part of us that can dance around with our arms outstretched and flap our arms up and down like the birds or prance around feeling the wind blowing through our hair like a wild horse? No, we are talking about the part of an animal's existence that really has nothing to do with the original identity of that animal or what it symbolizes but only what that animal has come to mean according to it's value in the current capitalist, life as a commodity system that we are trapped in today. The victim is fooled into believing that they are gaining some kind of an eternal knowledge, experiencing some kind of universal energy that flows through all beings when really we are simply allowing ourselves to be de-evolved.

"We are involved in all out Spiritual Warfare(tm) on a cosmic and multidimensional scale"- www.deathandhell.com

While the system keeps the masses concentrated on fake, staged wars meant to divert our attention away from real issues, the real war is truly being waged right in front of our faces in every city of every country in the world. The real war is one of the predators vs the prey and anything and everything that can be used is used as ammunition including the victim's own spirituality, personality and integrity. This is the greatest crime of the sadist as we know it: to indoctrinate a person and initiate them into a cult and set of spiritual beliefs and practices without the knowledge that they are even being initiated. At least in the past standard cases of cults, the person had some knowledge that they were joining a religious group. In this case the person being indoctrinated believes that he or she is participating in a simple "modeling shoot," all the while the leader is slyly slipping in sub-conscious references to becoming enlightened through a type of false spiritual practice based around the idea of "beating pain." I find it repulsive that any human being could stoop to this level of manipulation to quench their own sadistic impulses. The sadists who have learned and mastered this formula of manipulation know that what they are doing is wrong and immoral. They know full well that a person does not become enlightened or "touch heaven" by being trained to be someone's own personal beating dog. They know that the person is not being given some kind of sacred holy grail of knowledge that they should be eternally grateful for. A person could say that they gave another a concussion, but does that make them a giving person? Is pain and suffering really a gift? Isn't this something that any common criminal could be capable of "giving" to that person?

Writing taken from the site insex.com, a woman describes one of her "shoots" (torture training sessions)

"Then on the floor, sightless and gagged. Bound more tightly now. I feel primal, feral. An animal squealing and wriggling. I am trying to avoid the electric sharpness of the cattle prod. I am terrified. A rush of relief when I finally find the toy he has thrown, complete my task."

We see the woman returning to her "animal self" through being forced to respond and return to the most archaic of emotions: fear.
Fear probably was one of the earliest emotions to develop, taking us back to our most primal and de-evolved selves. Fear allows us to detect and respond to dangers, and avoid things that could damage us.

"The Brainstem & Medulla
Sometimes called the lower brain, the reptilian brain, or the animal brain, the brainstem represents a very crude form of consciousness that is pre-verbal, pre-cognitive, and pre-emotional. The brainstem is barely self-aware but is able to carry out essential survival behaviors in reaction to environmental stimuli." -James Kent 'Psychedelic Information Theory'

We see the so-called "art" of BDSM stimulating the part of the brain Kent refers to as the "animal brain" through the usage of fear tactics bringing forth our most basic survival instincts. How ridiculous that the sadist would have us believe that in only stimulating the lower part of the brain we are somehow reaching higher states of consciousness!

"First, the medulla oblongata is the most basic element of the working vertebrate brain, and is probably very similar in structure to the very first vertebrate brain that came into being so many millions of years ago. It controls the very essentials of life: heartbeat, respiration, circulation; it routes primal sensory signals from the brain to spinal cord; it detects motion and position of the body and keeps us oriented; it mediates some very basic involuntary responses to stimuli, such as pre-cognitive avoidance reactions in response to pain, loud noise, and danger; and pre-cognitive seeking actions in response to hunger and food."
-James Kent 'Psychedelic Information Theory'

All of the techniques of behavior modification used on the site insex.com are methods intended on stimulating only the medulla oblongata and amygdala ( a brain structure that is present in all animals and regulates the subconscious ability to perceive threat and fear). Notably fear also causes increased activity in the amygdala and triggers the release of adrenaline, which has been found to "fuse" memories, making them more indelible. Thus we see in the insex quotation above, the woman mentioning being expected to "complete a task" at the precise moment of peak fear, reinforcing the behavior and memory of whatever motive the task was intended to have in modifying the woman's behavior. The behavior that is being reinforced is to follow commands without thought or question.

We also notice that she mentions being "sightless and gagged." The woman being sightless would completely discredit any claim whatsoever of her experience being enlightening seeing as the key connection to all energy awareness and connection with our spiritual selves in which we are able to transcend the physical realm into the energy realm is completely reliant upon the stimulation of what many people call the "third eye" or the pineal gland. The pineal gland is seated right in the middle of the brain and is responsive to light stimulation from the retina. Her being blindfolded or sightless would certainly not allow any light stimulation and would therefore cut off her ability to spiritual transcend through the third eye. In addition, her being gagged is a constant conscious reminder to the woman of the controller's desire to have her be an expressionless, voiceless being, thus deeming her autistic or mentally incapable.

The victim starts to think of any wants or needs of their own as something selfish and to be ignored. They are only taught to base their existence on their willingness to serve others. The only shred of ego they are allowed to hold on to is based around the amount of suffering that they will endure and for how long they will endure it simply for the entertainment of others. The saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is taken to be the victim's doctrine.

A quotation from a recent blog off of the Suicidegirls.com web site:

"recently (4 months ago or so) went on some dates with a formal Insex model and she was amazed when I kissed her. I was evidently the first person in ages to do that... Everyone else just used her subbie qualities 24x7 and never actually treated her like a human with human needs. She, on the other hand, totally came to accept that that was what she was good for...which made me sad"

When good is bad and bad is good the victim starts to become extremely confused and then is much more likely to disassociate faster. To reinforce the confusion, victims are made to say "thank you" when hit and also made to "please ask for more" when in severe amounts of pain and discomfort. This is a key element to the training in getting the victim to believe that this is something that they truly want for themselves, that it is their choice to be slaves. They are told to learn to feel a freedom in being bound and restrained, to feel that their individual voice and expression is being heard while gagged. They are made to kiss and stroke the tools of abuse (such as a cane or a whip) and expected to feel happy and elated during and after sessions of intense torture begging their controller for more.
You can see the danger in a culture of people brainwashed into believing that they truly love being victimized, how will we ever bring another criminal to justice again?

From the insex.com web site depicting a particular shoot:

"The caning starts. She's poised. Unguarded. You never see her stiffen to block the blow. There's no doubt, Lorelie is the queen of this stage. Her stomach is caned, her breasts. A singletail whips her crotch, wrapping onto her pussy. It's as though she wants to be devastated, ripped to shreds. She's made up her mind. She'll take anything.

A horrid beating follows. Her screams. The ragged red slashes covering her ass. He offers the cane. She kisses it. Then he really lets loose. The worst beating yet. He only stops when she can bring herself to say the word.


She's released from the bondage. She's sobbing now, hollowed out, empty. You get the sense it was inevitable, her annihilation. And when it's suggested that she take more, she accepts. As though she's been blinded, deafened. As though some perfect white light burned her beyond recognition."

Take into consideration while reading this that it is public information on the web site and was written with the knowledge that the woman herself would probably read it afterwards....

"You never see her stiffen to block the blow. There's no doubt, Lorelie is the queen of this stage"
-This statement is made to establish a false ego for the woman around being able to withstand any amount of pain without complaint. The "queen of this stage?" What a joke, as though being able to take a beating denotes any sort of real accomplishment in the real world of any sort and yet in PD's world somehow these victims are fooled into thinking so. Anyone can be reduced to a piece of meat!

"It's as though she wants to be devastated, ripped to shreds. She's made up her mind. She'll take anything"
-Once again establishing and reaffirming a false sense of accomplishment around allowing oneself to be victimized, rewarded only for letting others destroy you.

"A horrid beating follows. Her screams. The ragged red slashes covering her ass. He offers the cane. She kisses it. Then he really lets loose. The worst beating yet. He only stops when she can bring herself to say the word. Stop."

-Now we see that once he is given the cue off that she has developed her fake ego around being the champion masochist, he is determined to break her (it is impossible not to break, no one can withstand being brutally beaten forever) in order to truly shame her publicly for not living up to what she thinks is a test of strength; she will now be determined to continually prove herself over and over again, making up for her previous failures. We see this play out in the next line in which she is asked if she will take more and accepts. Once she has been publicly broken and shamed, the only shred of dignity left for her to salvage is in forcing herself to take the brutalist of beatings with total disregard for her own health and safety.

"As though she's been blinded, deafened. As though some perfect white light burned her beyond recognition."

-We see two statements, one true grouped with another that is made up meant to re associate being blind and deaf with something that is part of a "white light" or god-like experience. Here we see the same pattern of good=bad clearly. The natural response to severe amounts of pain and trauma is to disassociate or leave your body so most likely the woman described here did not remember what happened during the time of trauma. This is why the web site descriptions of the goings on are so key in programming the victim with the reinforced messaging that they are truly deriving a real spiritually enlightening and enriching experience so that when they read this afterwards, the gap in their memory gets replaced with the words chosen by the controller and becomes the girl's reality.

The sadist targets people who are past victims of abuse, looking for acceptance, searching for answers, a community of people who respect and recognize their individual contribution, in need of a meaning or a purpose to their lives, etc. The perpetrator will use all of these things, they will say whatever it is that you want and need to hear and twist that into serving their purposes.

For their purpose they will single handedly craft a false reality for the victim, offering them a full life package, a way out of their current state of dissatisfaction with their mundane and fruitless life. For example, on the first night of arrival to the insex.com apartment in which I stayed over with the leader, we had a lengthy 7 or 8 hour discussion in which he gained my trust, mirrored my tastes pretending to be into all the things I like and in the process found out all the vital informational ammunition to later use on me as a tool of manipulation. After our discussion, it became known to him a few crucial things about my current life paradigm. One being my interest in composing music, two being my heavy involvement in the anti-globalization/animal cruelty/genetic engineering movements and three being my general hatred for the system. He therefore began to mention a possibility of me becoming a staff member as a resident composer and holding that promise over my head in order to get me to agree to withstanding greater and greater levels of abuse. He also held me to my own morality and the fact that I had told him that I was generally interested in what I had thought to be an art form of bdsm, not for the money but out of a real genuine interest. Manipulation in this way is all about absolutism and holding a person up to an impossible standard that they can never reach. From this point on I was constantly expected to prove how "into it" I was by allowing myself to be constantly used and abused at any given time and if at any time I would happen to back away from this challenge I would be deemed as someone who is not "hardcore" or a "real lifestlyer."

Once the sadist has thoroughly brainwashed the victim in believing that they are actually gaining something from being beaten and that real love means giving, everything and sacrificing everything with nothing in return, then the sadist has truly molded the perfect "tm."
As the deathandhell.com writer puts it:

"This is one of the sexiest phenomena you can possibly imagine. You can own this bitch and kill her again and again."

How PD used the philosophies of Zen Buddhism to manipulate me into servitude:

Here we will be examining how the leader of insex.com, after finding out my former admiration for the teachings of Buddhism, used the philosophies to manipulate me into allowing others to prey upon me for sport.

Buddhist teachings taken from site:  http://www.rpi.edu/~verwyc/Zen.htm

-This is a key element of all Buddhist theory. Obviously you can see how this concept could be used and distorted to mean the giving of oneself completely and totally to another who means to hurt you without any thought of concern for your own well being.

"Dissatisfaction : Because of the desire to avoid pain and seek out pleasure, human suffering is inevitable."

-It would be easy to interpret this into justifying the logic that if the victim learns to endure extreme amounts of torture, both mental and physical and is then able to program themselves into thinking of that pain as pleasure, it would end all of the victim's suffering over the course of their lifetime and in all situations. Unfortunately, this is an impossible task and in trying to achieve it only leaves the victim feeling even more worthless. The presentation of an unachievable goal does however work quite well for the sadist's purposes being as the slave will always be working towards a goal that they will never reach, this keeps the slave going and striving to take more and more pain.

"Craving as the Root of Dissatisfaction : Desire creates dissatisfaction. Desire creates a need for change, and change eventually brings dissatisfaction because of the impermanent nature of all things.
Pleasure can only be a temporary state.
Elimination of Craving : If we can eliminate our desires, we will eliminate the source of our suffering.
If your happiness depends upon the fulfillment of your desires, you can never be satisfied.
A Buddhist learns to accept things as they are, and will not want for more, as the wanting will only lead to eventual suffering"

-Using this thinking as a base of PD's programming, the BDSM master to slave relationship began to make perfect sense to me. If I could train myself to only have the interests of the controller in mind while eliminating any of my own wants and needs, than I would be able to "eliminate the source" of my suffering. The psychology of a so-called BDSM master slave relationship is told to the victim as such: the happiness of the slave should rely only upon the happiness of the master, in other words whatever makes the master happy makes the slave happy, regardless of what that is and what effect it may have on the slave's well being. "A Buddhist learns to accept things as they are, and will not want for more..." This kind of thinking was used to program me into believing that if I could learn to accept any predicament that I was put into (i.e. bound, gagged, beaten, humiliated, tortured, degraded, electro-shocked, etc.) then I would be getting closer to my "Buddha nature."

Later, after de-programming myself, I came to understand that it is because of the misinterpretation of these kinds of teachings that allows the predators to continue to prey on the weak. This philosophy has to be applied cautiously and analyzed situation by situation if applicable. For example, in the case of a person accidentally tripping, falling and scraping their knee, it would do them no favor to desire that the accident had never happened and work themselves into some kind of an emotional fervor increasing their heart rate and possibly leading to a kind of panic attack. But, if you look at cases such as mine or of the Tibetan Buddhists also presented in the documentary, it is obvious that a mentality such as this could lead to disastrous results. If the Tibetans were to follow this teaching exactly and simply accept their situation, then they would be allowing the Chinese military to completely assimilate their culture, to destroy hundreds of years of development, to degrade their values and ways of life, to erase them from history altogether and take their identity and use it as merely a historic tourist relic to profit off of when western tourist groups pay to walk through museums that once were Tibetan temples. The same goes for my situation: if I had simply just went with it, followed my instructions, gone with the program, my identity would have been erased, I would have become only whatever task he seemed fit for me to complete. I would only have a value of whatever my controller and then whomever master he would pass me on to next would grant me. My individual contribution would be lost forever, making me completely expendable. Similarly, the Tibetans would cease to be Tibetans and simply get absorbed by the dominant culture of the Chinese thus losing their worth as a unique culture.

The hope of touching god or becoming something akin to the resident web site composer are only the shreds of false dreams that the victim is given to hold on to in order to distract them from the real work that is being done on them during the "shoots."

Stay tuned for Part Two when we will delve more deeply into techniques of operant conditioning, mind control, programming, regression, and on and on........
Please visit the website www.xxxexpose.com for new documentary covering these topics and more!!!!
-Thank you

homepage: homepage: http://www.xxxexpose.com

yes, virginia, pain is bad for your body 15.Oct.2005 06:20

and humiliation is bad for your mind

Most people know that Mr. Top is not doing them a favor by offering to tie them up and beat them, no matter how fancy a sales presentation he delivers. The question is why are some people attracted to this, uh, "lifestyle," or whatever you wanna call it.

some folks like it... 15.Oct.2005 07:45

A.Dworkin RIP

We can not ignore sex abuse, sex slavery and the cosequences of porn. However, some folks enjoy bdsm and your shouldn't try to shame them for their desires. It has never and will never change anything and t just empowers us more. Safe consenting relationships cum in all forms.

nobody mentioned "shame" 15.Oct.2005 08:46

until you did

If you feel "shame" for promoting a subculture that not only hurts people, but hurts people very deeply and badly and in completely, utterly OBVIOUS ways -- how much more CLEAR could it possibly be -- don't blame other people. Deal with it.

ps 15.Oct.2005 10:23


when was it ever different?

i don't understand 15.Oct.2005 20:28


i read your post and looked at your web site. you are anti-bdsm. is this an organization? a film? an art project? just info? what are your goals with this?
what about people that are not brainwashed or forced into bdsm? what about people that seek out submissive relationships on their own?

black and white vision 16.Oct.2005 00:49

Moonshine-film maker zexfxproductions@aol.com

What the system would like to have us do is think in massive sweeping generaliztions: ex. porn vs anti-porn, liberal vs conservative, democrat vs republican, BDSM vs anti-BDSM, good vs evil, male vs female, black vs white, etc. In this way we are trained into always being expected to pick sides and we are then cornered into a set indentity within which allows others to make premature conclusions about who we are and does not allow people to see the details of unique and individual cases. It is easy to point a finger at somone who is trying to bring injustices to light and to box them into one or another label in trying to silence their voice but it is another to try and come out of oneself and relate to another human beings' unique experience and try to empathize with that person's pain.

"is this an organization? a film? an art project? just info? "
-None of the above...you obviously went to web site and decided not to view the 30 minute sample or read the article, if you had you would know that these things happened to ME personally...I am not an organization, I am a recovering victim and although I am artist, this is not "an art project" as you call it, trying to demean the content and information conveyed in the film. Yes, I am artistic and I believe that art work is the most powerful of all languages, information does not always have to be persented via formal newscast style!

I don't even know where to begin. 16.Oct.2005 13:11


How to begin to address this rambling bullshit? So much stuff here that's apparently not getting caught in anyone's filter. Calling the horrible abuses at Abu Ghraib "porno torture"? What, because some of them were naked? Sexual situations were involved? Would it have passed inspection if the torturers had just gotten right down to the business of beating prisoners to death, breaking their kneecaps, crippling and maiming, as long as they weren't doing so with any sort of sexual overtone? I do love the bit about the fiat money system, especially since you're accepting thirty dollars of it for each DVD you sell. And before anyone starts in with me about the necessity of charging to produce DVDs, anybody heard of BitTorrent, eMule, or any other file-sharing system? People can download it and burn it to DVD out-of-pocket, distribute it to friends and community, without someone turning a tidy profit. I get skeptical anytime someone comes on to me with the sales pitch, "I know an earth-shattering and vitally important secret, and you can too for the low, low price of...". If it's that vitally important, put it out there in a form where the people can acquire that knowledge without fattening your wallet. If you can spam every Indymedia collective in existance with this, you can sure as hell host it for download on BitTorrent. Otherwise this looks no different than the "Satanic abuse victim writes book about their horrible existance and then recovery through the grace of Jesus" industry in this country. It's bad enough I had to deal with that crap being a pagan, but now getting a double-dose of it since I'm also in the BDSM community as well is just too much. News flash people, sexual abusers don't need a worldwide network of "Subterranean Temple Dahlmer Dungeon Complexes" to operate. They don't need the BDSM community (they're also not welcome there, despite what you may think). They've had a few hundred years of media manipulation to convince people that callous brutality is okay, that women are property, that it's possible to invite rape because of the way you dress or speak. This just blows it up into a gargantuan monstrosity that no one can stand against until Jeebus comes back and puts a stop to it; again, shades of the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" industry. And for Gods' sake, anybody who takes this deathandhell.com website seriously needs fucking help. I refuse to be frightened by the warped and mysogynistic fantasies of what's most likely a bunch of frustrated "black magicians" who get off on shocking people and some pasty, spotty geeks living in their parents' basement. Congratulations, you may have managed to find a group of people even more ridiculous than Goreans. Anyway, let the flaming and speculation about the dark implications of my name commence.

Thanks 16.Oct.2005 21:23


Thanks. If only arrests will follow part II.

what are you 18.Oct.2005 19:15


I too read your post, went to your web site and wasted 30 min on your free download.
you seem pathetic. No one dragged you into those scenes at insex. And if you were brainwashed, it appears as though you allowed yourself to express your mindless state after the fact. Didn't you have any reservations before getting into the bdsm scene. Others did, made it clear to PD and had their scene end, but not you. Funny most of the others at insex had no names, yet the name you came to be known as with PD is the name you now use here to sell your time at $6.95 for what three days of chat?

you do ramble alot, as someone on meth convinced she's conveying her sole while sharing her treatise. Quite frankly, I believe you bored your sole infront of PDs lens eye. If you think your video documentary qualifies as any but a sophmoric attempt at film making you have such a long way to go.

get besides yourself. start seeing a shrink and get closer to your parents.

Truth hurts 12.Nov.2005 15:08

Tim B

The documentary is obviously very real anyone who watches it will know that. its not just 1 girls story but several and all the girls in the movies are the girls from the websites facialabuse.com.scatmovies,insex

Insex 15.Nov.2005 13:12

member of Suicide grls

this is excerpt found off a VURRENT festish/bdsm models and SUICIDE GIRLs (members journal) talking about how she was treated at INSEX

it's all about the head trip. From the moment one walks through the door to the second you leave - your mind is his, and almost everything has a price tag.

not a three hole girl? I'll bet ten bucks that will change by weekend's end. he will focus on the things you can't do, and slowly pick away at that, FOCUS on that, until that obstacle is his triumph. I cringed watching this mind game - only the strong kept their foot down, but most caved because they needed the money and were in an environment where no one was going to be their defender.

it was hard to watch. it was even harder to make it your life. No furniture, no creature comforts - this was the life at the apartment. No cooking, no perishable items allowed in the refrigerator, no television - just a 24 hour work environment where it was guaranteed to have him looking over your shoulder, watching everything you did.

And kindness? that is a word they do not understand. I baked a birthday cake once for one of the people there. I got permission to do this in advance, from the person that was responsible for me. i brought the cake over, instead of it being a party i was scolded for using the oven, and no one defended me. I was crushed, i was embarrassed, and i learned quickly that kindness is not a word that they understand.

I remember once I started crying because of something that was said, and one of the people there just burst out laughing watching me cry, saying that she wasn't laughing *at* me, just that it reminded her of the first time she cried at the studio because of something someone said and that it was funny to see it happen to someone else. That's when I realized that being there does nothing but harden a person - instead of offering comfort, I was more reminiscent entertainment ... it still makes me sick to my stomach.

This is living? The rational mind screams to me, "this is the quintessential example of not living at all."

I didn't fit in, didn't fit with their philosophy, didn't fit in their lifestyle, didn't ask how high when I was told to jump.... I refused to wear the all black uniform, to listen to the daily diatribes about the government, about his paranoia, about how stupid and incompetent the world was.... the insane babblings of a mad man, an idiot savant that will ultimately be his own undoing. But still I cowered, and in doing so, I lost the mind game.

(sounds like several of these models were put through these "mind games" physically and pschologically pushing many models past there limits......some are just strong enough to put this info out there)

heres the link: http://suicidegirls.com/members/dirtyprettything/contact/

What a brilliant money making scheme 19.Nov.2005 02:10


Its a simple formula isnt it 'moonshine'?

Paranoid scare-mongering combined with false faith in god = money. And just to please the racists that unfortunatly run the American chuches in the name of our holy lord Jesus Christ, you even take a swipe at another religion that they find threatening in this country of free-choice - Buddhism, by implying that the teachings of the Buddha somehow made you more prone to psychological manipulation. Assotiating the pornographer of that site with a cult was another stroke of genious - appealing to those same leaders who I am ashamed to call Christian - by propagating their dangerous fantasies that there are 'cults' everywhere.

Instead of admiting you were probably interested in this sub-culture, you have decided to sell some DVDs with conspiracy theories about 'mind control' - well guess what, we are all influenced by the opinions of others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if mind control exists, I can sue anyone for anything I ever regret doing. But the exploitative an un-Christian XXXChurch, with its un-American, almost Saudi Arabian sence of freedom, cannot change the fact that we are all responsible for our own actions, and cant just simply blame our own decisions on others to get some money out of a court case.

That was assuming you even regret becoming part of this sub-culture - I doubt you did, but simply saw an oppertunity to make some money. The equation is again simple - if you dont want to watch pornography - dont. If you dont want to take part in pornography, dont. If you hold the opinion that pornography is bad, feel free to express that. But dont try to limit the freedoms of others, and demonise everything you dont agree with - there are several examples of this in history from Adolf Hitler to the Ku Klux Klan. I am ashamed that people like you claim to profess faith in the same god as myself.

Are we supposed to be laughing with this or at this? 18.Jan.2006 01:07


The whole "hot vessel cadaver" thing is an ongoing internet prank/hoax/joke. This is a tip-off (one of many) that either this "news" is an ongoing part of the joke, or that the originator usn't quite clued in to evaluating internet sources.

I look forward to their next "shocking expose" on Cthulhu, Bonsai Kitten, or the evil secret cult conspiracy of donkeypunchers.

link to xxxexpose.com 11.Mar.2006 03:23


xxxexpose.com link doesnt work... where can i get the documentary

Good article, overall lousy response 20.Sep.2007 01:37


It's clear some people get it, and some clearly don't. After reading the crossposts on other indymedia sites, there's a large mix of knee-jerk BDSM defenders, as well as many personal attacks on Moonshine as profiteer, voluntary victim, etc, etc. Very few actually thoughtfully respond to the content of the article. First off, the documentary is not an an either-or anti-BDSM piece, but rather a wake-up call about sexual torture and conditioning in general. I find it odd that even BDSM supporters that disapprove(d) of Brent Scott's practices hesitate in outright condemning him and his associates. Why is that?

It seems that not many people care about the women themselves, especially those who obviously suffered from their insex.com experiences. I truly wish them all a new path to wholeness and fulfillment.